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Issue with WM Mvt 262

Hi Gurus

When we do 261 movement in IM (GI to production order) using MIGO_GI transaction, system consumes/ backflushes the material from the dynamic bin (bin no = production order number). When we do the reversal movement 262 (for correction purposes sometimes), it moves the material qty back to the dynamic production order no bin. Is there any way/ setting whereby instead of returing the material qty back into the dynamic production order no bin, it can be returned directly to the bin assigned to it in the control cycle in the relevant supply area (transaction LS41) as it is a release order part. This can save us one more step of returning the material from dynamic production order no bin back to where it was originally supplied from.



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  • Hello,

    This is happening because, in standard SAP settings for movement type=262, for destination storage type=914, 'dynamic bin' is selected.

    As per your requirement it is not possible to move back material to storage bin maintained in Control cycle in standard sap, you may use enhancement or exit for meeting your requirement.


    • Hello

      Thanks for your reply

      Can you expalin in detail how this can be achieved.

      which exit can be used to get this task done.

      This is really urgent requirement



      • Hello Avinash,

        Please take help of technical person ABAP guy to get exit for this development.

        Logic should be when you do movement type 262, get bin no from control cycle for material and PSA combination, and TO should be created for this bin.