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My journey from Sales Professional to SAP Functional SD Consultant: A blog written for all SAP aspirants.

In day to day life, I came across several professional who have secret wish to enter SAP arena which is one of the most lucrative as well rewarding career option. SDN is not exception to that. Several SAP aspirant post their query regarding how to make foray in SAP arena.

Before few years I was also part of that crowd. Today I am SAP SD consultant. I think I should publish my story on the SDN through blog which is the most suitable forum because I think this story might be useful to several SAP aspirants who regularly visit SDN with hope of getting head start.

I am a science graduate with MBA with marketing specialization & pass out of 2005 batch. In 2005 only I came to know regarding SAP as ERP through faculty members. From that point only this SAP terminology stuck to my mind. After MBA when I started digging more about it, I came to know regarding first hurdle that you need domain experience of minimum 2 years in any of the functional arena like Sales & Distribution or Finance or controlling. By keeping in mind, the minimum prerequisite for SAP career, I started my career in Sales with MNC pharmaceutical company as Medical Representative. In my first job, I learned fundamental of Sales & Distribution as integral business process.

After doing my first job for only 7 months, I made my first shift & joined Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., India’s one of the most trusted brand for consumer durable. Godrej is the ideal place for a management graduate as you will experience most of the things that you had learned in books written by Kotler & Porter. Godrej was the place where I had explored myself & experienced connects between theoretical world & practical business. In Godrej I had learned many important concepts that I am currently utilizing as a SD functional consultant like:

1) Order Fulfilment Cycle

2) Transportation Lead Time & Transit Time

3) Plant & Depot Operation

4) Excise & Taxation

5) Most important I was end user of BaaN ERP

After spending 2 years with Godrej, I could not move to SAP due to unavoidable reasons like 2008 recession, my housing loans & biggest personal event i.e. my wedding.

But it is said that, if you are destined to particular thing then you have to do it. I always personally feel that there is some bonding between my career & SAP ERP. Finally that bonding had overtaken my excuses.

Finally I had decided to join SAP in 2010. But the big question was How?

First I had tried on mere my domain experience & Baan skills but I was not fortunate enough to get a breakthrough on the said ingredients. “End user of Baan” tag was not enough powerful to change my fortune. “I lost the battle but not war”.

I was looking for some alternative ways to make foray. After lot of research, I came up with 2 solutions:

1) Get certified from SAP authorized training centre & get a job as SAP trainee on the basis of certification & your hard work.

2) Join some substandard quality institute & get some fake experience by spending few thousands with fake consultancy.

I was in great dilemma, what to do. Second solution was much more economical in nature but very risky too.

But I would like to suggest my all SAP aspirant friends, listen to your heart & do what you feel is right, logical & rational one. I considered following points:


  • I always feel by taking help of fake experience we risk our career, risk our credibility.
  • There is no point in always living with fear that my fake credential will get exposed & I will out of my career.
  • Ask yourself, will you able to convince yourself with such kind of move?
  • More over every child grows with the teaching of Satyamev Jayate (Victory of Truth over Lie). I was not also the exception.
  • Taking help of fake experience was like neglecting what I learned over the last 28 years.

Hence I decided to go for first path i.e. SAP certification path which was costing 2.10 Lacs (A Big Hole to my sick economy) which was huge amount for a person who was having few thousand bugs in bank account. Thanks to education loan facility which I availed & managed the required fees (2.10 Lacs) & opted for SD module OLT (On Line Training) way for completion of certification from authorized SAP training partner.

It was a risky call for me because of

  • I left my current job which was stable & well paying one.
  • Financial liabilities
  • Family Responsibilities
  • No back up.

Total fee 2.10=Course fee 1.75 + Exam fee 0.35.

If you can’t clear exam, you need to pay 35 K more to reappear for exam. Thinking about the same was nightmare for me due to financial condition.

After completion of course, I decided to take 20 days to revise entire syllabus for exam. It was do or die situation. I need to give my best shot. Even I could not think about the failure. Failure means lacklustre of dreams. I left no stone unturned, everyday giving 7-8 hours per day. In my entire life, I had never studied ever before.

