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Still mesmerised by toy!!!

After my last blog ( I was to buy the toy for my son so we visited the toy shop. I very well explained our problem and constraints (no open spaces, staying in a flat etc.) to the salesman and then something strange happened…to our surprise toy shop guy agreed to share the demo toy with us and he went on to suggest that we can actually take it home and try before making a buy decision. So before we decided to try it at our living room (as that is the most congested part of home) thinking that if we could make it work there, it shall work in rest of the home.

I was bit relieved as it shall provide me opportunity of proving that toy shall not work in our kind of home and my son was in state of ambivalence more so because he has to wait for some more time to possess the toy and at home my wife was not even aware of all of this happening

So I went into this demo exercise with the thought that ‘it shall not work’ and my son went into demo exercise thinking ‘that is it and toy will his to own’ and my wife at home completely unaware.

Toy shop guy, an expert in handling the toy, came along for demo and deftly handled the toy and kind of proved that it shall work in our drawing room and managed to convince my son. He left our place with the toy and requested us to visit store next day to make a purchase.

Post demo my son was very excited as he thought he crossed the last hurdle and toy shall be his, I was still in dilemma whether to buy the toy and even evaluating repercussion of not making a purchase. I thought it was the time my wife be aware of it as being expensive one, cost of the toy shall have impact on home budget (of this month at least). Knowing the background she showed resistance (as expected) and started with flurry of questions (to share few):

  1. Agreed it works but boy already has so many toys, how is new one better than others?
  2. If we buy this will he still need old toys? or those shall be scrapped? All the money we spent buying those toys is wasted?
  3. What if we don’t go ahead and buy – what do we lose (I mentioned baby shall cry for hours but could not quantify it?)
  4. Last but not the least what if a new toy comes out tomorrow then…

There were many more, I and my son are struggling to put together numbers (value achieved) to enable buying of the toy…

And I believe that is where most of the potential HANA customers are standing as of now, though perspective and decision making is at much much larger scale.

Post HANA case validation, think of the typical stakeholders involved in decision making –

  1. My Son – IT team, leading the POC and keen to adopt cutting edge technologies.
  2. I – Business, have been part of HANA case validation, convinced with HANA capability, still in dilemma as not sure of value proposition from my business perspective (how do I justify ROI?).
  3. My Wife – Finance Manager, controlling budget and keen to know numbers, ROI before giving you go-ahead

I think I would have been better off starting working on my value proposition well before getting in demo and should have kept every one aware of post case validation expectations.

Talking about my son buying the toy…discussion between him and my wife are still on and I am a mute spectator as of now…(needless to say shall keep you update).

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