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How to create a System on SAP HANA Studio and How to create a User on SAP HANA Data Base

Step by step procedure to Add or to create a System on SAP HANA Studio?

Step1: Please log on to your system -> select Windows start button -> Select SAP HANA Studio as shown given below screen.


Step2: This is the first screen, when we open the SAP HANA Studio.


Step3: Please go to Navigator Block as shown in the given below screen. Here we can add number of systems to connect different environments.


Step4: Please specify the Host Name, Instance Number and Description as shown given below.


Step5: Please provide log in credentials as per given below screen shot and click on FINISH to complete the task.


Step6: Now we have successfully created the system in SAP HANA Studio.


Step by step procedure to create a User on SAP HANA Data Base

We can create a user using SAP HANA Studio and supports the creating of a roles which is basically a set of privileges which is generally we provide to users.

Step1: Select Catalog -> Select Authorization -> Select Users option from the Navigator pane as shown below.


Step2 :  Select Catalog -> Select Authorization -> Select Users and right click on it to create a new user.


Step3 : Log on to Admin user to create a user.


Step4 : Please provide user name and initial password.


Step5 : As soon as we click on DEPLOY button, we get an error i.e. to provide External ID as shown below.


Since we have selected Kerberos option which is used to connect external users through the integration of the MIT Kerberos network authentication protocol or through the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to SAP HANA DB.

So please provide External ID as shown in the given below screen shot.

Step6 : Provide External ID as discussed in previous step.


So far,We have created the SAP HANA DB user successfully with the default role i.e. PUBLIC Role as shown in the given below screen shot.

Step7 : Default Role in SAP HANA Database is “PUBLIC” and we can also add new roles to existing users as shown here.




Thank you.

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  • Hi Ravi,


    excellent blog


    this is the spirit of SCN


    looking forward to future blogs in the same theme


    all the best



  • Hi Ravi,


    I am trying to add the system but it is not getting an error as "The hostname 'hanasvr-10' is unknown". I even tried to login with my Sandbox hostname and instance even i get the same error. I am struck in the 1st screen. Please advise.

    • Hi Shwetha,


          Could you please check once again your host name and instance number. You have to enter the host name which you have received from SAP.



      Ravi K Chandragiri

      • Hi Ravi,


        Thanks for replying. I have checked the host name and instance number but it is still giving the same error.


        I am following the below steps

        Launch Hana Studio > Go to administrative console > Right click on Navigation Pane and create a folder > Right again and choose Select system.


        Here I am trying the hostname and instance name as "The hostname 'hanasvr-01' is unknown".


        I am trying this on my personal laptop with Win 7 and also on a XP VM still getting the same. Will that make a difference??

        • It works on Cloud Share remote system. According to me, it does not work when you install the Studio in your personal system and try to connect it. It works on Cloudshare system.

          • Are you sure? We have Hana client and Studio setups available for download and installation. Cloudshare already has Hana installed so no reason why we need to install again. Please advise even the step-by-setp document which was given was installed on Win XP with Studio.

          • Q: Can I connect to the HANA sandbox without using the cloud-hosted client system?

            No. The only allowed access to the HANA Developer Center landscape is via the cloud-hosted client systems hosted by Cloudshare.

  • Hi Ravi,


    I created trial account given by SAP for 30 days on Cloudshare.

    I downloaded HANA Studio on my Local system, and trying to do 'Add System' so that i can connect to trail cloudshare account and practice HANA DB.


    When i selected 'Add System' it is asking me INSTANCE NAME, what should be this name ?


    If i give some dummy name, its not connecting to cloudshare account, please guide.

    • Hi Azmath,


      Once you registerd, you will get an email from sap which contains all the details for 30 days trail.


      So you have to add system using those details and it will not accept dummy instance id's.


      Thank you.

      Ravi K Chandragiri

  • Hi,


    Here i have the doubt on currency and quantity fields in normal abap we have the option to add the reference table and field. Here sap hana what are the way for that.




  • Very useful info for beginners. Thank you for sharing.


    I have further questions about "Step by step procedure to Add or to create a System on SAP HANA Studio?".


    After open SAP HANA Studio, under "Administration Console" perspective, appears "SAP HANA Systems" view, instead of Navigator view. But, can Right-click on the "SAP HANA Systems" view and select "Add System...", then come to "Step 4: Please specify the Host Name, Instance Number and Description as shown given below."


    • What is Host Name, how to create one or find it?
    • What is instance number, how to create one or find it?
    • What is Description, how to use it?





    • The HostName is the direction where the HANA system has been installed. In the same way, you define the instance number during the installation.


      The description is just an input field. You can put something there or not.

        • With HANA system I mean a HANA appliance. The HANA DB and all that stuff.

          You just use the HANA Studio to connect to that system. It doesn't means that you have installed HANA when you install the HANA Studio.

          • Hi Mubarak,



            Host: this is the Unix Server which Hana is running on

            (you can ask your Basis Team for this information)


            Instance: this is the Hana Instance

            (you can ask your Basis Team for this information, they will find it in the Unix filesystem path for Hana, the Instance is the /usr/sap/INSTANCE  which will be 3 character like eg DH1


            Best regards,



          • Hi Andy,


            Thanks for your information,

            Here Hana is installed in windows can i use server ip as host name?

            and how could i find the instance?




          • Hi Mubarak,


            where is the Hana running, for example, is it on your PC, or is it, your company's Production system ?


            Try the IP address.


            The Instance you can find in the filesystem look for the directory \usr\sap\SOMETHING and the SOMETHING is your Instance Name.


            Best regards,



  • When I attempted to add hana cloud system in Eclipse , I received an error

    " Authorization Error- the execution was rejected".


    Please advise on  this error .

    I have supplied below Account information in Eclipse for adding account :

    Host  :

    Account  Name :  <p09xxxxtrail>

    User Name :   <p09xxxx>

    Password :   <pwd>