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Drilldown Reports

Drilldown Reports

Copy form

You can copy an existing for form for creating a form for drilldown reports . Use T code FSI4 for creating Forms

Edit Form

Use T code FSI5 for editing the Form we have created

Select the Column and Double click on that , You can add different characteristics values in that table. You can also add new columns to current form , point the  cursor and insert element , either you can add a characteristics value or you can define a formula ie for calculating Variants like that

Tick the Variable box then you will get a screen , there you can select the variable such as “Fiscal year, Fiscal year (6 mo.) etc.

Enter the text in the following format to separate the text in to two lines , in this case the year will display in the second line

Insert Row

Point the curser in the row for inserting an Element in the row

You can either enter a formula or select Characteristics value from the Financial Statement Version 

Use Reversal sign option to specify Credit item in the Profit and loss A/C  and Balance sheet(Incomes, Liabilities etc,)

Dividing Lines

You can create a dividing line to separate each line items

Column Width

you can adjust the width of the Colum

Hide Colum or Row

Hiding is a good tool to Hide those rows or column that you don’t want to show in the report , but you wanted the values of the Column/row for some calculation Purpose

Here we have an option to enter a formula for a particular item in the report ,. Fist you have to select those line items that you wanted to include in the Formula

Double Click on the item there you have different options.

Report Creation

Create the report with the form that you created , you can specify the name for the Report . Use Tcode FSI1 for report Creation

You can make the selection of characteristics values for the Reports . Drag those items wanted to include in the report

Select the Classical Drilldown for report out put type. If you wanted to include any Header for |Footer in the report that you can mention in the Layout.

You can edit the report from Tcode FSI2  and also you can execute report

The main important feature of this drilldown report is that we can drill down the report in to line item level

Here in the main report we can add many sub report . These Sub report will help the user to drilldown in to Line item level.

Create Sub Report

You have to create a separate form and a report this purpose as main report . You can use the same tools that we used in the Main report. The important difference between main report and the sub report is the Report type , Here we are using separate ABAP report for line item display

You can create elements for the report in this way

Report Creation

Create sub reports using FSI1

Select those characteristics you wish to include in the report

Select the classical Drilldown report as output Type , you can create header/footers or copy from the existing header created for the main report

Here in the option tab we can mention the report Type used , Select the REPORT ASSIGNMENT ‘ push button and select Other Report Type

You can select the ABAP Report from the list available and Enter the Report Program” RFGLRE_ITEMS” 

Assigning Sub reports in to main reports

select the report that you wanted to assign the sub reports

Select the Report assignment Push Button and add new report  and select the report from the report list .

Area Menu Creation

You can create Area Menu for easy access to the report. These reports are created to meet the requirement of Top Management most of the time , so the wanted to access easily to the report . To fulfill this requirement we can crate a Area Manu

Use T code SE43– Area Menu Creation

Create area menu with a Name Starting with Z and add new entry to the list . You have to select the Report to add a report to the area menu

Select the Drilldown Report in the screen and select the Balance sheet key Figure in the selection. There u will have option to select the report you have already created

I hope now you can able to view the report in the area menu and able to execute the report

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      • HI Friends

        Actually i wanted to hide some details in those images, that is y i first copied  it into paint and after making some changes attached these images in to the sites from Paint , that is the reason some images are seems blurred.

        • Hi shihab,

          Thanks for ur reply,

          First I was looking such document (Drilldown) for long time,

          I don't know how u can see the images in this document, but on my computer (I tried on all browsers) images are not blurred but completely blank,  i see only the framework of the image.

          I can see only 6 images,

          - First image of 2 Edit Form

          - First image of 4 Reversal Sign

          - And the last four images of (C) Assigning Sub reports in to main report

          I would really appreciate if I send this document by email or re-upload images.

          • HI Friend

            I have checked in my ID it is working fine, anyway i have updated the images again . Please check once again and please let me know the result

          • Thanku so Much Shihab,

            I will configure accordingly screen shot. a lot of thanks.

            Mr. Shihab, 

            Right now i facing Foreign Currency calcuation...

            i will send u the settings n all.

            Please let me ...

            Plzze yr quick action will be highly apprecited..



            SAP FICO Consultant.