Finally examination day arrived. It was really judgement day.SAP Certification exam is online & moment you click on submit button, result will appear. I utilized my entire 3 hours of exam. After Ganesha prayer, I click on submit button. The moment I saw result, I was top of the world. I cleared exam with healthy 66% whereas passing was of 54%. My efforts prevailed & I won half battle.

Next major task to be accomplished is to get a good job in any of SAP implementation partner.

Every day I started browsing monster & naukri sites & posting my resume wherever there is ray of hope. Updating Resume became order of the day. Finally got call from reputed SAP implementation partner for lateral trainee walk-inn. I was well aware of the phrase that opportunity never knocks twice. I prepared for interview.

It was again very tight 4 round elimination process. Started with aptitude test followed by 3 rounds of interview comprising technical, functional & HR questions. I entered in company campus for interview around 8 am in the morning & left 8 pm in the night. But 12 hours spent in company campus was not wastage & I got offer letter 3 days after interview. Finally my efforts & all the risk taken paid off.

I successfully shifted my career stream through consistent hard work & dedication. My dream came true. It was not accident or coincident. It was result of well executed plan & support of my entire family members.

I hope my blog proves to be useful for all SAP aspirants who want to move from their domain to SAP career. I would love to see your feedback on this blog. Do not forget to write.

May God Bless All of You & All The best for your future.




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  • Really good blog.

    I would like to share my experience.

    After working in sales fo 10 years, I decided to shift for carrer in SAP.I enrolled for Online certification. I got a call for interview in manufacturing organisation for SAP SD support. I didnt had any experience of SAP in practical enviornment.Fortunately due to study for certification exams i appeared 2 times , helped me to clear the interview.

    Now i am working in SAP for last 3 years.

    So basic thing is keep trying & keep updating your knowledge.

    All the best.



    • Hi Sharad,

      Thanks for sharing career story.

      Suggest you to convert it into a blog & post it on SCN career center.

      Many SAP aspirants will get necessary guidance from it.



      • Hi Balaji ,

        Really inspiring read , I couldn't find the option to seek your advice directly hence using this thread.

        I am into pharma sales since last 10 years , now already made up my mind to do SAP SD course however the fees structure is quite high for IOLT mode and there the trainer is only virtually available , so I wanted your advice /suggestion that whether I should go for OLT or ILT that is online training or instructor led training .



        • If you are totally new to concept of ERP, go for ILT mode. Loan facility is available with all leading banks. In my case, I used to be end user of Bann ERP. Hence I was aware of all major concepts hence I have chosen OLT mode.

      • Dear sir

        please can u suggest me sir i want to make  my career in  sap presently i'm working in telesales  since from past two year.  sir our result impact on our sap career because my Xth & Puc result in second class Degree & PG result in first class


        • Contact any nearest SAP training partner & as per your job profile SAP CRM (C4C) would be the better choice than SAP SD. Research well & then take final call.

  • Hello,

    It was surprise for me to read Mr Balaji's blog on the said subject because these days iam also looking for a job switch to be a functional consultant.

    Iam an MBA with Engineering(Mech) as my background.

    I have 5 years of experience in Business developement primarily in to sales.

    My professional experience is of steel secter , Have worked in company"s like Essar steel ltd, Bhushan steel ltd and currently working with a chinese MNC dealing in steel.

    I have been an end user of SAP(SD) for 3 years during my stint with Bhushan steel ltd so functionally i think iam aware(if not knowledgeble) of SAP SD in specific.

    I would request to get some feedback on how to proceed now, Iam thinking to get a certification of the same but I want to know that is it possible to get through as a functional consultant without certification and purely on the basis of the experience which i have.

    Please suggest.


    Piyush Patwardhan.

    • Hi Piyush,

      Your domain experience is quite good.

      Just you can proceed for SAP SD certification in OLT mode which is quite economical in nature as compared to ILT.

      You will get ample data on google regarding how to clear certification exam.

      Good Luck.



    • Dear piyush patwardhan,

      This is a comment portion of a blog. Here you can share your thinking about the blog in comment portion. You should not create a discussion in comment portion. If you want guidance about your career feel free to create a discussion in Career Center forum.

