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Accepting Credit Card Payments – The Workaround

We see it in the forums all the time. Customers need it. Partners want to provide it. But the current options are woefully lacking.

I’m talking about accepting credit card payments in ByDesign.

There are some vendors in the SAP Store that offer integrated credit card payment solutions, but:

     1. They have way too high of a number of minimum transactions.

     2. They are horribly expensive for what they do

     3. They are slow to respond or simply ignore requests from customers to get a quote or to evaluate their product.

So I’m taking a stand, and offering an alternative. After you read this blog, you’ll be enabled to accept credit card payments any time, any place, at a reasonable price. I’ve setup a scenario in the FP 3.5 demo tenant in the Business Center. So here we go:

The Scenario: Judson’s Amazing Coffee

Judson owns a coffee shop, and he runs Business ByDesign. He uses his iPad as a Point of Sale. The items setup in his Point of Sale match the Materials he’s setup in ByDesign.

iPad Setup:

Materials in ByD:


Judson accepts payments on his iPad using the Square credit card reader. Square charges 2.75% per transaction. That seems kind of high to me, but when you compare this to the pricing models of the partners in the SAP Store, it’s a steal. And the reader itself is free.

At the end of the day, Judson logs into Square’s site, and downloads a summary of his sales into Excel (it was a pretty slow day):

Then, he creates a Customer Invoice in ByDesign with this information:


Lastly, Judson creates a Bank Statement with his sales and Square’s fees:

Bank Statement.PNG

And we’re done for the day! Now Judson can go home and watch Undercover Boss with his five cats.

The Lesson: Get Creative

ByDesign has made massive strides in the last couple of years, but that doesn’t mean it has everything. You have to get creative sometimes. Here I’ve shown you a simple way to accept credit card payments that is cost effective, easy, and fast. So I don’t want to hear anymore excuses about ByD not accepting credit card payments.


Follow me on Twitter @JudsonOnDemand.

Also, feel free to give me some stars, because I selfishly want to be an SAP Mentor.

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      Author's profile photo Christian Happel
      Christian Happel

      Hey Judson,

      I love the idea of Square and I enjoy every time I can pay my taxi with it.

      Unfortunately this only works in countries such as the United States where credit cards still work with a magnetic strip. In other countries they already switch to an electronic chip which are more secure.

      Also it only works when you have the credit card of the customer in your hands, right?

      So whenever you have an e-shop or a telephone ordering service you need another solution. And you need a secure and compliant solution. For example it's legally not allowed to store your customers' credit card information in an ERP solution such as Business ByDesign. For this you need a reliable partner such as Paymetric or Computop.

      Last but not least: How did you create the sales order and the bank statement in ByDesign? Did you create them manually? Or did you upload both of them automatically somehow?

      Best regards, Christian

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Christian,

      Very good and valid points.

      The purpose of this blog is to propose an alternative to Paymetric/Computop, for customers that only need to accept credit cards occasionally.

      For an e-shop, yes, you'd need an integrated solution. For telephone ordering, you can manually enter the credit card info in Square. The credit card data is not stored , and Square is PCI compliant. I assume this is the same in countries where NFC technology is already standard.

      The invoice/bank statement were done manually. If Square had an API, we'd have a solution in the Store. For customers that need to accept credit cards infrequently, or at a low volume, this is a more cost effective solution than the vendors, who have minimums in place that are too high for a customers who need to accept a few credit cards a day.

      I know that Paymetric is very expensive, and I have seen discussions about Computop simply not responding to customer inquiries.

      Also, they don't have pricing information in the store, which I am not a fan of. I understand that there could be some unique customer requirements, but they should at least publish a base price list in the Store.

      Author's profile photo Christian Happel
      Christian Happel

      Just read another great article this morning about Jack Dorsey (founder of Square) and Square itself:

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      This is not really a Proper Credit Card work around but a Manual integration to a POS system which Square is...

      Ideally you could integrate the IPAD/IPOD app to the POS interfaces in  Bydesign so a manual import like you mention would not be needed ... We have done that with NCR point of sale application (on the SAP Store) which also have an IPAD/Ipod integration for payments..

      You could even design an excel document to translate the Square data to the POS XML files and have it push them to the webservice.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      I totally agree, and I like your suggestion. I wish Square had an api, but I like your idea as a workaround.

      Is your integration with 'NCR Silver'? Also, does your solution synch Products between the POS and ByD? I'll check out your offering in the store.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      We have not integrated to Silver as they do not currently have any APIs.. (We are in talks with them) We do integrate with Counterpoint SQL and Sync  Products,Stock, and  POS Transaction Sale or Return (including adding Customers)