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Hi everybody the main intention presenting this blog is to guide the SUP basic learners as how to create the Data Source using Oracle. The Steps that Explained below have been tested in SDK 2.1.3.

Apart from the default Database that comes by installing SDK, the EXTERNAL Database Oracle 11g has been installed in my laptop. While installing Oracle Database I have assigned Database id as MOB. Once after installing you need to check if Database is mounted or not.

My system Environment is 

Operating System – Windows – 7 64bit 

SDK 2.1.3

Oracle 11g 64bit

Once you open the Workspace, you need t right click on the Database Connection in the Enterprise Explorer, then select the New Icon in the Connection
Profile Types wizard


you need to select Oracle from the list of defined Operations. Select Connection Profile Type as Oracle and assign the Driver Name


Next you need to select New Driver Definition icon. You may also have an option to select Oracle Thin Driver & System Version.


Next select JAR list tab and add oracle OJDBC14.jar.  Now you need to search .jar file In the Oracle Installation Directory. Now you need to delete the default .jar file.



(Remove the ojdbc14.jar)


Next important thing click on Properties tab and add the Correct

Connection URL, Database name, Driver class, Password, User id


You may check the Database Details as below

E:\app\satyam\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\NETWORK\ADMIN\ listener.1.ora

Next you need to click on ‘ok’ then Test Connection now you
will get a message as Ping Success.


Once you get a Success Message, you have to create Mobile
Workflow Application.

While creating MBO, you have to  open diagram editor. Now Drag and Drop
ZEMPLOYEE table to the Diagram Editor. Once you have done that, a warning
message will be displayed, you need to click ok.

By default Generated Operation called Create will open.


Finally we will get an Error Message.


There is a reason
behind this Error. You need to Configure the JAR file that is been defined in
the Database Connection needs to be pasted in two locations you may refer the Screenshot




Once again try to create MBO.



I hope this somehow useful to have an idea to how to crteate datasources.

thank you.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi SatyaMurthy ,

    I have a question with regrading the MBO being created.

    I can only see insert SQL in the MBO.

    So what would happend if we need to give command like delete , update from Client device?

    Do we have to have those SQLs defined in MBO?

    This is unclear as in sampledb all created automatically.

    Please share thoughts if you have gone through this situation.

    Many Thanks


    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Nishan,

      for non-sybase databases it cannot generate proper sql statements.

      manually we have to create operations for delete and update in mbo itself.



      1. Former Member

        Hi SatyaMurthy,

        Many thanks for you reply.

        So load/select data operation would be generated automatically for non-syabase database?

        The point I am lost is the mapping between defined operations in MBO and how they used?

        For my understanding all operations defined in a MBO will available(and only) to Client API that uses to develop mobile side app . So literally when you call such an operation at client end (using the API lets say Object API)this will trigger the call to the MBO in Unwired server then to mapped data source SQL command.

        Please correct me if I have misunderstood the scenario.

        Many Thanks



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