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How to create Sales Assistant for Opportunity Management..

The sales assistant in SAP CRM helps sales employees by supporting him/her in planning his sales activities. The sales assistant provides the sales employee with a checklist of recommended activities and tasks that he should execute during a predefined phase of a sales transaction. This document would explain the way in which sales assistant feature can be leveraged in Opportunity Management.

Let’s assume that the sales representative (sales employee) of a firm is recommended to perform the following tasks at each stage of the opportunity.

  • Identify the key decision maker and any influencers
  • Determine the customer’s situation and needs
  • Determine potential product or promotional needs
  • Determine the sales call objective and call plan
  • Build the recommendation considering product,
  • promotional support, insights, equipment and programming
  • Develop the OBF statement and financial back up 
  • Present the recommendation to the decision maker
  •   Identify and address objections raised
  • Overcome final concerns/objections
  • Obtain the customer’s commitment
  • Align on the first order timing/logistics and execute order details
  •   Communicate details to key stakeholders


  • Validate the customer is using the product
  • Verify the customer is satisfied with the product/service
  •   Determine follow-up actions

How to configure the solution?

In SAP CRM , the above functionality can be configured using the action profile definition.

Transaction code



IMG->CRM->Basic Function->Actions->Actions in transaction->Change Actions and Condition->Define Action Profile and Actions


Step 1: Action Definition

Actions here are nothing but the activities/tasks that the sales representatives  are recommended to perform for a particular sales stage in opportunity. Define the actions as shown below along with the description. Maintain the parameters as displayed below:




Note: Z001 in this case is the desired transaction type.

Step 2: Create/Define Conditions

This is where we assign conditions to all the actions. Condition in this case would be the sales stages at which a particular activity is recommended to be performed.

Transaction code



IMG->CRM->Basic Function->Actions->Actions in transaction->Change Actions and Condition->Define Conditions


a)      Schedule Condition

Select the action for which the condition needs to be defined. Click on Edit Condition button.


Select sales stage as the expression 1 as mentioned below. Then  search for the particular sales stage and set it as expression 2. In this case, ZS1 .


This action would mean that if sales stage = ZS1 (Qualification); the selected activity would be recommended for the sales representative.

Similarly, we need to define the conditions for all the other activities as shown in Fig1.

## Also make sure not forget to assign the action profile to the opportunity transaction type after the action definition and condition definition have been done.

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    • Hey Shalini,

      start condition is not required in this case.Only schedule condition is enough for the tasks to get generated for each sales stage.Click on the Activate button after selecting the suggested /recommended task in sales a ssistant page.



      • Hi Aneesh,

        I followed the steps you mentioned above, but my newly created action isnt reflecting in the recommended Sales Activities screen in web ui.

        For the details of my own action, I just copied "Gather Information on Customer".

        • Hi Karen,

          Activities would appear  only based on the "Condition". Please check the condition in your scenario.Also check once if u have assigned the action profile to the transaction type.



    • Good Information

      One question pls I am little bit stuck here,  How to link my sales cycle to my opportunity document . I created new opportunity document type and I new sales cycle . where can I assign my new sales cycle to new opportunity document type?.