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Top 5 client mistakes dealing with consultants.

Top 5 Client mistakes when dealing with SAP consultants (thoughts from the creators of

Symptom: Job requirement written poorly. Ask for “unrelated” skills in a single resume.

Risk: Recruiters will pass on good resumes because they do not find half the technologies from job requirement. “You”, as SAP clients/customers, will loose good candidates. And end with a cooked up resume tailored to fit your job requirement.

Symptom: Rely completely on big brand implementors with too little validation.

Risk: Implementation partners are a two edged sword. Make sure you are plugged into their process and implementation every step of the way. It may be their show, but it is your money.

Symptom: Too many levels of subcontractors. (Related: reduce the levels)

Risk: The consultant delivering your product is under paid. Going by you-get-what-you-pay-for, the system works against you. Emphasize on not more than two levels of sub-contractors.

Symptom: Misplaced trust on a consultant to deliver. Interview is an imperfect screening process. So conciously validate a consultant’s performance early in the project engagement. Do not wait three months before looking for a replacement.

Risk: A project that is way behind schedule and out of funds.

Symptom: In awe of pretty ppt and long, well-formatted word documents. Communication is good but do not over rate it. Often end-clients encourage talkers & email monsters and crap on the guy who delivers.

Risk: Sets a bad tone and affects morale. Productive people are going to loose interest in the gig. Creates a gap between you and the hands-on guy who implements.

Hind sight 20/20, in this case, has two certainties:

i. A Not-So-Successful project

ii. A consultant and/or primary vendor who already has cashed in their chips.

These are just few client mistakes we experience on a daily basis.

Please share your experiences. Remember, each successful implementation is a big win for the consulting community as a whole.

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      Author's profile photo Jarret Pazahanick
      Jarret Pazahanick

      Good article and I see the multiple layers being a big issue and often one that customers dont have fully visibility to.  It is common place if a preferred vendor does not have a resource a client is looking for they will farm it out to their recruiting network who fill find someone or farm it out further which could mean the role hits the market looking for a resource at $70 an hour while the client is paying $200.  On a side note in most cases that $70 resource is set up with a preferred vendor email account so that it "appears" he/she is an actual employee.

      Jon Reed does a great job in this podcast discussion talking about the issue

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      You nailed it.

      Companies definitly need a formal process to deal with consultants. A way to screen, onboard and work with people.