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Top 10 Myths about SAP Certification

SAP Certification has helped many individuals to achieve their career goals. Many consultants have achieved decent breakthrough in SAP arena or updated their current skill set. SAP Certification is not the ultimate the thing in your career. There is definitely something beyond this. By saying this, I would like to point out some of the myths regarding the SAP Certification. I am in no way disputing the value of SAP Certification and it has its own merits, as I have done 6 different certifications from SAP. These are purely my personal opinion and I would like to invite if there are any contradicting views. There might have been many websites discussed regarding this topic. Any overlapping with my thoughts is just coincidental.

1. SAP is Certification will give definite job guarantee

Many people are with the intention; passing SAP Certification will give them a definite job. SAP Certification has helped many people, particularly in the past, to achieve their goals in their career and cherished their dreams. That does not mean that SAP Certification will give guaranteed job for everybody who has passed. Having said this, people going for SAP Certification, it is recommended to have the domain knowledge in particular functional area.  In the initial booming days of SAP, many people are able to achieve the jobs based on SAP Certification, but those days are gone now. The number of certified consultants got increased day by day in the market and the companies are more matured to look for practical experience rather than just a certification. If the people think that just passing SAP certification will give a guaranteed job, then they may have to rethink.

2. SAP Certification will give you definite & good ROI

There is no standard yardstick that every SAP Certification will give you a good Return on Investment (ROI). SAP Certification might have helped many when they are intending to jump into SAP Consulting Career or a job in SAP market. Nowadays, the skills are getting redundant very quickly; hence, each certification may not give you good amount of ROI. There are many people invested huge amounts into SAP Certification by taking bank loans, but miserably failed to get any returns out of it. Please do not be under the impression, if you go to SAP Training for 5 weeks and pass the Certification you may recoup the investment within a year or so. It may definitely not happen in all the cases. You should be prepared to see the other side of the coin.

3. In order to get a SAP Job – SAP Certification is a must

There are many people in the market who are non certified, earning good amount of money than the Certified Consultants. Therefore, Certification is not a must for you to fetch a job in the market. However, if there are two people shortlisted with the similar skills and experience, probably, in such situations, the Certification will give you an edge. Otherwise, the customers are looking for the people who can effectively deliver the goods without certification. It is not my intention to tell that the certified people are incompetent. You will find number of knowledgeable people in Certified Community. You will also find many people who believe they are extraordinary in their own area of SAP, but failed when it comes to passing SAP Certification. Then they start blaming the SAP Certification itself or the people who have passed the SAP Certification (LOL). πŸ˜‰

4. With SAP Certification – you will be successful in interview

SAP Certification courses are structured in systematic way, hence, it gives you very good fundamental knowledge regarding the concepts. They would be really helpful in order to pass your SAP Certification, if you go through the curricula in a religious manner. However, this will not give you any guarantee that you are going to be successful in an interview. Reason could be the interviews might have been conducted on different parameters to see your overall skills, but not just your Certification. Certification may keep you in better position to explain the fundamental knowledge gained during the course of Certification, but it may not meet all the expectations of an interview. Even with certification under your belt, you do not even know what type of questions the interviewer is asking for.

5. With SAP Certification – you will deliver the customer commitments

SAP Certification is a good starting point in your journey of career. It would give you good knowledge about the functionality of the system. Particularly, if you are fresher in SAP area, it would take some years to understand complete end to end business processes. By the time, you might have completed few projects. But even you will feel that you are missing the overall view of such complexity in the system. Probably, SAP Certification will give you knowledge in a particular area. Whereas, SAP is tightly integrated system between different modules, so you may not be able to visualise the total picture. With number of projects under your belt over a period of time, you will gain such high level knowledge. If your current role expects to go beyond your certification to deliver the commitments from other modules, you may feel the pain. But, definitely, you need to take this an opportunity to learn new things.

6. SAP Certification will give you “high-paying” jobs

There is a misconception that as soon as you are certified by SAP, you will get “high paying” job immediately. There are number of certified consultants failed to make an entry into SAP area. In my opinion, they are mainly unsuccessful because they have viewed SAP as a 25 days course. It only helped them to put that SAP Certification in their in CV in bold and italic. πŸ˜› Except very few lucky people, many number of certified consultants are really struggled a lot to make an entry into SAP consulting world, including me not an exception to this. If somebody is thinking that SAP Certification will give you an immediate “high paying” SAP job, probably, you are under the misconception.

