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Top 10 reasons why people are so mad for SAP Certification

SAP Certification is the most sought after certifications in the Information Technology (IT) world. In every nook and corner of the world, it has created tremendous buzz among the IT professionals. Probably, SAP Certification is one of the most criticised certifications, but at the same, it is one of the biggest dreams for number of individuals. Many people have criticised in many ways by writing blogs, articles and even books. But, nobody can rule out the craze that it has created in this fast moving IT world. SAP Certification is one of the most successful IT certifications in the recent past. Either directly or indirectly, it has given employment to millions of people across the globe. Though, there are many contenders for the top certification position from Microsoft, Cisco, Sun and Oracle, but still people go so mad for this SAP Certification. SAP Certification is undoubtedly the number one product based IT certification in the current market trend. If you see the number of people enrolling for SAP Certification across the globe is a benchmark for other certifications.

Though there are number of restrictions and hurdles kept by SAP policies for people in particular regions, still it has not lessen the interest for this SAP Certification. Personally, I am not in favour of the SAP discriminatory policies for appearing SAP Certification based on their region. Not just me, many of the professionals from APAC region are not happy with these rigid rules framed by SAP. As a global company and equal opportunity employer, SAP should have made the similar kind of rules in allowing the people for appearing the SAP Certification. Unfortunately, they have different rules for people residing in UK, USA and people in APAC region. If a person from APAC region comes to UK, USA for short term visit, then they can still escape those weird rules of implementation experience and letters from employers etc. There are people even intending to cross the border in order to write the SAP Certification (even I had to cross the border to write my SAP BW Certification ). In this context, my question to SAP is, why cannot you have the same policy across the globe and what is the reason for this discrimination?

SAP should have made the same rules for any human being on this earth. If they have the knowledge, then they are going to pass, otherwise, a simple fail. This is as simple as that. But, I do not understand what is there in SAP Education policy makers mind. I see this policy is also not commercially viable option for SAP. If they make the fair rules across the globe (remove restrictions in APAC region), it would generate more than one million SAP Certification enrolments in a year in India alone. This will create a big rush like first day movie tickets of Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood in India . This small policy change can easily earn SAP half a billion dollars per annum from India alone. If SAP has the “one globe” policy, then the number of enrolments from India alone will be definitely more than double the number of enrolments from the rest of the world. For me it looks, just to protect the commercial interests of some SAP Education Partners in APAC region, they have come up with these discriminatory policies. Unfortunately, these policies are being further discriminated by local SAP to decide their own rules on case to case basis and undue preference has been to the employees working with their local partners. I am not sure whether other IT Certification providers are making this type of discriminatory rules based on their regions / partnerships.

Anyway, we can easily understand how the people are going mad for SAP Certification. Please do not think that this craze for SAP Certification is only in India. It has the same madness across the globe. I would like to point out some of the reasons for this madness. There could be million reasons, why people are doing SAP Certification, but these are my Top 10 reasons why people are getting so mad for SAP Certification.


1. Job

This is the most primary reason that most people are enrolling for SAP Certification is with a hope that it will get them a decent job in SAP arena. There are number of precedents, where numerous people have achieved decent career in SAP based on their SAP Certification. Finally, their stories are turned out to be the most successful stories. Many of these people have achieved professional success and served number of top Global Companies. SAP Certification has helped them to move from remote areas to one of the world’s top most cities. Their friends, juniors, colleagues and others are motivated by this and they are also hoping to repeat the same success stories. Most of the people still believe that they can get a decent job in SAP arena and that job will turn their and their next generations’ fortunes. It is the reason why there are people ready to leave their jobs even with more than 20 years of domain experience and wanted to do the SAP certification in order to break into SAP world.

2. Money

Many of the people who are enrolling for SAP Certification still believe that it is a good way of long term investment. They are hoping that this SAP Certification still able to fetch them a reasonably good amount of returns on their investment. Some of the people still believe that SAP Certification can be a Euro Million Jackpot in their lives. It may be true to a certain extent as number of consultants have seen rapid growth in their professional careers, even it has given them the more than thousand percent of growth and money. The markets are very volatile and the ever increasing demand for quality people, still some of the employers believe that SAP Certification is a good way of measuring the knowledge of the people. With this intention, they are still looking for knowledgeable SAP Certified consultants. The hope of getting good amount of money from those employers is one of the best motivator for people doing the SAP Certification.

3. Reputation

SAP Certified Consultants will have a incredible reputation by their employers of being certified. They will enjoy this special reputation from their employers, colleagues, friends and family members. They will visualise this kind of reputation in the society and still motivate themselves to a greater extent in order to become Certified Consultants. The precedents of reputation that is being enjoyed many number of people is one of the main encouraging factor in order to do the SAP Certification. Everybody would like to see themselves as successfully reputed individuals and professionals in their lives. Nobody is an exception to this rule. This is the basic and fundamental human psychology and it is one of the main encouraging factor why people would go for SAP Certification.

