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Error/Warning message during PO Creation Against Specific Material+Plant Combination

Let us Assume a Case where we want to intimate our End Users about the utility of the material within a specific plant & want to restrict the procurement of same material for other Plants. In such scenarios we can use this functionality.

In Normal Scenario we would be able to create PO of any material with in any plant.


System will show no message & will allow End User to Save Purchase order.

Now take a Case where Material : 10XXXX119 is a hazardous Material & is allowed to procure only for plant 1100 whereas it is restricted in other plants.

Reason behind :Only Plant 1100 has Govt. Approved Machines to handle this Machine.

So as a Management we want that whenever End user Procures this Material for Plant 1100 , system allows them but with a warning message about the nature of material & for other plants it should restrict Users for Procurement.

Customization Settings to be made:


Select Material Statuses


We Have already Created 3 Material Status . Lets Create a New Material Status .Click New Entries


Since we want to Maintain only PO related Message thus Press F4 against Purchasing Msgs.


Select your Mode of Message, In our Case we have Chosen Warning Message




Set this Status in Master Data MM02 – Purchasing View against Plant 1100



Try to create a PO with this Material & plant Combination.System will behave in same as per initial Requirement.


Now try to maintain in mm02 Different Status for rest of the plants.



Hope it Helps !!

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