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SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, aka SAP Zen, Can I Connect to SAP ECC?

First, hopefully you have seen Anita Gibbings post that SAP Zen has a new name, “SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio”.  Beta testing is well underway, with applications for Beta testing ending July 20th.

I thought I would see how SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio works with SAP ERP.  Using transient providers, it worked fine.

Here is my BEx Query against SAP ECC:


My InfoProvider RBKP is an ECC InfoSet against SAP ECC parked invoice documents. 


Above is the BEx Query against ECC in BusinessObjects Design Studio.

You can tell it is a transient provider with the @ sign in front of it:


So yes, I can connect to ECC but you have to be on Enhancement Package 5, with the BI client activated.

Below are some other things I have learned:

1. The dropdown shows All


Here is how to set this up:


What I learned is to have all defaulted I needed to have the “x” in the Default.  Before I couldn’t see it and once I enlarged the screen so once I enlarged it I could see the Default column.

2. How to store images in your application:

I looked at the help, and noticed that you can either link to a URL or copy the images to the directory in the help:


Source: SAP

So I copied the image to the directory in the help, and I was able to display my image:


I still have more lessons to be learned in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio.

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