4. Recognition

SAP Certified consultants will enjoy a special recognition with their employer and the prospective employers. Many prospective employers still publish their jobs by stating that “SAP Certification is mandatory / value added advantage”. You will see there are number of jobs in the market with this kind of statements. These statements will drive the number of SAP job hoping aspirants to get them certified.  For those employers, SAP is a third party, which is certifying that the said individual has adequate knowledge in a particular area at that point of time. They have to believe the certification from SAP as a third party and consider that as one of the yard stick in selecting the candidates. In addition, SAP is also serving Logos, ID cards (not sure whether ID Cards are discontinued) to the individuals who have passed the SAP Certification. People still have same craze for these logos and ID cards to put on their CVs and show ID Cards to the public. These logos are still fetching the good amount of recognition from the recruiters. (These logos are just .jpg files, which can be easily used any unscrupulous people; I still wonder how SAP is taking steps to prevent this misuse). Individuals enrolling for SAP Certification are still hoping that they are being recognised by these employers.

5. Prospects

SAP Certification gives the people a special cushion in their career and opens up with many prospects. Just before certification, nobody even bothered to talk about them, but as soon as they are certified, their marketability has increased tremendously. Everybody, talks about their stupendous success. This is just like a person who received their ‘driving license’ and they are recognised to drive on the road. People still believe that one such opportunity will turn their future. They can utilise that opportunity to their advantage in professional career, by working further hard to achieve their professional goals. They believe that the SAP Certification can give them number of prospects, could be one of the intending reasons to go mad for SAP Certification.

6. Promotion

Decent number of employers has promoted the certified consultants in their organisations, particularly in the initial booming days of SAP. In those days, everybody, who has certified by SAP has reaped number benefits from their employers and used SAP Certification a spring to reach the top hierarchies at a faster rate. But, on day by day, within the market, the number of certified consultants are increased on a larger scale. However, organisations in remote areas find difficult to get good quality consultants, are still encouraging their employees to do the SAP Certification. Many of them who want to grow their career in that organisation will go for the SAP Certification to their own mark with that company.

7. Self-respect

SAP Certification is a confidence booster and it gives a lot of self-respect for them. The recognition and reputation among the people make them feel special. To visualise this feeling make them much more stronger and they believe that they are not inferior to anybody. There are many ways of developing one’s self respect, but when they are being certified by reputed organisation like SAP, it gives them a strong sense of responsibility and self respect. This kind of self respect is one of the most strong motivating reasons to enrol themselves for SAP Certification.

8. Prestige

Some people believe having BMW car is a symbol of prestige, some believe having Sony 70″ 3D LCD TV is a symbol of prestige, some believe having Nikon high end DSLR is a symbol prestige and  some believe having a posh bungalow is prestige etc. In the similar way, there are many number of people believe that having SAP Certification also gives them the similar kind of prestige in their life. If you see physically, it is just a piece of A4 size paper. But, still there are number of people believe that A4 size paper from SAP is a prestige symbol. You cannot resell unlike other luxury products, still there are people who has strong emotional bond for SAP Certification. You will still find number of parents and family members proudly say that their sons / daughters / brothers / sisters are certified by SAP. This symbol of prestige is still a stronger reason for somebody to get the invaluable A4 size paper from SAP.

9. Prove

There may be some employers / bosses, who neglect their invaluable employees or miserably failed to treat them with respect. Sometimes, people might have worked with such unfortunate and adamant bosses, who never care about the human relations. Those employers and bosses might have used every small opportunity to de-motivate the individual to the maximum extent. In an indirect way, these types of employers or bosses are also strong motivators. The people will make it a point to prove that they are not less to anybody. In order to prove themselves something special, they would opt for SAP Certification. People may find this is a strange reason for going to be certified. But, if you observe the individual with a close human look, you will definitely find large number of such certified people.

10. Benefits

People luckily find some benevolent employers, who sponsor the employees’ education. They will take every effort, even in a most depressed economic situation, to allocate training budget and train their employees on the key skills. Some employers will reimburse the certification costs (unfortunately, I am yet to find one). You will find many people who will never be motivated if their own money is to be invested for education. If somebody is else is ready to invest for them, then they will be amazingly inspired and wonderfully motivated to get them certified. The prime reason being, mentally they never intended to miss that free deal. In their opinion, if it is a free deal, they will go and grab like an Olympic gold medal . You will find such lucky employees working with such lovely employers, gets easily motivated at a faster rate to grab the reimbursement benefits for passing the SAP Certification.

Best Regards,


PS: These are not the endorsements from SAP, but only my positive thinking personal views why people are crazy and mad for SAP Certification. It is not my intention to tell that you are going to get these benefits by evening with the help of SAP Certification. SAP is only a cushion for your career, but not a short cut. At the end of the story, hard work matters and there is no other way for your success. As usual, I would like to invite your constructive criticisms on my blog.

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  • I really enjoyed your first article Ravi and I thought it was well balanced but this one has many things I disagree with and actually sets many expectations your first one did a good job of level setting.  That said I think everyone should check out this article on SAP HANA Certification as my guess is it is common throughout the certification areas.

    • Please let me thank you Jarret for your comments.