7. SAP Certification is an ultimate thing in your career

Many people think that doing SAP Certification is ultimate thing in life. When you are on a learning spree, SAP Certification is just a negligible part in your total career. If you have enough financial resource and attitude, you would see yourself with a new SAP Certification every month. At the end of the story, SAP Certification is just a multiple choice question test. If your fundamentals are clear, I do not see any reason in not clearing the SAP Certification. The SAP Certification you have done may become redundant in next couple of years. I have done my first certification in SAP FICO 4.6C in 2003, but if you now a days, no customer is using this system. Unfortunately, some people stop learning new things and pretend themselves as if they are the masters in everything. But, as a professional, you should keep your learning habits on for your entire career. Do not just look for SAP Certification, try to think beyond that.

8. SAP Certification may give you good jobs in your area

I have read this point somewhere in an article. The first thing as an SAP Consultant you should visualise yourself as a “travel freak”. Certification may not always give you the job in your nearby area. If you are in offshore location, probably, you may get job in your preferred location, as every major offshore city is flooded with SAP consulting companies. No client will be intending to pay you money unless you go to onsite and deliver the expectations. There may be a small exception to this for the people who are supporting SAP systems through remote support. But, as an SAP consultant, you should always pack your bags, away from home, eat food whatever you get and sleep wherever you can. πŸ˜‰ If you think your SAP Certification will get you a good 9 to 5 job in your area, it may not be true always.

9. With SAP Certification you may start doing Contract Jobs

Contracting concept you mostly see in Western countries. This concept is getting familiar in Offshore / Eastern countries too. Contracting jobs are lucrative at the same time they are strenuous when compared to permanent jobs. By saying this, I am in no way demeaning the importance of the Permanent Jobs. Many people think that just by completing SAP Certification, they can land up in Contract jobs. But, the things always will not work in that way. The expectations in Contract Jobs are much higher; therefore, you need to check your calibre to handle the roles. No Certification will help in delivering the results within the deadly time lines.

10. Learn SAP only for Certification and Job

Many people think that learn SAP for Certification and get a job. If you are thinking to learn SAP just for Certification and job only, then I would suggest you may better skip to learn SAP. Learn SAP with passion and this passion should drive your career. I would believe everybody should maintain the passion throughout their careers. It is easy in theory but very difficult in practice. At certain age in your career, it may not be possible to maintain the same amount of passion in your career, due to socio, economic and physical reasons. But, by that time, you would have become a master in your own areas within SAP. Learn SAP with passion, if you are only looking SAP for Certification and Job, probably, SAP is not the right path for you.

Best Regards,


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  • Learn SAP only for Certification and Job -

    I don't see how that is wrong. I believe that even if you lack passion in SAP, you can still flourish or survive in the SAP job market. Come on, its not like software development in which one will not be able to make much progress if one does not have high intellect. SAP jobs for the most part are robotic (the click here and click there variety) and need at least common sense (besides domain knowledge and such). But, there is good money to be made.  If you lack passion in a programming job or such, you will either remain in the same spot or even be fired when the time comes. With SAP, you can just force yourself to cram more and more even if you don't like it that much, and still keep a job. Try being a programmer with that attitude and see what happens.

  • Hello ravi

                        thanks for valuable information.currently iam working in SAP-ABAP .my question is that in near future if i am go only with ABAP then i got high paying salary ?

    or should i go with another module like ABAP-HR or ABAP-CRM like that or techno functional  module  ? which area will give more scope and high paying salary πŸ˜‰ ? I am waiting for your reply .


    Ameya karadkhedkar

    • Thanks Ameya for your comments.

      There are many areas you can look into.

      ABAP - HR

      ABAP - CRM

      ABAP - BI / BOBJ / HANA

      ABAP - FICO

      But, it all depends on your interest. Please do not much worry about the salary part. Any dual skill (techno-functional) is always good.

      Personally, if I am in your position, I will go with BI / BOBJ and HANA, as the future of SAP is on analytic based solutions.

      All the best.

      Kind Regards,


      • Hi Ravi,

        I am new to SAP, I am planning to take SAP FI module. I have completed my in finance. Do this module suits my profile. Do this module have scope in finance sectors. Do i get jobs being a SAP FI consultant.