          • Hi guys

            I am having a challenge here . i want to change the despricption of the form title but after changing it is not showing the header in full it seems like it is picking the short text and not long text.e.g the HEADER for the existing form is ZDCO financial statement version after changing instead of showing NGSC finamcial statement version it shows NGSC FIN.

            Regards Rejoice

      • Hi  Shihab

        I am trying to design a Cashflow report.Can you educate me on how to come up with a formulate which calculate increase or decrease in inventory,trade receivables,paybles etc.

        I understand it sgould be current yr -previous year in this form trade receivablesl /FY;&1FY. I dont know where you get these parameters .Please help am stuck.

        Apart from this on the increase in cash and cash equivalents.....BALANce at the beginning of the year which figuream i supposed to pick then Balance at end of year how is it computed.



        • You can use two hidden column for a current period and previous period, and formula can be used for calculating the changes in inventory

          • HI Shihab Sir,

            Very good morning sir,


            based on that we have prepared Report painter for P&L account but FS item not display, plzze plzze help me in this regard, its urgent... User wants for MIS report

            purpose P&L report.








                           EMPLOYEE BENEFITS

                           OTHER EXP

            we have configred through FSI4 and FSI1 , value coming after execute FSI0, but FS ITEM not showing as per client requirement,

            see the screen shot i have made to meet requirement for client but still problm ..

          • Dear Sir,

            See the below format, client want accordingly below format , we have made but still not meet requirement from customer kindly tell me where i ve assign add FS item in KSI4 , KSI1 report..

            Budget Main  Head
            Sales 311100 SALES EXP-FG( MACHIN
            311200 SALES EXP-FG(FORGING
            311300 SALES EXP-FG(ASSY)
            311400 SALES EXP- Deemed
            312100 SALES DOM-FG(MACHINE
            312200 SALES DOM-FG(FORGING
            312300 SALES DOM-FG(ASSY)
            312400 SALE OF WIP
            460026 PROV FOR CUST DEDN
            Sales Total
            Scrap Sale 321130 SALE OF MFG.SCRAP
            321140 SALE OF SCRA FORGING
            Scrap Sale Total
            Other Operating Income Total
            Mat Cost 411010
            Mat Cost Total
            Man Power
            Man Power Total
            Power & Diesel
            Power & Diesel Total
            Fuel & Oil
            Fuel & Oil Total
            Stores & Consumables
            Operation Support
            Stores & Consumables Total
            Oth Mfg Exp & Maint Exp
            Operation Support
            Operation Support
            Oth Mfg Exp & Maint Exp Total
            Maintenace Expenses
            Maintenace Expenses Total
            Admin Exp

            Its urgent sir

  • Hi,

    Appreciate your effort ! Thanks

    I have a query, we have a situation where a single gl is used for operating exp and non operating exp. It is generally bifurcated by CO Account assignment i.e. of it is operating then it is assigned to CS Order and if it is non operating, then it is assigned to Cost center

    How to make bifurcation of cost element on CO account assignment level in report painted

    Thank You


    • Hi all.

      It is better to use FGI0, FGI1 for repor creation and FGI4 for form creation instead of using the  oldest method FSI1 and FSI4.

      • Thanks for quick reply..

        we have already prepared but when i go for Execute FGI0 getting Error

        The drilldown report must be selected using one ledger

        Message no. GH113


        Drilldown reports must be selected using precisely one ledger. Here, the drilldown report called up has no ledger selections or more than one ledger has been used for selection.

        System Response

        Execution of the report is terminated.


        Maintain the form accordingly.

        Message No.

        Message no. GH113

        Note : Sir,

        Kindly Send me Screen shot for the same like FSI4 and FSI1 , i m new one but as per business scenario i have configured as per your an idea.

        see the config settings below

        • hI,

          Use Report Type 002 ie FAGLFLEXT ,

          there will be some standard reports are available, if u wanted to created ur own , either you can copy or use FGI4 to create form and then use FGI1 to create report with this form

          • When you activate new General Ledger Accounting, the totals records in General Ledger Accounting are updated in the standard totals table FAGLFLEXT. This totals table is deployed in functions such as planning and reporting.

          • Thanks a lot sir...