      In fact, these are not my personal intention, though some of the points even related to my real life when I have done my first SAP Certification in way back 2003. At that point of time, my first intention was to move away from routine it may fetch me a decent job, which in fact my first certification has helped. But, then I keep on invested on other certification, but then "diminishing balances" theory has applied. The quality in some of the SAP Education Partners that I have attended are highly degraded, I was in fact crying for joined the course. But, every time, somehow, I managed to pass with sheer hard work. Particularly, I have written this blog keeping in mind the Indian conditions. If you closely observe, I have not written why the people should go for SAP Certification, but, WHY they are intending to appear. I do accept many people might have miserably failed what they might have before attending the exam. I am only trying to bring out the reasons why they are going behind the Certification. If you closely observe my last sentence (PS), you will agree with me. My both blogs will give the same message.

      • Hii Ravi sir ,

        i am completed my under graduation in march 2017

        i m interested to join sap FICO

        i need some guidance from you sir

        what is process of sap certification and how to get the job after sap certification

  • Hi Ravi

    I enjoyed your blog in regards to Myths about SAP Certification and have recommended it to students and academics around the world.  I wish I could say the same about the blog above.  Initially I could not believe that the two blogs were written by the same person.  When I read it again I realised that the factual components were reflective of your other blog.  But the rest appears that somebody from SAP Certification drafted it for you.

    Firslty I fully support your comments about SAP's discriminatory practices in certian regions.  SAP should be embarrassed by these practices.

    I was amazed by your statements in regards to Reputation and Recognition. Obviously you mix in a different part of the ecosystem to me and fellow SAP Mentors. 

    Maybe a good starting point to verify some of your claims is The Certification 5 white paper which includes comments from SAP.  it can be found at

    An analysis of job postings on

    • 2,979 jobs with SAP somewhere in the job title or description. 1,776 jobs with SAP in the actual job title.
    • 24 results with the phrase "SAP certification" somewhere in the job description.

    Of those 24 results that had "SAP certification" in the job description:

    • 7 listed SAP certification as a requirement (of those 7, 5 were jobs with Vertex, an SAP software partner)
    • The remaining 24 jobs listed SAP certification as "preferred," with only listing SAP certification as "desirable" and one as "highly desirable."

    There is related research at which clarifies SAP professionals' views of certification.

    In regards to another comment:

    "SAP Certification is the most sought after certifications in the Information Technology (IT) world"  and "SAP Certification is one of the most successful IT certifications in the recent past".

    I don't understand how you came to this conclusion. SAP did not make the list for "15 Top Paying Certifications for 2012"


    "The 10 best IT Certifications for 2012"

    I think I understand your sentiments behind writing this blog.  Why are people motivated towards certification and I think you captured this.  In most cases you provided the reality in regards to expectations.  But in some areas the SAP Marketing bug must have bitten you.

    I look forward to your future contributions.


    • Hi Paul,

      Please let me thank you for your time and invaluable comments on my blog.

      First of all, I am extremely sorry for your comments, that SAP has drafted for me. Every single word and every single letter came from my mind and written by my hand. I can again reconfirm that  there is nobody who has helped me even a single "." πŸ˜‰

      If SAP would have helped in writing this blog, I would not have written the "discriminatory policies" and they .jpg files. I particularly, written this blog, taking into account, the Indian scenarios and the people's intentions. I do accept that this might have embarrassed SAP, but they are the real facts, everybody in India not at all happy with SAP on this. If you take my example, when I approached SAP Education India in 2004 to appear my SAP Certification, they said you are not working with our local partner, though I was working with one of their Global Partner at that time and I do believe, I was having enough knowledge. In this context, would they really know the difference between a local Partner and a Global Partners. If they see, there are very few global partners on list. But, in India, they disregard, all others and they always consider two or three companies (I do not want to name them) as their local partners and they disregard all others. They have reciprocal arrangements with SAP and they they allowed people from these companies even if they have less experience. For this reason, I approached, Malaysia, they have accepted me to write my SAP BW exam, without any much hassles, surprisingly, both are in APAC region, they are in the same region. Long bugging story, but need to bring out my emotions πŸ˜‰

      To a greater extent, most of these points may be true in a different time frame and context in my personal life. Thought, in cases, not true for me personally like somebody has yet to sponsor a single penny for my education. I have lavishly spent more than 40,000 GBP may be nearly £50,000, never counted (not INR πŸ˜‰ ) out of my own pocket. My SAP Marketing would not have driven and motivated to personally spent this much of money πŸ™‚ This is only my personal interest and I never regretted what I have spent. In turn, I have received some degraded quality education from SAP Education Partners, though I have quite a bit of amount on them. I have taken that gamble and accepted what I have received, but I never regretted what I have done.

      Particularly, I have written this blog taking Indian context. If you see any center across the globe (I have only appeared in India, Malaysia and UK). What I have observed in Malaysia and UK, roughly 90% are Indians. Probably, their mind sets are totally different when compared to others. They are more focussed on problem solving skills, including me is not an exception, in contrast to their western counter part, where they would more go for other soft skills. I have written why they are going for the certification but, I am not really whether they really get these or not.

      Dice is probably a part in the world may be they are good in one market. But, if you closely see the people in India, people wake up their beds saying SAP Certification. I do not accept many people are even in moving away from SAP Certification, due to the rigid rules. But, still large junk is behind it. TechEd in India is a big rush, thousand of people go for Certification. If they stop Certification at SAP TechEd in India, more than 90% would drop out. Commercially, they are keeping alive this TechEd, with SAP Certification.