        Please do assist me on this.



  • Another good useful information for who intended to do SAP certification.. πŸ™‚

    Thanks Ravi.. πŸ™‚ Keep sharing your valuable information...


    Kiran N

  • Hi Ravi,

           Thanks for sharing your views on this topic. This is indeed a very helpful piece of info and I agree to all 10 points mentioned by you. The last point is great ➕

          I am a SAP PI consultant with two years of experience.  According to me, this article holds true for any and every available certification exam and not only SAP ℹ . This is definitely a good/must read for a person who is planning for any certification. πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Arti, much appreciated your comments.

      You are rightly mentioned before doing any Certification, they should have right expectations. No Certification can become a life changer. Certification only certifies the adequate knowledge at that point of time.

      Thanks once again for your comments πŸ™‚

      Best Regards,


      • Hi Ravi,

                    I always get confused with multiple choice questions when answering. Because more than one option look to be an answer to a question. How can you best judge these answers and choose the right one. I always end up choosing the wrong answer.

        Please provide your inputs that can help me choose the right answers in my future exams.



        • Hi Uday,

          If I know this answer, I would complete all SAP Certifications πŸ˜‰

          Just kidding.. You need to use the elimination technique. Out of 4 answers, definitely, there are 2 answers which are wrong. If you are able to identify which are definitely wrong, then the left out are the right answers. This technique would help you to identify the correct answers.

          All the best.

          Kind Regards,


          • Thanks Ravi for your inputs. I did tried this approach. But still I end up choosing the wrong answer out of two probable answers. I feel that I need to gain more in dept knowledge on subject. Or is there any other ways this can be achieved.

          • Usually, the wordings are sometimes tricky, you should give importance to "must" "should" "always" "only" type of words. If you are still answering wrong questions, then you may need to revise the materials more number of times.

          • Thanks Ravi,

              Those key words concept I din't knew. I would implement this new trick in my practice tests first and see the results before actually sitting in the actual exam.

  • hello sir,i have done my in ece (june 2013).so i am a fresher can i do sap certification and which one is the best for their any eligibility criteria ?and what is the duration of course and cost ?

    can you suggest me authorized sap training center in Bangalore.  plzz help me sir i have many question about sap. 


    • Hi Raman,

      Please go through the following blog answering various questions.

      please visit

      It should give you the list of authorised training centers in India (Bangalore). Alternatively, you may please contact SAP, they would be able to suggest an institute.

      Being a fresh engineering graduate, you have options for ABAP / BI / BOBJ / HANA. However, you will need to understand which is your interesting area. It would not have any use if you follow somebody's guidance in selecting the course, you need ask yourself and also see the available career opportunities.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

      Kind Regards,


      • thank you so much for your support sir .ya i also have a question.

        which module have grate future and opportunities and i am a fresher so is this easy to get a job after sap certification 

          • Hi Ravi,

            Can you please suggest, doing SAP Workflow Certification would compensate my education qualification πŸ˜› (Graduate from non technical course)? During my 6 years of SAP career as a technical consultant I always concentrated on improving my skills and learning new technologies. Having said that I never hesitated to travel onsite and did for 4 times to USA in my career for my employer.

            Now I am looking for change, so that I can explore more in SAP. I have 2 weeks of time to travel back to India and I am confident that I could pass the exam but not ready to invest πŸ˜• . Please suggest..


            Prakash S.

          • Hi Prakash,

            No Certification would compensate the academic qualifications. If I am in your place, I would surely appear for the Certification, without much thinking about investment. Value of the certification is always qualitative,but not quantitative. You do not know what obstacles you would face when you are back in India to write the examination. Therefore, better you appear and write in USA.

            Wish you all success.

            Best Regards,


        • Hi Raman,

          Every module has its own advantages. Module is not something you should select based on the market is, as it may not be in demand tomorrow. You should select the modules / based on your knowledge / education / experience.

          Please note SAP Certification is NOT a job guarantee program. You need to understand it is only certifying your adequate knowledge. It is not guaranteeing you a job. Therefore, it is always good to keep right expectations on Certification.

          All the best.

          Kind Regards,


  • Ravi,

    In my opinion point 10, in real world doesn’t make sense.  Most of us start our career by chance, so in that path some of them are inevitable in our career to be in job market.
    Professional or any such certification has become necessity to exhibit our competency or survival in the job or to increase our opportunities in job market.

