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What can you do about the next SCN MoM?

Hi Everyone,

It’s still June. It’s still the Month of Community Appreciation.

We are doing a little bit better than previous months, but still we can do a lot. Here is how:

Think about a Community fellow that walks the extra mile for helping out and benefiting others. And nominate. But please hurry up because the deadline this month for the July MoM is end of the day this Friday, June 22. End of the day in Palo Alto for Laure who is picking up the MoM!


– Not a Mentor, not a Moderator

(why? because we want the initiative to recognize people who may not have the visibility of a Mentor or Moderator)

– SAP Employees can be nominated (NEW!)

– Community spirit: polite, respects the rules of engagement, contributes quality content, provides feedback to community members and helps fellow members engage and grow on SCN

– Has contributed at least once on SCN

– Should be an example to the whole community

– Anything else you think is extraordinary!

The Member of the Month is featured each month on the home page, in the MoM widget.

We certainly are one of the best and richest communities on SCN today. This is something to be proud of.

You can submit your nominations as comments here. By teaming up for this we show our appreciation to our top participants.

I can think of several people that walk not only one extra mile all the time. And it’s just as amazing every single day! Thank you. You know who you are 🙂

Special thanks to Juan Reyes who contributed to this blog!

Any ideas of how we can gamify this?

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  • I sincerely want to nominate Greg for  the following reasons. His outstanding contribution in the short span of time. IMO, He is WOW (reciprocal of MOM). He keeps the forum very live. He deserves for this honour.

  • Hi,

    Only one vote? 🙁 , it's not an easy decision because there are wonderful contributors in this forum. Greg, Baskar and Raj don't leave anybody without help, awesome. At first i would vote to Greg, but i think that Baskar or Raj deserve a nomination too. My vote is for Baskar Gopalakrishnan  then.


    • Iñaki, thanks for the nomination. It is true that we have awesome contributors and Baskar is also setting the example in this community.

      We can keep this initiative going on and team up for the following months too. So one vote per month. How about that?

      Even if the next members of the month may not be members of the PI community, we make sure we show our appreciation for the great work, for setting the example, keeping the high standards and ultimately regard them as Topic Leaders.

      Topic Leaders, the top three contributors in a point category, are recognized on stage at the annual SAP TechEds. And the biggest contributors, known by their actions, expertise and helpfulness are sponsored as SAP Mentors.

  • Hi Mariana,

    I read this post yesterday and the next moment i was trying to make the first comment and nominate Grzegorz Glowacki, but there was some issues and not able to comment. Happy to see today that many have already voted for Greg. He deserves to be the MoM. The way he contributes to the community is awesome! Also as Iñaki Vila said I would next nominate Baskar Gopalakrishnan and Raja Sekhar Reddy for their active contributions here. This is really a nice way to appreciate our active contributors. Good start!

  • Hi All,

    I can only say THANK YOU for all your words of praise and appreciation. It really gives me a lot of additional motivation, a real boost to keep on doing my best to the Community.

    About the initiative to nominate the MoMs: I think it is a great idea to nominate the most active users, especially those who go beyond the Forum boundaries and use other SCN features extensively, blogging, rating, liking and sharing. We have many great contributors in our area that we can really be proud of, only to mention Michal, Shabarish, Prateek (the fact that they don't "match the MoM criteria" because of already being Mentors should play down their well-deserved praise),Baskar, Raja, but also Iñaki and Amit and many others that were not mentioned yet. Only the future will show how many of them will become Topic Leaders, Moderators or Mentors.

    Keep on doing the great job and paying back with alternatives like this one to vote for MoM. This is what the SAP Community Network is all about!



  • Hello all,

    First of all, I have to say that you have a great community manager, Mariana Mihaylova. I can feel her passion and dedication, and it seems obvious to me that the PI community is a nice place to be 🙂

    A lot of you are doing a good job here, and being named in this blog must make you very proud. You can be proud.

    However, as you know, the Member of the Month initiative is a way to recognize any SCN member, and we have over 400 areas with many exemplary members who also deserved to be nominated and considered for the recognition. I already have a good pool of candidates and every month I'll keep getting additional names from our Mentors, Moderators and Space Editors. I added the names mentioned here to my list, but I cannot promise another PI expert as a MoM this soon. I want to ensure diversity.


    • Thanks Laure for chiming in. It is definitely a nice place to be. How about you being active here? 😀

      We know it would be a difficult decision for you to choose from tons of nominations from various field. We still wanted to put our nomination forward. Keep counting the votes. 🙂

      A good thing about this initiative is you come to know what the community members feel about about their fellow contributors. Cheers!

      Kind regards,

      Prateek Raj Srivastava

      • Hi Prateek,

        Yes I agree it gives a great community spirit full of ... love? Well, maybe appreciation is a better term 😉

        Boy, you don't want me to start messing up in this space and ask FAQs 😆 I have about 0.01% of everyone's knowledge here.


        • We can be lenient about Moderation if you are ready to join us! 😀 We got a lot to learn from your community spirit and leadership! It would be a pleasure.

          Someone once said, "Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." Such an easy way to bring excellence. 🙂

          Kind regards,

          Prateek Raj Srivastava

  • Hi Mariana,

                      Heartful thanks for the initiative you are taking to find out MOM.

    In my view there are multiple members who can be MOM.  Any one of these wonderful contributors can be MOM Raja Sekhar Reddy,Baskar Gopalakrishnan, Grzegorz Glowacki and Amit Srivastava for SAP-PI.  Its very difficult to pick out one name from this list. Since I can choose only one from the list I choose Raja Sekhar Reddy.