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SAP NetWeaver Portal Tweetchat “Get to Know Portal Mobile Enablement”

Thanks to all who joined and watched our Tweetchat yesterday July 18.

For those who missed it: Simon Kemp put together this tweetchat summary via Storify:

And I added a transcript of the chat created by as attachement of this blog.



Join Our TweetChat on “Get to Know Portal Mobile Enablement”

On July 18 you are invited to join our Portal experts Aviad Rivlin, Thomas Hensel, David Kviti and Winfried Wenisch from 17:00 to 18:00 P.M. CET (11-12 A.M. EST) for the next tweetchat of the SAP NetWeaver Portal Product Management team.
The topic of this tweetchat is very innovative and promises also an innovative conversation “Get to Know Portal Mobile Enablement – Live Tweetchat with Portal Experts”.

Our experts will be on Twitter answering questions about the existing mobile enablement offering available since SAP NetWeaver 7.3 SPS7 and:

  • how to expose already available portal assets and services to mobile users via online, browser-based access channels
  • how to leverage an optimized portal user experience on mobile devices vial mobile framework pages and portal services
  • how to reuse the UI of dedicated business applications for mobile consumption and access via the portal

The tweetchat will be moderated by Vera Gutbrod using our Portal Twitter account @Portal_SAP. You can connect with the tweetchat moderator before the chat. You can send for example some questions or your expectations already before the chat. You can start with this already now! Send the questions and statements directly to our SAP Portal Twitter channel @Portal_SAP.

Read also our SCN information on Portal Mobile Enablement to prepare questions for the chat.

What is a TweetChat and How to Participate
What’s a tweetchat? It is similar to a webinar in which the speakers, rather than talking, type out their thoughts in 140 characters or less. And during a tweetchat, rather than using a dial-in number, you follow along with your preferred Twitter app like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite or The key benefits of is that it automatically adds the hashtag to the end of your tweets after you successfully sign in using your Twitter account.

To participate in our tweetchat, simply log in to the Twitter client of your choice and submit all your questions and statements with the hashtag #SAPPortal_tc included. In case you are not using this hashtag, we cannot see what you are tweeting. We’ll be monitoring the timeline live (and also after the chat) and responding through the accounts of Aviad, Thomas, David and Winfried (@AviadRivlin, @ThHensel, @DKVITI and @Wwenisch).

See you on Twitter on July 18
This chat promises to promote a lively conversation about a hot topic. Please join us on July 18 from 17:00-18:00 P.M. CET using the #SAPPortal_tc hashtag. We are really looking forward to talking to you directly. So start thinking about your questions now. We hope to see you on the 18 July on Twitter!

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  • Hi Vera,

    This looks great. Since it will be 1am - 2am in the morning for me I might not join in live, but will try to catch up on the conversation the next morning! 😆 I have been wondering if there is a way to "record" or "replay" such Tweet Chats... so I will look into that too and if I find a way I will post it here so that others who can't make that time can catch up too. If anyone knows a good service let me know, so far I have come across Tweet Reports and Storify.



  • Hi Vera,

    in most TweetChats I participated a common problem is that of "basic" questions that get answered instead of really talking about the product and potential it offers. May I suggest that before the TweetChat starts someone from SAP anticipates some common questions so participants can prepare themself?

    • Supported devices
    • Sample applications, what is needed to code your own mobile app
    • SAPUI5
    • What to expect in future releases
    • On device vs. On demand mobile interface
    • SUP and mobile portal
    • Sencha, jQuery, phonegap (standalone and with SUP 2.1.3 HWC)
    • Hi Tobias!

      Thanks for your feedback. One problem is that the participants of a tweetchat can be very different, from people who have no deep information on the product until people like you who are very experienced and are not interested in basics they already know.

      I will give your proposal to the experts of the chat. Can give me more details about this: do you want us to anticipate common questions and to answer them on Twitter before the chat takes place? So that the people already know some facts before the tweetchat starts? Did I understand that correctly?



      • Hi Vera,

        yes, you understood me correctly. Somehow the basics should be defined, so that when a question (can I use the framework on iPhone, what is the underlying technology, can I run WDA/J apps on it, and the famous: what is it, what do I need to use it) are answered beforehand. Maybe having a document here on SCN published - like a FAQ - and before the TweetChat starts - announce the link.

    • Hi Simon!

      Thanks Simon, very useful as usually. I will also publish in the blog a transcript of the chat created by

      Regards and thanks