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Working Environment Design

Better working environment, better working life.

We decided to have a special meeting to design our working environment.

Here, we put forward the agenda about our design meeting. 🙂

  • Introduce the agenda and the environment

          I draw the piciture of old working environment in the PVG01 building and introduce why we need to design our working environment.

          In order to create a  highly collaborative and productive environment, we can think about the following factors.

    1. Allows for collaboration and real time information exchange
    2. A space where work can get done
    3. A space where we enjoy working
    4. An informative workspace
      • What project are we working on
        • long term plan
        • short term plan
      • Working agreement
      • What are the areas we want to improve now
  • Divide into two groups to design the environment

          After knowing the current environment, we are divided into two groups to design the environment. Every group has five colleagues.

  • Share the design in the group    


  • Give the suggestion to the other group

           While presenting the result, each group gives the suggestion for the design.

  • The second round design and share about the improvements

          Base on the continuous improve of LEAN, we had a second round design according to the suggestion. Then sharing with every one again.

  • Conclusion for the design


Ta   Detailed Conclusion:

         White board 1

  1. 1.    Tasking Board
  2. 2.   Time Burn down Chart
  3. User Story Burn down Chart
  4. Product Burn down Chart
  5. Working Agreement
  6. Project Charter – Delivery Plan
  7. Financial Report
  8. Feedback Garden

White board 2:

  1. Photo wall
  2. Monthly Star
  3. Fruit Decision


White board 3:


  1. Flower
  2. Snacks
  3. Board Game


     Books from every team member (Reading list)

Other things:

  1. 氢气球: 10个气球,每个气球是一个字母,Real Estate
  2. 飞镖盘或射箭靶
  3. 桌上植物
  4. 公仔/变形金刚
  5. Simple Golf
  6. Change the table and chair
  7. Design Team logo and Slogan
  8. Design Team Name
  9. Mail Signature
  10. Team T-shirt

We will move to the new working place next week.

After designing the working enviroment, I will show what we have done.

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