      My following thread would give you my worry for quality less education.

      I am very much enjoyed the article written by Jon and I thorough respect and echo his views.

      There are number of examples that you have given, but to cut short, some websites also given SAP Certification is top certification by some sites at some point of time. But, I do not want to go into that discussion by proving the articles.

      Even after passing 6 SAP Certifications and passed my CISA, Prince2 Foundation, attended number CPA classes, Passed Management Accountant and Company Secretary Exams from India, I would only SAP Education is just a part of my whole journey of career. Sorry, if I have little personal boast in my reply. πŸ˜‰

      If you closely, observe my three thread, my underlying words are passion and hard work. I never motivated or marketed anybody to do SAP Certification. If they do not have that passion, SAP might not be correct for them.

      If you see my last words on the blog, hope you will surely echo my views.

      "It is not my intention to tell that you are going to get these benefits by evening with the help of SAP Certification. SAP is only a cushion for your career, but not a short cut. At the end of the story, hard work matters and there is no other way for your success".

      Little lengthy, but hope, justified my thoughts.

      Best Regards,


  • Hi Ravi

    It is clear that you have spent some time working on this blog so well done.

    If passing an exam was the answer to all of your top 10 points I would worry.

    From experience (when hiring) I look for experience over certification.

    It is all well and good passing an exam, but putting it into context is something different. Being able to speak the same language as the client (business language) is important. Being able to pull on previous experiences.

    Certification in the SAP market can only be a small part of what makes a good consultant.

    If the certification was slightly wider where actual project implementation experience was required, or being tested every year, then the certification would be of more use.

    I am also unsure where you get some of your figures and stats from

    1/2 a bill USD extra income from Indian certification? Are you proposing to create and extra 500,000 SAP consultants every year? The demand is not there. Whilst it might create extra income in the short term for SAP, it will lead to lower wages for all consultants, and lower skill levels as there are more inexperienced SAP consultants looking for work.

    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your time and comments on my blog.

      I am afraid if you misunderstood my message. I am not intending to tell what constitutes a good consultants. I would only point out the reasons why the people are so much behind the certification after looking at number of people. I clearly know that no certification can make statute profession, unless the same passion continues. This blog is to find out the reasons why the people are behind SAP certification. Need not necessarily, these are the benefits they would definitely achieve.

      If you please go through my another blog, hope, you will be in line with my thoughts:

      You may be right there may number of inexperience, otherwise, also they are still competing by attending unauthorised training centers. Though legally they are not authorised to train the people, the reality is there are millions of physical / online training courses, offered by these people, it is highly impossible to restrict them. SAP might have foreseen their own reasons in restricting the people from APAC with their rules?

      My questions is not half billion dollars, my question is why there are no fair rules for all the human beings on this earth?

      Best Regards,


      • HI Ravi,

        Perhaps it is me, but have you tried to cram too much into one blog and that is the reason why your messages are not coming out?

        Please note it is good to disagree and have different opinions.

        Your point about having a global process for certification - I dont think anyone can find fault it. I would like SAP Education to comment on that one !!

        However your blog - the top ten reasons why people are "MAD" for certification is a different topic all together.

        Your reasons are all linked - your common message is people see the certification as a way to get a good job in IT via SAP.

        My personal view is that people are "MAD" if they think certification will provide a job and the riches that come from SAP consulting.

        • Thank you Mark. I do not know the reasons, but I believe still nearly 500 views in less than 24 hours is not bad start either πŸ˜‰

          I sincerely appreciate the disagreements from different invaluable professionals.

          You are right and this is time of the hour to have a "Global Policy for Certification". Probably, we can expect comments from SAP Education.

          I am sorry if people misunderstood my message, I would like to further reiterate that Certification is just a part of a complete professional and your passion, hard work, soft skills and many other things would constitute a complete professional.

          I echo your views, it may be "MAD" that certification alone will make them richer, unless the same passion and dedication continues.

          Best Regards,


          • perhaps you could contact different local SAP Education teams to find out their views around a global policy and blog on that.

            In the meantime - 500 comments not bad - but in the new SCN content is based on your rating - which does not reflect very well.

          • Thanks Mark.

            If I try to contact them, they would definitely question my authenticity. I think it would be good on the part of SAP Education Global Team to contact their counter parts and come with a blog.

            Posted only 24 hours back, still hoping to get some ratings to my blog. πŸ˜‰

            Best Regards,


          • Dear Sir,

            I am SAP-ABAP Certified Associate; I want to express my views on what you said,

            You said that no certification alone will make them richer, unless the same passion and dedication continues.

            But how they start their career in SAP when no organization recruits them (SAP Fresher’s), they are all asking for experience, then without Practice, Training after certification will the so called certified associates can have the same passion and dedication, I think it's not possible.

            Approx more than 200 certified associates from Siemens (India) are unemployed, and approx 120 or more left their jobs to do SAP Certifications. The list is not so small.

            Siemens was SAP Authorized Education Partner and look what they have done. 

            I think blogs on these cause can be an eye-opener to SAP and other executives.


            Sumit Samaddar

          • Dear Sumit,

            Thanks for your comments.

