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Author's profile photo Raquel Pereira da Cunha

ChaRM 7.1 Admin Change (SMAD) for non-productive systems

I would like to share some information related to Administration (or Administrative) Changes in SolMan 7.1.

I am currently working with ChaRM in SolMan 7.1, and one of the needs of this project is to be able to create an Admin change (standard transaction type SMAD) for a non-productive system. There are some changes that are not saved in transports and will take place in Dev, QAS or Pre-Prod of SAP Systems, and they will be registered in ChaRM, approved in the scope of a Request for Change etc.. In SolMan 7.0 it was possible to have Admin Changes created for all the systems in the landscape, not only production. If you ever tried to do it and was not allowed, please refer to SAP Note 943520.

What happens is that in SolMan 7.1 the system checks for any types of ChaRM changes, except SMCG, in the Request of Change scope or directly in the Change Document, if the Ibase component is a productive system. For your information this check is inside method SET_DEVICEID of class CL_AIC_CM_S_AICCMSCOPE_CN01. I thought of using SMCG but it’s not prepared to be used for SAP as the other changes and the change flow is a little bit different and longer than necessary in my current case.

After discussing it with SAP, I found out that the  use of SMAD for non-productive systems (in fact the possibility to “choose iBases with dev/test, etc systems in SMCR scope and choose SMAD as transaction type” in SAP words, will be available only with SP06. Of course it did not make me quite happy as this was something possible in 7.0 and SP06 is not available yet, SAP just delivered SP05.

Until then, SAP recommends to work with the General Change SMCG, which is intended to be used for non-SAP, is not related to SAP systems, do not have Change actions such as Logon to System and Navigate to Task List. The good part if that the other missing actions related to transports are not relevant anyway.

As I have no other option, as it seems, I will have to follow the recommendation and use SMCG as the source of my Z Admin Change for non-prod, but I will need to have some extra effort to make it work the way we want. Not so big as I don’t need to take care of transports creation/release/import, but not necessary if the new release had been delivered keeping the existing functionalities. We have to agree that SolMan 7.1 brings LOTS of benefits and new functionalities, and I am one of the most enthusiastic about it, as shown in my other blogs, but I am a little bit disappointed when I see things that worked well before and do not work anymore (after almost one year of the delivery of the new release and 5 SPs).

Please share your comments about it. Do you need to register changes to non-prod systems too? What do you think of using a General Change for that?

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      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      Hi Raquel,

      We have not moved to CHaRM 7.1 yet but I appreciate the tip!

      In my last job we did use admin requests a lot to manage non-transportable changes.


      Author's profile photo Raquel Pereira da Cunha
      Raquel Pereira da Cunha
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Tammy,

      thanks for sharing your experience. I guess I am not alone with this "issue".  Have you used Admin Change for Dev and QA besides Prod?

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Jansi Rani Murugesan
      Jansi Rani Murugesan

      Hi Raquel,

      Thanks for bringing this issue into notice. I havent checked this, since we used productive landscape and our testing goes fine with admin change in 7.1, now i am nt working in 7.1.

      But in SAP perspective, in 7.1 SAP introduced general changes for changes not in connection with SAP Change transport system, you can say all non sap changes ( Printer failure and more).

      Administrative change in 7.1 got new restriction as production system assigned to the change request and it is more for the changes in the sap landscape which is nt supposed to change control tools( like Parameter change)

      So SAP may try to make a difference in general change and admin change by inserting the restriction as production system should be assinged to the Admin change CR. (This is my view)

      but in customer perspective we may feel the same as you already explained.

      again if we understood the true difference (Technical and functional ) between the both general and admin change, then we could easily validate , why SAP cut off the existing feature of 7.0. ( I believe, It should nt be Bug from SAP 🙁 ).

      If can, you can check with SAP for the reason and update here.



      Author's profile photo Raquel Pereira da Cunha
      Raquel Pereira da Cunha
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Jansi,

      I have been trying to find an explanation from someone at SAP, but with no success. I have open an OSS message for that, asking the reasons, and the only thing I could receive as answer was the sentence I mentioned about SP06 and to use SMCG instead.

      If I find out why, I will update the blog. Please let us know in case you have more luck 🙂