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Job hunt / Specifications? Really? Job hunt based upon specifications…

Well – I’ve been off line for a while.   Why?  Because I have been on the job hunt.  And let me tell you that takes time.   A lot of time.   I wondered – will I like my new job?  Will I like the people I’m going to work with?  What about my new boss?  Am I jumping too soon?   After all I had been with my “old” job at Perrigo for over 15 years!!!!! 

Amazing 15 years.   That’s more than some marriages last.  OK – so not a good comparison.  But really…. Don’t you spend more waking hours at your job than anywhere else?   I know I do.   So I had to like what I did.  I had to feel the challenge.   I had to…  Well you know what turns you on in the morning.  What wakes you up an gets you going on your job?   So I had a list.   If you are hunting for a job that you will like I recommend a “specification”.   A solid spec about what you would like to do.   What is it about your current job that makes you look for a new one? 

The specification:

If you say money only – well I would start another list.   Money only goes so far if you hate your job it will show.  And really is that the specification for your job?  Really???!!!

So some of my personal specifications – list…. Maybe you’ll find something you would like in here:

  1. Fun Environment!
  2. Boss that is great to get along with.  Someone that suits my personality.
  3. Culture of the firm.
  4. Little or no travel.   For me that mean a local job.
  5. A CHALLENGE!!!!   What will I be working on?  Do I consider it a personal challenge.
  6. Role – I like to help others.   Working together – is that promoted?
  7. Mostly development.  It’s what enjoy!  I love to develop.
  8. Advanced development.   A firm that had used SAP a long time with opportunities to use advance programming.
  9. Little to no support.  I’d rather develop new programs.

So I had basic specifications.  That’s normal.  I would fill in the rest of them as I went.   It was going to be interesting searching for these specifications.   So as I listen to the jobs when I apply, I could flesh out the details.

The Interviews – Only based on the specifications here, more later

And so I had several interviews.   Some that were immediately crossed out because I had to be close at home.   And then like a star out of now where came an interesting call.   A recruiter had a job for me.  It wasn’t local.  It wasn’t even close.   It was in New York!   I am in Michigan.   So why did I even go for the interview?  It was a work from home job.   The travel would be there.   But  not 1000% travel.   In fact my interviews were done via Webex.

So I had another opportunity opened to me.

My number four specification had become local or non-local with limited travel.   A change to a specification – never!

OK so I interviewed with a mostly work from home firm.  I interviewed several times, and I found that they were just starting with SAP.   Well that blew away my number 8 requirement.    BUT this firm was open to using the newer techniques – Adobe forms, objects, Webdynpro, enhancement points…  what they didn’t have they were willing to allow me to try!   Number 8 changed – allow for advanced development eventually.

Well this firm is just coming up with SAP and they have an implementation partner.   So I wouldn’t develop immediately – at least that was the thought.  I’d learn the system and learn the programs that were developed.   And so number 7 became learning how the system is configured / programmed.   Number 9 became support first to get the system up and running then new development.  

Specifications why?

OK – so what good was the list of specifications?   I really wasn’t following them.   They gave me a starting point.   The important ones to me were being met.   This is going to be a challenge.   Each different area of the company is coming up on SAP.   I am going to mentor some people on development.   I get to work with a great team.   At this point I love my boss. 

I’m sure there will be some rocky roads ahead.   Don’t get me wrong.  It never is all roses!   But it’s a nice base start.   Hey – and talk to me during go live, I may be a zombie.  Go-live is always busy.

Job hunt using specifications are you crazy?

Really is the interview process anymore than having your specifications and finding the software (company) that meets your specifications?  Yes, the specifications will change!   They always do.  But it’s nice to have the things you have to have and nice to have in your mind prior to the job hunt.   Me, I look for a job where I can be happy another 15 years!   So I wanted to make sure the specifications were clear.

What did I learn in my search?

Yes, I always learn something when working with specifications and project definition.  It’s just the nature of the beast.

Aha!  There are companies out there that are just starting on SAP.   So things like Teched should have beginner sessions.   Yes – there is room for me, and my thoughts!  There are firms that allow work from home.   They have many people in different countries, and your communication skill set has to be strong.

And I learned about the new SCN:

I couldn’t carry over my mentor information with my job change.   I couldn’t carry over my points.  At least not yet.  Sorry SCN guys – I had to add that for those reading this blog and wondering.  😆

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      Author's profile photo Craig S
      Craig S

      I certainly hope you had proper change control on those specification changes.  You did have the project manager and steering committee sign off on them.  Right?  You did do that right?  😛

      Congrats on the new job!


      PS> I thought I read somewhere you can have two accounts merged and have your old points added to a new account if you contact SCN.  So I would think they could do something for you.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      1st my project manager signed off.  (I was the project manager.)  My steering commitee did sign off to - my family just wanted me home most of the time and happy.  So they were all good with it too.

      (Change Control - It was a big project, change control tends to fall behind, right?  No change control for me.)

      Thank you for the congrats....

      Last - Yup, I thought SCN could help me merge accounts too.  I got a mail message which I really wish I had saved so I could quote it.   It said something like because of the new platform they were not able to merge accounts yet.   Please make the request again at a later date.   Oh boy!   But as far as bugs go that is pretty minor.  I can live without my points showing.   They never really motivated me anyway.   But I had to add that at the end.  The e-mail was just strange....

      Again thank you and thank you for taking the time to read.

      Author's profile photo Tom Van Doorslaer
      Tom Van Doorslaer

      Pretty good idea to actually formalize what you expect from a job. My list looks more or less the same, except for the travel part. I don't mind traveling around.

      Everything else: Yep, that pretty much covers it.

      just one extra (although it's more or less implied)

      open culture to innovation.

      Good luck with the new job!

      (and that's why I keep my SCN account separated from my Job Oss account.)

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      And now I know - separate SCN and OSS account.   So now I think I have 3 accounts out there.  This one.  My old S* from my old job at Perrigo.  (Which is a great place to work by the way.)   And now a new S* number from my new job.   I like to click thru on the OSS notes.  I'm going to try to keep my blogs here with this ID.  But my comments have been with my new S* id.   Boy will it get confusing fast for me.

      You are exactly right - culture to innovation was HUGE for me.   I want to play with some of the newer toys that make my job easier, more fun, and....   Yeah culture to innovation is a great one.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Glad to see you landed on your feet. Good luck with the new job!


      SCN has been a little dull without your blogging!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you!  What a nice comment.  I've got some more blogs running around in my head.   So far so good!  I really love it.    Of course, I'm insane.  I really love SAP.  The challenge is getting my team mates to love it as well.