            Usually, a person going for SAP Certification should have reasonable amount of background and domain experience. Certification is not a medicine for everything. Some of these authorised training centers are not looking that background when enrolling the students and simply going with commercial motives only. I have had miserable and disgusting experiences with some of the SAP Authorised Training Centers. It looks like I should come up with a blog on my experience with these training centers.

            By the time I went for my SAP Education training, I have had good professional qualification and domain experience. However, even I struggled a lot into SAP consulting world. This is way back in 2003. Even I left my hope of getting into SAP consulting. However, the perseverance in me kept going. I believe for any professional the perseverance is the key. Now a days, people are getting frustrated so quickly. The patience is the key for any success in life. I believe who believes in hard work will definitely achieve greater heights.

            If somebody think Certification will do the trick without checking the ground realities, then there will be a real danger in their career.

            Best Regards,


            PS: Please note that above mentioned blog is not my opinion, it is the reason why people are craze for certification.

  • Hello Mr. Ravi,

    At the outset, I felt good to read this blog of yours.. Quiet intimidating. But I also echo the words of Mr. Sumit and perhaps the right reply from you to it. SAP certification has become a total commercial aspect in the Indian scenario. Its like an IPL. Everybody wants to play it, make money and find a key to get into their respective national sides. πŸ˜‰ But in the hindsight the passion, the ethics for actual SAP concepts, its applications, has been lost. I actually don blame these 'un-authorised' centers. No doubt they make money, but actually they give an opportunity for those "Non-certified" candidates to go through all the hard work and actually make them realise the importance of SAP Certification, and not going mad about it. Guess this was even your way out to become what you are today. πŸ˜‰   I also agree on your plea to make universal rules for SAP, and not region-based.

    • Hi Nikhil,

      Thanks for your comments. Un-authorised training centers are not in one country, they do exist in every country and every part of the the world. We cannot blame any particular region. It is unlikely and impossible that they can be stopped. In my experience, the quality at some of the training institutes are much better than the SAP Authorized Training Institutes. By saying this, I am not encouraging the people to join the unauthorised training centers. But, everybody cannot afford to go to SAP Education Partners. Hence, they left with no other option, but to reach these institutes, which may be at par or may be more in maintain the quality in some cases. I found many people who have had success through this way. Rather than blaming these unauthorised institutes, SAP should maintain the quality at these Authorised Training Centers. This is the only way they should attract much number of people. They should insist on better quality rather than insisting on monopoly in education.

      Best Regards,


  • Check out this real world story which is sad and I believe cases like this are extremely common and ultimately lead some people down a path of fraud or embellishing their resume.

    DOs & DON’Ts for SAP Career (Certification) on the basis of my on going journey from an Accountant to SAP FI Consultant.

    On a side note it is crazy to think there are jobs out there where people have to PAY to act as a "consultant" so they can get go-live experience on their resume.

      • Well if i talk about Indian Companies, then certified guys do get some extra skill allowance πŸ™‚

        Another benefit for going for certification is we learn a lot during the preparation time and build up good concepts



        • You are right Vivek.

          When you are appearing for certification with like minded people, lot of brain storming happens, that itself is really more than the real certification. πŸ˜‰



  • Hi Ravi,

    I never become mad of taking SAP certification. Fortunately I got hired by one MNC with my domain experience and the company itself given training and then put in projects. I feel the knowledge you possess is more important than the A4 size paper and the jpg logo you have mentioned.

    Now I don't feel the necessity of taking a certification by spending too much πŸ˜‰ .. I might go for a certification in future.

    What will you suggest for long term should we take a certification as a SAP consultant or is it a mandatory stuff in other country?


    • Hi Deepak,

      It is not mandatory to have certification. There are many good consultants in the market without certification. Though it is not mandatory, it is always good to have list.

      At one point, you will feel you are missing something in career, when you see number of certified consultants around you.

      You could try with your employer if they are happy to sponsor your certification costs. You will surely be recognised on you are certified. Always the benefits of certification cannot be quantitative, but they are qualitative.

      All the best.

      Kind Regards,


  • Hi Ravi,

    You write very nice blogs.The more i read the more interested i become.This is a very nice blog about the pros and cons of the madness which SAP/SAP Certifications has created in the IT market.

    Just out of curiosity you have written one line about the restrictions in APAC(Asia Pacific i hope ) region that "Not just me, many of the professionals from APAC region are not happy with these rigid rules framed by SAP."
    Please enlighten me more about this issue why you have to cross borders for your certifications and what are the challenges which will faced by an individual for clearing the SAP certifications if he belongs to any of those APAC region.



    P.S. Keep writing such nice blogs. 😎

  • Hi,

    Its really helpful blog ,, If we successful in SAP its big impact of our life....the major impact we get opportunities around the globe ... 10 major impact if really happen ... its being mst happiest moment of life



  • Thanks Ravi,

    The blog of your is about people getting towards certification, myself a certified SD. This is exactly what is written in the blog

    I had seen some of my colleagues who are already certified & were thinking that after this they will get a good pay with a good organization, but the truth is vice verse. They were so desperate to get into as soon as the cleared the exam & started the center head to place them. Also now a days the centers are only for commercial cause, they don't even care for the candidates who are already in the market & desperate to get a break. I would to say that candidates who have a passion to do a certification should wait for their turn & don't get desperate & also should know the trends happening.

