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Author's profile photo Arun Varadarajan

Keeping track of it all – need for schedulers

The blog aims to see reason for a scheduling program to drive SAP BW.

In a typical BW system with all its data loads and usage – how do you ..?

1. Ensure that deliveries in BW loads after Delivery confirmations finishes

2. Ensure that flat files load only after the file is fully in ?

3. Ensure that collection jobs run before the BW extraction starts ..?

I do understand that there is a timing to all these – like for instance – collection jobs will run at Midnight and then BW jobs will run at 2 AM. This seems fine but then what if collection jobs take more time than usual ..?

The point being – are scheduling systems like Autosys (CA) , Maestro , Tivoli etc the need of the day or is it still possible to co ordinate all the jobs using just timing alone.

Most of the projects I have seen use some form of scheduling agent or another – and the general idea is that scheduling systems make life easier by keeping sense in a maze of jobs which are hard to untangle by themselves.

On the flip side – I have also seen systems with direct BW scheduling in place which have been running for some time atleast without issue …

Benefits :

Lowers the skill levels required to manage systems – you can have a team that monitors jobs on the system and the individual support teams can look at fixing failures as opposed to monitoring and fixing failures. In many cases this benefit does not exist – but in the scenario of say – 500 jobs – you might need 5 people to monitor all the jobs – with a scheduling agent – you would possibly need 3 people to monitor the jobs and 3 for fixing issues. The 3 resources to monitor the jobs would however be generic and be spread across other systems as well – this would be  cost saving

Reduces the complexity of running the systems – what is you need to take down the ERP system for routine maintenance – how do you ensure that BW still loads the flat files but not the ERP Jobs without taking a whole bunch of chains off schedule and then putting them back in again ..?

Cons :

A separate system is required – adds to the IT infrastructure and this needs to be up 24X7

It is to be seen if the additional cost of licenses and people is lesser than the benefits

Disclaimer : I am not trying to sell or paint scheduling systems in any way – Just want to understand if scheduling systems are a must have or a good to have and if so what would be the points to evaluate the same..?

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      Former Member

      Hi Arun, I agree that we need a tool for better scheduling of jobs. But for the below questions we dont need a scheduling tool:

      2. Ensure that flat files load only after the file is fully in ?

      we can have two files, one for the load file and another dummy file which says the file is fully in. So, we need to look for this dummy file to trigger the load so that it loads the actual load file.

      3. Ensure that collection jobs run before the BW extraction starts ..?

      we can create a variant in PC to run the collective jobs in ECC and include that in BW process chains so that it only proceeds when variant in successful.

      To add, if we have inter-dependencies between different applications and BW then a scheduling tool makes the job easy.

      Thanks Arun for the blog.