            Sir finally , i have made as you given advice to go for FSI4 and FSI1 ... sir , kindly i requested to you see the screen shot below, i have one issues after executing april'13, may june data flow but i dont know july'13 , Aug and Sept'13 no data found showing in exist report i have seen in FS10N report in all sales account till septeber;13 data was there, kindly correct me where i have done mistake to config... all most out of 100   99.9% covered.. but from July no data


            in this regard , we have activate COPA report .. for your information might be from July.13.. that's why not showing or somthing wrong config... kindly correct me as soon as possible... i am still stuck till now since morning.... plzzze.

            Your action will be highly appreciated...

            note : See the report below

            Kind regards

            Pranav kr Gupta

            SAP FICO Consultant.

          • Hi, Shihab,

            Good Evening,

            Thanks a lot....

            yes u are right, actually what happened, Period April is 1, but FSI4 format Following calender year, thats why... showing in July..instead of April... finally... resolved the issues...

            thanku so much... for helping..

            upto marks out of 100 100.. from side...

            Note : one more issues in Copa... plzze help me in this regard

            in KE30 Report Material Cost not updated... only COGS GL updated and showing in KE30... coz condition type in KE4I VPRS... based on Material Master data system calculate Material Cost... but we want actual material cost n fetch in KE30 report... tell me step with screen shot... its urgent... pllzzze...

            Kind regards

            Pranav Kr.Gupta

            SAP FICO Consultant

          • Hi Shihab,

            We have made Drill Down Report in KE30... but when i select the component Like sales, or any other and go to Line Item from Menu Bar... Line Item Button is not active... Customer want to see Line item as well in KE30 Report.

            Kindly Help me ... in KE30 for Line Item Wise..

            Kind ragards

            Pranav Kr. Gupta

            SAP FICO Consultant

          • Hi Friend

            You have to assign the report in Option> Report Assignment.

            Thease are the available report Type. You have to choose the report type and enter report program

            BB    Report Portfolio

            BW    BW Query

            QU    SAP Query

            RE    Drilldown Reporting

            RT    ABAP Report Program

            RW    Report Writer

            TR    Transaction

          • Hi Shihab

            Thanks for Quick Reply...

            But where we have to configuration ... for the same ..kindly send me the step-step details... actually, today we want to close this issues ASAP.. Kindly help so .. we can give the report to Customer as well.

            Plz help Shihab.

            Kind regards


          • Hi Friend

            You have to assign the Report in KE32 in"Options" tab.under Extras >Report Assignment.

            There you have to choose Insert Row(F6). Other Report Type. There you have to choose the report type. If we select Transaction you have to enter T Code KE24 for Line item display.

          • Thanku sir...

            Thanks a lott...

            Right Now i am configuring assignment .. once complete we will let you know...

            sir, in Report assignment which one we have to select for Line Item Display..

            like as you said report name : i.e RE - Drilldown report... RW- For Report Painter  so every report which showing in system or either one of them.. and application : EC Profit Center Accounting...

            Kindly Guide me we are very alomost achieve the Issues resolve ... i think...

            Plzze Shihab..

            Kind regards


          • Hi Shihab,

            But we have made KE80 Report...

            to create KE84 then KE81.

            to Execute KE80..

            i have seen same thing is there...

            i am waiting for your reply sir.



          • Hi Shihab,

            Good Afternoon ,

            SIr, all most we achieve  as you given advice to do but in Option Tab. Report Assignment m stuk.. if possible or free kindly send me the step by step.. m trying four five times.. but Line Item Button still showing inactive.

            see the sreen shot.

            Kind regards

            Pranav Kr. Gupta

          • Hi Shihab,

            For yr Information.

            We have ECC6.. but we didnt activate NEW GL Document Splitting..kindly tell me.. we can do in Classic GL As well.. kindly confirm.

            Kind regards

            Pranav Kr.Gupta

  • Hi Shihab,

    Very good document, it helped a lot and request you to advise on below.

    I have created a cash flow report (direct) copy from SAPRATION-04, in 2 column given the characeriitcs as Fiscal year, From per & To period, second column variable was created with other name, but fields are same.

