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How to let a Cross-Tab grow vertically?

When we create a cross-tab report in Crystal Reports, which shows a lot of data, will usually span multiple pages horzontally. The below steps will make the cross-tab grow vertically:

1. Let’s consider we have sample data as below:


2. Create a cross-tab based off this data with “Date” field placed in the Rows section, the “Store” field in the Columns section and the “Amt” field in the Summarized Fields section of the cross-tab expert.

3. Under “Customize Style” section of the cross-tab expert check the options (Uncheck all other check boxes):

    a. Suppress Row Grand Totals

    b. Suppress Column Grand Totals

    c. Keep Columns Together

    d. Column Totals on Top

4. Click Ok. This should create a cross-tab as below:

Original Cross-Tab.JPG

5. The scree-shot in the point No.4 is an example of the cross-tab spanning multiple pages horizontally.

6. In order to let the cross-tab grow vertically, we will create a group and will decide how many columns we should show in each group.

7. Now to the base data, shown in Step 1, add another column named “GrpCnt” and number the rows which you want to be shown in each group. Ex. Let’s suppose we want to show 5 columns in each group. Then enter value 1 under the GrpCnt field for first 5 data rows, value 2 for next 5 dta rows and so on. Please refer the snap-shot below:

Updated Base-Data.JPG

8. Now in our report do “Verify Database” to let Crystal Reports add the new “GrpCnt” column to the report.

9. Create a new group based on the column “GrpCnt”.

10. Suppress the Group Header1 and place our cross-tab, built in previous steps, in the Group Footer1 section. Keep some space at the top of the cross-tab to separate each instance of the cross-tab from each other.

11. Refresh the report and we are done. Refer the snap-shot below:

Updated Cross-tab.JPG

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