    Thanks for sharing . Sukant

    • Thanks Sukant.

      Waiting is sometimes frustrating, but patience is the key. Wide open the eyes for the opportunities and give our best would really help to achieve what we want.

      Thanks again for your comments.

      Kind Regards,


  • Excellent blog Mr. ravi...

    Thanks to the originator Ravi...of course to all the SCN's to shared their own views...

    I have been in power sector domain govt ( Coordinator in SAP ERP ) for the past two years....Seen most of the certified SAP consultants of different modules from different MNC's ....but only few can understand and know about how to sort & fulfill the client as is.

    i really fed up with the way they are escaping from the clients in such a way that ---" SAP is not having the solution for your requirement" ---

    Just by accepting all your views , i want to share my view " Client  satisfaction / project output is better by means of utilizing experienced SAP consultants than SAP certified consultants.

    Your blog open my eyes in certain areas....

    Thanking you

    • Thanks Thiyagaran.

      This blog explains why the people are mad for certification. However, this does not necessarily mean that the Certification would fulfill all the requirements of the Client. πŸ™‚

      Good to know your experiences, thanks for sharing.



  • Hello Ravi,

    Thank you for sharing this blog. all your blogs are very inspiring, always try to read your blogs’ am experiencing the difference before and after doing certification. I totally agree with you. But i think you are striving to convince the public more in this blog



    • Thanks Srinu. I have received lot of criticism, but my point to tell them is "Why" the people are mad. I am not telling them to do certification compulsorily.

      Kind Regards,


  • Hi Ravi,

    Like other blogs this one is really good.

    I really admire your practical views of life.

    I do not have much experience but surely I can not deny your 10 points from the Indian SAP career points of view.Those are really genuine and practical.I have seen so many people are opting for certification for the above points.

  • Ravi Sir,

                  I spent nearly four lakhs for my sap abap certification. and one of my friend spent nearly a lakh for the same. he wrote that exam in dubai. I dont know why sap discriminate rest of the world. your ten points are very true... I have spent money for the same reasons. πŸ˜› . your blog make me to think...

    with regards,

    sampath kumar

    • Thanks Sampath for your comments.

      It is an unending topics, SAP has their own reasons for not allowing candidates for Certification in India. On a lighter side, they might have afraid if they have allowed half of the India would become SAP Certified Consultants πŸ˜‰

      Candidates who are interested can always visit the countries allow direct certification. There is nothing wrong in it.

      Best Regards,


  • Hi Ravi,

             I like this Blog and your views on SAP Certification.Because you have explained every point like a Telugu movie climax scene.It touches my heart πŸ˜‰ .

  • Hi Ravi,

    Hope every thing is going good.i am new to this scn,saw comments in ur blog,its really genuine what u said......i had 2yrs of domain exp,left my job and joined in SD module,it almost took 4 months to complete and started my trails.....waited for months to get a u said about "patience".....did the same thing and got as a fresher in a implementation project.

         can u suggest me,whether should i go for certification or not,waiting for ur valuable views,give me some important tips,which will help my career .



  • Well i dont agree with your blog on most of the points ,It really seems that you want to create a false notion around SAP certification .I have worked in SAP for some years now and atleast know 400-500 SAP consultants and though some of them are certified .Nobody is crazy or mad about to do a certification.The enthusiasm may be there definately but that can be related to every other field or technology in IT field. And please in a country like India i have heard of people brag about getting into IITs & IIMs or AIIMs,Never have i heard of any parent bragging about their son/daughter who is SAP certified !!You have been far fetched in your comments .Allowing everyone to do a certification would be the most ridiculous thing done by SAP as the exam std and quality will fall.

    The only part i agree upon is yes there are some nonsense rules for  getting SAP Cert in APAC region.

    Dont take my comment in the wrong sense i just dont want to that people should get misleaded on some of the points and there is no fortune in a SAP job .If there is a fortune job it is only for few chunk people who are best in what they do and if one thinks that he is one of the chunk then he can  achieve the fortune in any stream/technology.

    • Thanks Ankur.

      I am surprised being a SAP employee, have you not attended attended a single certification? If attended, why so? I am not saying SAP exam is a great exam, it is just 55% marks exam. Even class 7th student can passed, if trained properly. There is no need to compare with IITs and IIMs.

      If you read my blog under the lines, I am only saying Why? as I have been approached by hundred of people from all the over the world for which certification suits them. Please do not think I am encouraging them to write SAP Certification.

      • Hi Ravi ,

        You have been honest in your reply ..much appreciated,i got a chance to read your other blog about the myths of sap certification the other day as well which i must admit was very well drafted. πŸ™‚

        Thanks Ankur

  • hy ravi,

                  I want to get a SAP certification but i am very confused about the different categories. Can you please suggest me and my interest is in Databases or IT admin support? are they good for my future?

  • Getting certified is just a mere certification that tells an employer that you are capable of understanding the basis of things. Having a certification on SAP does not necessarily tell that you are a good consultant and you are an expert in this domain as Ravi mentioned

    "Certification is just a part of a complete professional and your passion, hard work, soft skills and many other things would constitute a complete professional."