    Now for Balance sheet items I would need to put the formula to avoid including PY & previous period balance. To calculate the same I need to add PY columns, I am not able to create a column with variable as 1FY-1, if I would add this additionally, then it is coming in selection screen of report.

    Kindly help.



    • Dear Shanid

      You need to define two sets of variables, 1) Reporting FY, Reporting Period From and Reporting Period To and 2) Comparison Year, CY Period from and CY Period To.

      When you define previous period as 1FY-1, you will be getting option to enter as 1FY only (system will calculate 1FY-1 on its own) which will be either you RY or CY. So do not bother and proceed the way you are doing.


      • Dear Syed,

        Thanks for the immediate reply, hope you can solve my issue.

        Yes you are right, I have only 1FY to add here, after adding it is still 1FY, not iFY-1.
        what you mean 'system will calculate 1FY-1 on its own'?

        Following are the steps I have done.


        Following columns are created.

        1) Reporting year

        Variables used - &1FY (GJAHR), &1PF (PERDE) and &1PT (PERDE)

        2) Comparison year

        Created new variables same as above but name changed.

        &Z1FY (GJAHR), &Z1PF (PERDE) and &Z1PT (PERDE)

        Till here, I am getting the fields 'RY, per from & to, CY per from & to' in report selecton.

        Now I would need to create following additional columns (hidden) to put the formula only for Balance Sheet items.

        1) Reporting year - copied same as first column.
        2) Previous year for RY - Here I am getting only &1FY, &2FY etc as variable. &1FY-1 is not there.

        Now if I put &1FY-1 as local variable, this fields is displayed in report selection.

        3) Comparison year - copied same as second column
        4) Previous year for CY - Same issue mentioned in point 2.

        Kindly advise.


        • /
          • Dear Syed,

            You said right, thanks a lot, appreciated.

            I do not know why did miss to check that.

            Now I am able to add PY and add the formula for B/S accounts.

            However, I need to put the formula for period also for B/S accounts as the report will be executed in period wise and when I am executing for only 1 period (except period 1), B/S values are displayed all the values till the period.

            For eg: If I execute with 2014, 3 to 3, then balance displayed from 1 to 3.

            Can you please let me know how can I put the formula for period to display the exact figure of the period.



          • Dear Shanid

            You need to create two separate period variables for each FY. It will be &PF (Period Form) and &PT (Period To). So when you run the report, you need to input both the periods. In your column, you need to select both the period variables,as shown in my screenshot in my earlier post.

            Let me know if you need more inputs?


          • Dear Syed,

            Thanks for the prompt reply.

            I have already created the period variables for RY and CY and selected the same in each column. (including formula column) as below and it is coming in selection screen.

            But the issue is that I had mentioned that period wise balance are not displayed for B/S items.

            For eg: If I execute with selection 2014, 3 to 3, then balance are displayed from 1 to 3.

            I think I need to put formula for this, in order to display ony for specific periods.

            Hope above calrifies my issue.





          • Dear Shanid

            Your settings looks ok. Even then if you are not getting values as expected, then you need to check your entire report. and run for period 1 to 1 and then 1 to 2. And then analyze the difference.

            For better analysis, I would recommend you to rename your variables as below;

            Reporting Year

            Reporting Pd  : From

            Reporting Pd  :To


            Comparison Year

            Comparison Pd: From

            Comparison Pd: To


          • Dear Syed,

            As I observed that, for Year we have already given FY-1 as PY, and formula maintained as FY minus FY-1.

            For the period we had not given anything, it is just PF & PT, I think we would need to create a variable with formula option (FSIV).

            Kindly suggest.



          • Dear Shanid

            Even in FSIV, you do not mention the values. Please check whether your variable is created with the option shown below (and not by the balance);


            Let me know if this is helpful for you?


          • Dear Shanid

            I have created Cash Flow Statement and Equity Statement using the same procedure as I have mentioned to you, but no where I have used the formula for identifying the periods.

            Please check your settings thoroughly, else you can catch me on gmail.


  • Hi syed,

    I am trying to create cash flow statement  And stuck in a point when I need to show changes in equity in two consecutive year.  I find in those existing form there are predefined formula are there with z005 - z004 to get those value  .  My question is how we can create those formula charecter or else if there is any other way to capture the changes in equity/ inventory / payables etc