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MRP Table

We are having 0 entries in MDTB(MRP Table), not able to identify what caused behind 0 entries in first place, more importantly, how can I repopulate

with data in MDTB table

Current configuration settings

1. In OMDU (Activate MRP & Set up planning file) -> MRP is activated & Planning file entry is setup (for 2 specific plants, program: RMMDVM20).

2. In OMOA (Check storage mode for MRP list) -> Transparent MRP is NOT checked

On foreground:

1. Set up a new material, ran MRP, procurement proposals are created (demand from PIRs) -> Still 0 entries in MDTB

2. In MD02, ran MRP for entire plant –> Still 0 entries in MDTB

Any thoughts how can I have entries populated in MDTB

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