    I would say that one out of this "many more" is that you get some sort of hands on experience and real time experience in the SAP system itself, meaning that you get some sort of exposure to the system. Some of these 3rd party institutes do not provide this sort of thing but some do give access to a Demo SAP system so that you can practice all what you learn from writing mere simple programs to applications and understanding about the SAP system in whole (Basis, navigation etc...).

    I am too a beginner and I would like to say that if you are planing to get into the SAP arena from a different industry by just a certification then i believe you are having a wrong motive corresponding to one of the reasons mentioned in this blog. Studying is on thing which a whole lot can do but applying what you study is something else and not everybody is good at it you need exposure/ experience with the system which is why most of the companies ask for experience before recruiting an employee.

    Before I jumped into SAP I did a research on it for like 3 weeks and then once I knew that I can move on to this field I made my move. I consulted many professionals in the industry, checked online saw what possible paths it could open for me considering the strong technical background I had. Once i understood what are my possibilities then I made my move. πŸ™‚

    All the newbees out there (like myself πŸ˜› ) please do value others insight on what they say as they carry a lot of exp than us, but you must make sure you do necessary research on it before you take it.

    @Ravi thanks for the blog post it kept me interested till the end as most of themare true ( the top 10 reasons I mean πŸ˜‰ )


  • Hi Ravi,

    Awesome discussion about SAP Certification. Your discussion suits me also.

    Thank you for your valuable points which i am not aware about it.

    Anand Kumar KS

  • Hi Ravi,

    It was nice reading this blog. πŸ™‚ I am new to SAP.

    I haven't planned for any SAP certification but I would like to do certification on SAP BPC very soon after reading the inspiring lines.



  • Hi Alok,

    Sorry for the late reply, I am just back from vacation.

    After having 18 years experience, entering into SAP would be a challenging, because of the constraints like salary, the kind of colleagues you would be working and the role you may get involved. If you are really ready to compromise all these, then you can try into SAP. But, you should ask yourself, why you are interested in SAP at this stage. Is it because of Salary or a real passion? Moreover, only certification may not be the Savior for the career. You should have number of things like education, domain knowledge, configuration knowledge, business process knowledge and cultural fit etc. Then they are supplemented by the certification. Please note number of consultants are still struggling with certification. Please think twice before taking any decision.

    Kind Regards,


  • HI Alok,

    It does not make any difference. As they are all SAP Educational Partner, they would anyway, follow the same curriculum. Therefore, you can join wherever it is convenient to you.

    By this you can save some time in your travelling. I would suggest you go with the nearby center.

    The important thing is read the curriculum books as many times as possible and note down each and every point mentioned by the instructor in a class room running note. This would help you to refer at a later stage.

    Hope this is useful.

    All the best.

    Kind Regards,


  • Thanks for valuable and wise advice. I am a beginner, I joined in 2014 and struggled to pass on my SAP MM certification. I want to move forward in this area and SAP to invest in other modules, the next will ASAP, by knowing the medodologia PMI project management.


    Warm regards

    Tania Freitas

    • Hi Tania,

      I am sad to hear that. Failing is not the end of the world. It is part of life and game. Therefore, you should give you another try, if not, another try, until you succeed.

      There is no harm going for PMI Certification. But, to be a project manager in SAP or any other technology, you would have sound knowledge in various aspects technically and in managerial capacity.

      Therefore, please give a try for MM certification, if you are still passionate about SAP.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  • Hi Ravi.

              i am new to the sap. i  want to learn sap abap. please give me some suggestion to improve my knowledge in sap and please tell me which technology is used in real time environment according to qualification under cse stream.

    • Hi Srinivasa Reddy,

      I appreciate your interest in learning ABAP.

      SAP is a multinational software company that makes ERP software. Go through its offical website and try to find out it's products and offerings. Go through it's wiki page too. Try searching for functional and technical modules in SAP. You may also search about ERP if you are not aware.

      Being a graduate in Computer Science you may find some advantage in learning ABAP since it's a programming language.No programming language is required to work on other modules, especially functional modules.

      I didn't get what you meant by "which technology is used in real time environment according to sap". SAP Landscape Transformation technology is generally used for data provisioning in SAP HANA. There are several extractors available.

      You may wait for Ravi's response, sisnce I feel that he would be able to reply better.



      • Hi Nikhil,

             Thanks for you response.i am asking about technology it means abap/4 or abap/3. because i am new to the sap i don't about abap. and i need some more information about abap and hana.

        this two are different or both are same.which one is better to learn for my future.

          if am saying any thing wrong.i am sorry.    


        Srinivasa Reddy V

        • Hi Srinivasa Reddy,

          I don't know anything about ABAP/3, whether even it exists. As far as I know, ABAP/4 simply means ABAP and it represents that it's 4th generation language. ABAP is used in SAP R/3 system (Real time data processing / 3 tier architecture ). Please find history of ABAP and starting with ABAP in this document.

          ABAP and HANA are totally different. ABAP is a programming language where as HANA is a DBMS. Please find about SAP HANA through it's wiki page.