    Passion is displayed in our delivery, involvement in the task, and not thru any certification. 

    I’m of strong view any certification is not by choice or passion.



    • Thanks Manju for your comments.

      My real point here is to express that Certification is NOT a job guarantee program, as many people are under the impression, certification will give the guaranteed job.

      Best Regards,


  • Hi RSV,

    It is really nice blog about SAP certification. It will aviod many people confusions about certification and you clarified about this add-in.

    Keep blogging to keep encouragement to sap people - Kumar

  • Thanks Ravi

    Almost, clarifies all my doubts about SAP. Need some suggestion or guidance from you as you studied SAP already. I finished my commerce graduation in 2008. Later, worked in medical billing not related to accounts and now working in General Ledger process for the past one year. I'm more computer savvy. spend lot of times in systems studying, analyzing something in the google. Im bit bored with the work im doing now recording transactions, tallying, etc. lot interested in analytical and trouble shooting kind of work. interested to do computer programming but i cant take complete diversion now as im in tight financial probs. Just want to know shall i go for SAP testing? what is the course is all about.

  • Hello Ravi,

    very good blog about 10 myths of sap Certification. everything u stayed in the topic was matter of fact. hope this article will help the people who are in this myths about SAP Certification.

    thanks for clearing the myths.

    Good Job


    Rajesh Chary

  • Hi Ravi,

    Yes, I am agreeing with your words whatever you have mentioned in the blog is exactly correct. Better to concentrate to get knowledge on SAP rather than to think for SAP certification first. And moreover cerficiation is only a theoretical test only. But after that we need to get the hands on experience and project experience else no one will help us to get brigher career in SAP.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Lakshmi S

    • Thanks Lakshmi for your comments.

      Hands on experience, business process knowledge, integration with the client, communication and team work, all these are really matters.

      Best Regards,


  • Hello Ravi,

    It is nice that you provide your experience to help others.

    I am thinking to get SAP FI certification. I have almost 2 years experience in SAP FI and currently workin too.

    So should I go with associate level or professional level?

    If I choose associate level, do I need to take traininig or with my 2 years experience, I can study material and give test on my own?



    • Hi Ketan,

      Go for Associate. Professional too much for 2 years experience.

      Are you in India or US?

      If India, you need to contact and get yourself evaluated.

      If US, pay the fee with SAP Education, US, straight write the exam.



  • Thanks Ravi on the insight. I am new into this world of SAP and I keep hearing different things about this domain form different people.

    Your articles does help a lot. Misconceptions like getting SAP Certification means better salary and also an ultimate, was also in me. But now that I have read all that you have mentioned in here, it is no more.

    Thanks a lot once again.

  • Hi Sir,

    I am Piyush Dewan From Bangalore India.

    Well i don't know what i am doing with my life. i have done my in Automobiles from A decent B.E institute and Since October 2010 Working in Steel Fabrication Company which is named as Reyami Steel construction and Engineering so majorly what we do we fabricate steel and what majorly i do is make the drawings according to client requirements and whatsoever and trust me when i say i am not at all liking the job and not at all making money, because at the end everything comes to money (more when your fellow friends are taking huge packages)..

    so few days back i have been to Atos (previously SIEMENS) to inquire about SAP certification course and but still cudnt zeroed down the module and than yeah i have read your Myths about SAP certification..

    i know it would change my industry and i guess thats what i want and now you must be thinking why IT industry ..even i dont know the answer of that..

    well the Counselor has suggested me SAP MM (Material management) and SAP PM (Project management) ..

    now the First Question is should one individual go for this SAP certification provided that individual may have little bit knowledge to which yiu say Domain knowledge.

    Secondly which Module to choose.

    We can discuses in detail after your response to me, i can send my Resume to you if in any case you need .

    Looking forward to hear it from you..

    Email id :



    • Hi Piyush,

      You would the following blog from Thomas is most comprehensive Thomas Dulaney in selecting your module

      FAQ: What is the best SAP module for me?

      You should have done the basic home work of what each module does, then accordingly you need to correlate your experience and education to that. If you go to a totally unrelated module, again you may end up disliking the job. We cannot really afford that again and again. In short, you need to select your module where you intend to work.

