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In this blog I would be sharing the steps I followed to install SAPUI5 on my Windows 7 machine

Installing and Running Apache Tomcat 7.0

1. Got to Apache Tomcat 7.0 Download Page

2. Download & Run the 32-bit/64-bit Windows Service Installer by clicking on the link on this page.

3. Follow the instructions in the Installer Wizard to complete the Installation (refer for more details).

4. You can configure Windows to automatically start Tomcat7 server on startup.

Installing SAPUI5

5. Downloading UI Development Kit for HTML 5 from the link below –

6. Unzip and copy the all the .war files into /webapps folder of Tomcat 7.0.

7. Type http://localhost:8080/demokit/ in the Browser

For version 1.12.1:

     Type http://localhost:8080/sapui5-sdk in the Browser.

If a page titles SAPUI5 SDK – Demo Kit appears this confirms SAPUI5 is successfully installed on your machine. You can find further information about playing around with SAPUI5 in this application including the Developer Guide & API References.

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    1. Vijayakumar Mukunthan

      Hi Tarun Telang

        I have installed eclipse 4.2 Juno version separately from  and added necessary plug-ins related to SAPUI5 from

      Now what is the necessary to install the trail version of SAPUI5 from

        Can i manage with current installation that is available with me or do i need to install again the trail edition of SAPUI5 again from SCN site.


      Vijay Mukunthan

      1. Former Member Post author

        We have a newer version of SAP UI5 available now. I would update the blog soon with the required details for the new version.

  1. Former Member

    HI Taurn,

    I am new to SAP UI5 , not yet started development  but planning to start in my place..

    There are many techs available for integratting mobile with SAP.

    I have read another article says that SAP UI (apps deve) with SAP Netweaver gateway (as service layer) enough to deal with Mobile Apps integ with SAP …

    In this blog , it seems to be that there is another Eclipse software need to be installed?- I need some direction where to start and what are system pre-requisite?

    Appreciate your help if you could direct me into right direction..

    Kind Regards


    1. Former Member Post author

      Hello Rama,

      Below is summary of various components required for integrating mobile with SAP.

      – SAP UI5 is can be used as an UI Technology for mobile screen development.

      – Eclipse based IDE is a tool to develop / maintain these UIs more productively.

      – Gateway is a tool to expose SAP business logic as a service consumable by Moblie

      – SAP Mobile Platform provides all the capability to manage / monitor your mobile applications within the enterprise.



          1. Former Member

            HI Tarun ,

            There is another tool or addon called Neptune which is SAP approved ,  is also available where we can develop mobile apps..

            To me it looks very compact having all features needed for mobile development including SAPUI5…

            And we dont have to go anywhere out to develop mobile apps … just in side SAP we can develop and export it..

            But I dont know how it differes from other mobile techs in the market..

            Kind Regards


              1. Former Member

                Hi Tarun,

                I am gonna use SAPUI5 dev tools with SAP HANA Studio Version: 1.0.60.  Can you pls tell me how should I go about SAPUI toolkit installation into my HANA studio in Windows 8?




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