          HANA is hot topic in SAP field now where as ABAP is very old. However, both have their own importance. It depends on you which one to learn depending upon your interest and opportunities to learn.

          Thank you.



  • Hi,

    Nice articles.

    I'm eager to work as a consultant in SAP field.

    I'm a certified SAP QM consultant from May 2015. But i'm not getting any job.


    Iyyappan S

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your blogs. It is very useful to the opener.

          I'm new to this SCN. I completed my engineering in Electronics and Communication. To understand the business process I started my career in Sales and Marketing in an aerospace company in Bangalore. Over there i had one year of experience in SAP SD end user also. Now i left job shifted to Pune because of marriage. Here i joined SAP SD course from local training centre with very good trainer working for well known MNC.

           Now it is almost end of my training. I'm studying myself from different sources and practising in SAP IDES. I'm very comfortable to do all this and very intrested to study. Now parellely i'm searching for job as a SAP SD fresher.I'm not getting any calls. Is there any chances of getting job without certification? And also can you suggest me,whether i should go for certification? Waiting for valuable views, give me some important tips,which will help my career and send me the links for SAP SD study material if you have awesome one.

    Please help me out to continue my career.

    Thanks and Best Regards


    • Hello Suneetha,

      Employers are matured over years and mostly they are looking for consultants with at least couple of end to end implementation experience or at least few years of support experience. Having training or certification might be good to have. But, they are not the only criteria to select a candidate.

      Even if you do Certification, there is no guarantee for job. Please note there are number of consultants awaiting for break in SAP arena. Perseverance is the key and you need to strive until you get a break.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


      PS: Please note SAP Certification materials are copyrighted materials and not for free distribution. Any solicitation of materials are against the "rules of engagement of SCN The SCN Rules of Engagement". Please refrain asking any materials.

    • Hi Suneetha,

      SCN is good one for practitioner, Here lots of data and issue solutions can be collected through blogs posted already and future posting.

      SAP SD fresher vacant is also available for certified persons and also experienced without certification.

      If you get references to join in SAP SD field is possible to get job in SAP field.



  • Though this blog is written 2 years ago, it's nice piece of article πŸ™‚
    I remembered reading your blogs few years back, which kinda motivated me to study for Certifications.

    Now I am planning to get BW on HANA certification, probably in another few months, but reading these kind of blogs is .... enjoyable πŸ™‚

  • hi every one

    i m going to give my sap fi certification exam on 22 june 2016 i m CA(inter) with my articleship of 3 and half years is complete i have work as an accounts manager in company for around 3 months then i decided to go for sap training and certification

    i also know a beginner level German language as well. i have few questions in my mind but i know you all experts have answered this questions many times  

    1.if i score above 90% marks in certification exam does it boost my chances of getting job

    2.what salary package i should expect to get 

    3. does my above mention profile considered as domain experience


    saurabh rathore

    by the way forgot great article this was my motivation to go sap πŸ™‚

    • 1. it does not matter whether you get 90% or 100%, anyway, you score above 90% if your concepts are clear.

      2. do not look for package, look for getting opportunity and learning new things, package comes automatically

      3. your domain experience could be handy, but may not be considered as SAP experience. ou are still fresher.

      • thanks for reply sir

        i like to ask one more thing what companies expect from fresher and whether sap eduction  partner help in placing student after passing certification

        my institute is saying the we have tie up with companies  and i will get placed after 2 or 3 interviews



  • Hi Ravi,
    Your post is very knowledgeable. i just want your advice in my case. i am in to real estate from last 6 years after my MBA in finance & marketing. does SAP is suitable for me to enhance my career. if so which module will be best.

    Thank you.

  • Hai Ravi sir ,

    i am completed my under graduation in march 2017

    i am fresher sir

    I m interested to join sap FICO

    what is the process of sap certification and how to get the job

    i need some suggestion from you

    • Hi Hemanth,


      Please go through the following blog.

      You would be able to get the answers for many of your questions.


      Kind Regards,


  • Hi Ravi,

    Thank you for the awesome blog. I am now working at Accenture. I am MBA in Finance and Marketing. I have 3 years of Banking & Marketing experience and 2 years of accounting exp. I want to know about the short term course, which the private institute and providing for Rs. 17K to Rs. 20K. Is that helpful? I don't have time to do full time course nor having the high budget. However I want to do a course.

    Please suggest.

    Thank you and Regards,


  • Hello Ravi

    Good afternoonΒ  !!!

    Pl guide - how can i proceed for SAP IS BANKING COURSE? I am ex banker worked in CBS environment.Β  Is any SAP formal knowledge is required?

    Pl inform who are the sap is banking training provider? pl share sites etc.



  • With a specific end goal to achieve SAP accreditation as a Partner Center of Expertise, a firm should enlist its workers in a far reaching program that guarantees their capability utilizing SAP Solution Manager to give an elevated expectation of help administrations to its SAP clients.
    This confirmation gives associations looking for a SAP band together with the affirmation the firm they pick goes past specialized ability to incorporate certifiable expert involvement in SAP administration and support. Moreover, to guarantee that this dependable level of value administration and ability is kept up on a progressing premise, SAP requires PCoE accomplice firms to reestablish this basic SAP confirmation at regular intervals. For all of these certificate we have to do SAP training.