      Certification may give you adequate knowledge around the selected module and give an idea how the important key processes are configured. Later you need to sail in the competitive market, show all your soft skills, education, personal skills and SAP skills then get a job. That is another small ocean.

      All the best.

      Kind Regards,


      • Hi... I was just going through the blog and the myths, you have mentioned.. I always had interest in pursuing sap but as of now i have zero knowledge. I would like to speak with you with regards in pursuing sap.. Please reply me on how can i speak with u??? If not pls provide me ur official mail id, so that i can mail on what sort of information i need from u... Thanks...

  • Dear Ravi Shankar Sir,

    I am new to SAP as I am very much interested and keen to learn SAP. I have completed my and also have done MBA in finance. But I have 2 sub backlogs in MBA.

    1) Will it be a problem for me after I complete SAP training. ?  

    2) Which module in SAP should I go for FICO or any other module in SAP.?

    Please guide me in this matter and show me the right path as I am very much depressed. waiting for your reply

  • Hello Ravi,

    I am Madan having 7 years of SAP domain experience in Finance and costing.

    I have undergone SAP FI certification online training from Siemens in 2011 but unfortunately skipping to take the exam, now I am planning to go for the exam but the same time bothered about the exam fees and in dilemma on pass fail . In the current market situation will this certification give an advantage or not, please suggest.



    • Hi Madan,

      You have already spent 90% of the amount and thinking twice to spend remaining 10%

      If you purchase a horse and not intended to spend on horseshoe, then the

      horse cannot run. πŸ˜‰

      Do not much worry about pass / fail. Trust me, SAP FI is the most easiest exam in the world. πŸ™‚

      If you go through the SAP curriculum materials (I believe you must be having) at least for five times, then, I cannot see any reason why you cannot pass the certification exam in flying colours.

      Whether the certification gives an advantage or not is different matter. Unless you are certified you cannot claim that you are a certified and nobody knows which way the Certification would help you in future. Trust me, it all depends on your attitude, how effectively you would use for your future career planning.

      All the best.

      Kind Regards,


  • Dear Sir,

    Your Blog's are really eye opener for to Freshers & Masters.

    Thank you so much for putting your all visions and experience here through words.

    It's really happy and glad to see your all positive posts.

    Thank you so much.


    Tulsidas Ankam

  • Hello Mr Ravi Shankar Venna

    How are you?

    I understand all your experience in SAP and I am scared and shaken.

    Can't think where am I? thats true,

    Let me say about me

    <<Moderator: Name removed>>

    B.Com,M.Com,ACCA,ICAEW(both degree from uk)

    Working in big Multinational Company in SAP as Internal Auditor

    So kindly suggest what am i supposed to do? as SAP FICO Module or not?

    I started working in SAP from last 6 months as Internal Auditor (as i don't know how to make accounting entry into SAP.

    Though i know what MIRO AND MIGO entry for and do all india level audit

    Kinda confused what am i doing in this world.

    Feel like I am in the lake where no landmass.

    What do i need to in Future

    Please help me and appreciate reply

    <<Moderator: Email address removed>>

    • Thanks Sam.

      Good to know you.

      Hope the following blog would be helpful.

      How to transform yourself from a fresher to an expert SAP Consultant?

      The first thing is you need to take training. If you are taking training in UK from SAP, it would be expensive. Either you should opt for SAP India / Authorised centers in India. Please note now FI and CO are separate courses. There are 10000 FI consultants in every street. From 10th class pass out to Chartered Accountants are behind FI Consultant position. The other area would be CO. If you have good understanding on Management accounting, then go for CO (but, you should have basic FI). If you think you do not get leaves from your employer, then you should take online training from SAP India, which is cost effective. May be you go opt for certification if you are interested, then you need to swim the ocean with other fishes for the job. Because you have ACCA and ICAEW, you would be surely given preference. Some consulting or end user companies within UK would prefer you to take as fresher. Do not bother about money, work for couple of years, then you will have many options in hand.

      After two years, if you are still interested to learn with Financials, go for FSCM, Flexible Real Estate, Treasury and Risk Management, Project Systems. Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is also not a bad option either with your audit background.

      If you are still interested to learn on new dimension, go for Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC).

      Hope this is useful. Please let me know if you need any further specific questions.

      All the best.

