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How to Change the Field Description

Every Client has its own name for Organization Elements, e.g. a Plant is called Site or Godown.

Thus many times the SAP Feilds Description is not acceptable to Client & they need the SAP Standard Field Description to be remaned.

Say for example in Sales Order Line Item Details Shipping Tab there is a Field for Route. The Description of the Field is Route:


Now, the Client wants above Feild Description (Route) to read as Route in SAP.

This can be easily done as explained below:

In the Field press F1 & then F9 & note the Data Element of the Field. (In this case the Data Element is ROUTE)

T-Code: CMOD

Select Goto – Text Enhancement – Keywords – Change

System will ask for Data Element & Enter ROUTE here. In the subsequent screen change the Long field label as required :


Save the data, system will generate Change Request. Please note this change is at Server level i.e. Cross Client & will impact all the Clients in the Server.


Now, once again start creating a Sales Order & go to Line Item Details – Shipping Tab. The Description of the Field will now be Route in SAP.


Jignesh Mehta

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