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Debug Standard/Custom Event Function Modules in Mass Transaction of FICA


SAP FICA has the facility to run the transaction in mass considering the huge number of transactions.

As per the requirement, if an event is implemented and that needs to be debugged, the standard processing will not allow debugging the event code after putting “/H” in the command box.

This document will help technical consultants to debug custom/standard event function during Mass transaction execution.

Following steps need to be performed to debug the custom/Standard Event Function Modules

  1. Set Break-Point in any of the event (Standard/Custom) Function Module which need to be debugged. (Take this FM which will be called from the desired mass transaction)
  2. Execute any mass transaction which will call the event FM where we put break-point (E.g. – IS-Insurance Transaction: VYSPA)
  3. After giving all the detail in the mass transaction execution, that entries need to be scheduled for execution.
  4. Before execution, put command “DBUG” in Command box which will activate the internal debugging.

Image 3.png

Image 4.png

Once this is done, debugging to the custom/standard code will be activated.

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