      Kind Regards,


  • Guys,

    I am a HR Manager with 10 years of experience doing everything HR. I have gotten to a cross path where I need to specialize in one function and my mind tells me HRIS ans SAP would be a good place to settle once and for all I used SAP for a year. Where

    would I start as a HR professional in SAP. I want to specialize on SAP HR. Any advice?

    • Hi Lydia,

      I was on vacation, apologies for late responding.

      SAP HR would be the right module for you. You can even look for "Successfactors".

      Not sure which forced you to move to SAP HR, as you have worked as HR Manager for 10 years. You may need to look at many constraints like salary, working with juniors, much smaller roles etc. If you would like to compromise on these areas for initial years, then SAP would be a place for you.

      All the best.

      Kind Regards,


  • Dear Ravi,

    I have just visited SAP Authorized Training Center in my city Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and inquired for HCM module for my wife.

    As soon as I returned and searched web, I found your articles  @How is the life after SAP Certification, @Top 10 Myths about SAP Certification etc. and found it very useful.

    My wife have completed B.Sc in 2006 and then worked in different domains and also pursuing MBA HR (Distance Education). She has around 8 years of experience out of which she have worked in HR domain for nearly around 4 years. Currently she is working as  Admin executive for past 3 years.

    But we look for Career growth in long term and have a plan to do SAP Certification (part time course for around 3-4 months).

    We thought that after doing SAP Certification, we might get good job, career, etc but after reading your posts we were in confused state now.

    Please guide us what can we do to improve her career goal. It would be helpful for us to go ahead whether we need to join SAP Course and do Certification or not.   


    Thanks in advance for your help and support.


    Yuvaraj. P


    Mobile: +91-9994604748

    • Dear Yuvaraj,

      The expectation on the SAP Certification needs to be realistic. It is not meant for a job guarantee program. At the same time to be fair, it gives the candidate all basic understanding about the configuration / business processes within SAP. Therefore, at the end of the course, the candidate would be in a position to configure the system independently and be able to work without much supervision.

      There are already number of consultants in the market still trying to find a suitable job. I do not say the first job in SAP is impossible, however, it is a difficult. However, you should not much worry about it. There is nothing wrong in giving a try. Many people after their course, if they do not get job, they would immediately give up. That should not be done. You should keep on trying until you break into SAP Job.

      With domain experience of 8 years, probably, it would be handy for your wife. This would really help in understanding the concepts easily.

      As SAP courses are expensive, now you need to take a decision, whether to go ahead or not.

      Life is all about taking calculated risk. That much I can say.

      Best Regards,


  • HI Ravi,

    I just happened to read your article about the 10 misconceptions of doing a SAP certification  and found it really helpful. I need your assistance sir, as you are way more experienced in SAP certifications and can give me more insight.

    I am working as a Procurement professional (individual contributor) for a media company (subsidy of parent company from US) for the past 4.5 yrs. I am procuring Paper for the magazine company and managing the inventory at various locations in US and globally as well.

    As a next step in my career, in interest of upgrading my skill set and also to attain better financial status and grow up in my professional environment, I was looking at various options available for an experienced professional. I cannot afford an MBA and I am really passionate about becoming a SAP consultant. But I do not have any on-hand experience on  SAP-Materials Management.

    Do you think doing a certification in SAP -MM will give me better opportunities and help me?

    • Hello Sanjay,

      SAP Certification may help you to market your knowledge, where there is no guarantee that SAP Certification would fetch you a job. It depends on various other factors such as SAP Knowledge, business process knowledge, team work, cultural fit, communication etc.

      Therefore, please set your correct expectations on SAP Certification.

      May be MM module would be suitable based on your experience.

      All the best.

      Kind Regards,


  • Hi Ravi great information to sap certification. yourknowledge very good and best experienced in a concept is a very good thank you very much Ravi keep it up.

  • Hi am an investment professional working with an asset management company dealing in mutual funds. I work under the sales and distribution domain.

    How can I make inroads to the IT sector and is SAP certification going to help. Am I qualified to work with SAP or SAP program based companies.

    My experience in the sales and distribution domain is close to 10 yrs and a qualified MBA in Marketing.

    Kindly  guide.

  • Hi Ravi  Sir,

    I really thanks to you to providing such guidance to people, so people can get proper way in stack of SAP,

    my Question is Can we do SAP without join any instituted..? Bcuz certification fees is very less compare to training fees

    Awaiting for your immediate and valuable response

    • Hi Mohit,

      If you would have searched the forum, you would have got the answer.

