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SAP HANA: And the results of the exam are…

Probably you have been missing me terribly over the last 4 weeks…

I must admit that I was very busy reorganizing my different business ventures, but here I am again, alive and kicking!

Yesterday I corrected the last exam of my business university students (yes, I give some lectures in my free time)…

The title for my lectures is “IT for Biz Geeks” and in the last exam I introduced an exciting, and slightly naughty question… Probably not all of my students loved me about it, but that’s life. We cannot be loved by everyone.

We don’t love everyone either… And that’s OK so.

I often introduce “real time” stuff in my lectures, depending on “real life” events, and during one of my last lectures, the SAPPHIRE in Orlando was going on, so I spontaneously decided to invite my students to watch the Hasso Plattner Keynote… Since my students are business people and no computer scientists, it was pretty much all Greek to them, but that was part of the trick I had in mind: I asked them to try to listen with their “intuitive mind” rather than with their “rational mind”.

Not an easy task. After this experiment, I released them from the torture, and explained to them the main points about SAP HANA, its performance advantages, the idea behind the Column Store, the story of SAP after 40 years success, with SAP R/2, SAP R/3, the old-new dimension products such as SAP APO, and SAP CRM and SAP BI, the constant, coopetitive fight with Oracle, etc.

When I was finished with my speech, I had the feeling I should be sending an invoice to SAP for my marketing services…


In the exam, I asked some basic questions about SAP HANA… What is SAP HANA?

Is it a bird? Is it a fish?

No! It’s super-HANA!

AND the results of the exam are…

60% of the students answered quite correctly!

30% introduced some creatively interesting but not fully correct answers, like e.g. “SAP HANA is the new name for SAP R/3”, “SAP HANA is an XML based document management system”, “SAP HANA and SAP ERP have absolutely nothing to do with each other”, “SAP HANA can be installed on your PC (mmmmhhh… wishful thinking…)”…

10% did not dare to say anything at all…

I am proud about my students anyway, and also a little bit proud about myself…

And now, I have to go… Today I only wanted to say hello, in case you have forgotten me.

See you next time, hopefully soon.

Gemma Durany

Founder and President

WeeDooCare Business Solutions GmbH

and Co-Founder of Glooobal GmbH

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