      You cannot attend the Certification in India, if you do not take mandatory training from SAP / Education Partners in India.

      Other than SAP / Authorized Education Partners, nobody is authorized to train you in SAP.

      You should have mandatory training from SAP or relevant SAP experience on the product on which you are intending to certify.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  • Hi Ravi Sir,

    Sir i am basically Telugu medium first o fall sorry my mistakes in writing.

    sir i am working sap end user since last 7 years.i want fi certification please guide i prepare and how i get certification.sir please help me.

    and please send sap fi exam preparation guidance,i am in Hyderabad.

    • Hi Madhavi,

      Honestly, the medium of education does not matter. There are many expertized SAP consultants studied in their native language.So, please do not underestimate your strength.

      If you are working as SAP end user for more than 7 years, you must be having wonderful process knowledge in Finance, which many of the consultants are lacking. This would be a huge asset if you can transform yourself as a Consultant.

      You should honestly try and push yourself to become SAP Consultant. If you need SAP Certification, you need to contact SAP Education, in India.


      The following blog would be handy in your pursuit.

      How to transform yourself from a fresher to an expert SAP Consultant?

      All the best.

      Kind Regards,


  • Hi Ravi,

    Well written article, thanks for showing the true picture to an SAP aspirant like me πŸ˜‰ .

    I am currently working in a different domain (foreign language expert) was hoping to shift my track by completing SAP HCM certification (as I have 1 year experience as a HR generalist). The training center though says in their mail that 100% placement is guaranteed. Though I am little confused between whether shall I go for SAP HCM and Success Factors, as SF seems to be the future here?

    So my query here is do you think that before I pursue the certification, it would be wise to get some hands on experience within my existing company on SAP as a back-end user or shall I go for the certification and start with lower paid jobs (if at al I land up to any with the fresh certification)?

    Please guide as, I am in dicey situation and want to reach to a conclusion soon.

    Thanks your efforts are much appreciated!! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Indira,

      There is no guarantee for job based on the Certification.

      I appreciate the commitment, can you please ask them, in case if you do not get the job, then would they refund the 100% fee back? Obviously, no. These are all marketing tricks to tempt the person to join the course. Please note there are number of Certified consultants still awaiting to break into SAP market.

      There is lot of demand for Success Factors, but if you do not know the basics of HCM, then it would difficult to understand SF.

      If you have some end user experience in your current company it would be a bonus, but not mandatory You can still attend the SAP Education and get the requisite knowledge.

      In my opinion, learn basics of HCM on your own and go for Success Factors. Hopefully, it would help you.

      Kind Regards,



    Hi Ravi,

    I am new to SAP, I am planning to take SAP FI module. I have completed my in finance. Do this module suits my profile. Do this module have scope in finance sectors. Do i get jobs being a SAP FI consultant.

    Please do assist me on this.



  • Hi Ravi,

    I have 2 years of experience in IT Recruitment and I am thinking to move into SAP HCM after getting training or certification. I have few questions in my mind which are putting me in dilemma:

    • I have seen many comments from people on different sites that a person is having experience in HR Generalist or HR executive want to go for SAP HCM. Is there any similarities between the two or it would be helpfull to understand the the HCM modue of SAP?


    • Would I have to start as a fresher in SAP HCM or my past experience will be counted for salary?


    • The SAP certification is very costly from any authorized SAP partners. Is there any way that I can learn SAP HCM from any local training centre and apply for certification. I have also heard from people that we can do certification after 1 years of completion of job in SAP and the certification costs only 30-40K.

    Please suggest me.



  • Hello Ravi sir,

    My self Suman Prasad from Kolkata,I am graduate. Now I want to training for SAP FICO module , but I am totally confused for choosing a good training institute in Kolkata because many IT company and few otharised partners whoΒ  offering sap course with live project. But personally wen I have resurch this institute then I know that they are provide very low quality training and fake commitment. So I am not choosing a quality training institute in Kolkata. If u guide me for a good Sap training institute in Kolkata then as is very well.




  • Thanks sir for this valuable information but i have a query as i am planning to do my sap training for sap fico module and i am new to sap world i have done my post graduation ( in 2016 and prepared for government jobs so i have a year gap so my question is " is i am eligible or sap training or not"

    sir reply pls

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