  • Hi Balaji,

    I have 4 years exp in field of sales and marketing,now i wish to do SAP.

    Can you recommend me the best module which helps my 4years of sales exp to..

    Wish you good luck


  • good try and happy that you have succeeded.

    I feel all can be successful with one have the determination and passion.

    No pain no gain 🙂 . Its a sacrifice and challenge to take up such decision . I did it and i know many of us  did.

    If one keep the good spirit in it , he will will succeed one day 🙂



  • Dear Bala

    Great and Inspiring story Balaji!!

    I am going to plan to do  SAP . I need your guidance. I m BSc with Bio . & PGD sales & marketing Mgt. I have 5 experience in sales with bank product . at present I switch the job in Fabric manufacture  company . for the domain experience . I am not a good in English  and not very presentable . should I choose SAP as a career . I have inquired some of the Institute . One is Company Net business solution they providing real time training & project & ask for fees 1.5 lac for whole course . they are tieup with NASSCOM . should i go with them

  • Hello Balaji

    Hope you are doing well !

    I had done B_Tech(CSE) & PG in Marketing.

    I'm currently working in Telecommunication/ISP company in a  Business Development Position since 3 year & my core responsibilities is to execute complete sales cycle including B2B & Pre-Sales.

    Now I am looking forward to continue my carrier as a Functional consultant, also I am planning to visit & enroll with SAP Learning center soon.

    But I am very much confused which module should I select SAP SD or SAP CRM for that I need your kind assistance.

    Also suggest book's for SAP SD & SAP CRM that help me to clear basic fundamental concepts before going to attend learning program by SAP.

    For that I will be thankful to you.


    Vivek Kr.

    • vivek,

      what ERP system is your company using?

      from your post it seems that you were an end user (creating orders, deliveries, billing documents etc.) any other things you did in the system?


      • Dear TW

        Thanks for your kind reply.

        My company using Real Soft - Coral ERP System.

        I am in core business development/direct sales domain(IT/Telecom) & I am in very limited touch with ERP system because there is a different department for data processing.

        But Now I am looking forward to continue my carrier as a Functional or Techno Functional consultant apart from Direct Sales/BW.

        I am very much confused which module should I select SAP SD or SAP CRM for that I need your kind assistance.



          • Hello TW

            Thanks for your kind suggestions.

            Please suggest study stuffs that helps me to clear basic fundamental concepts before going to attend learning program. 

            Thanking you.


            Vivek Kr.

          • vivek,

            these questions do not have any simple (straight forward) answers. it takes hard work, practice and time to get clarity in fundamental concepts.

            you will get more replies if you create a new thread.

            good luck,


  • Hey balaji,

    Very inspiring and a decession supportive story.

    I am in the same dilema till now,especially in

    Leaving job

    And certified trainin or fake.

    And now I decided to go for certified online training.

    And now my confusion is module selection.

    I have 4 years of exp as Business Development Executive in 3 companies(mid level indian companies).

    SAP authorised centers in Hyderabad is suggesting me for SAP SD, but when I enquired in some of my friends and people who had done SD certification, they are recomending me to do MM module.

    I am sure I can do hard work and get certified in any of module but which has more openings is my point.

    This step is very crucial point for me, to win my family confidece that I soon get job.

    Luckily I am single and cleared all my loans.

    Coming to my education back ground

    I am mechanical engineer with specalized in MBA marketing.

    I am not happy with sales job as there was no other option to survive so continuing it.

    So how extent shall I depend on MM and need more of your views.

    Regards Sumanth

    <<Moderator: removing personal details this is against SCN rules>>

    • Simply go for SD module.

      As you are in business development & I assume your specialization in MBA is marketing, SD would be the best choice for you.

      Please ensure that certification institute would at least provide 2 to 3 placement opportunity after completion of your certification to avoid future inconvenience.

      Good Luck.


      • Hello Balaji

        Good Day!

        Hope you doing well !

        As a very experienced professional I need your kind suggestion too.

        I am almost in the same position where you have been before.

        I had done B_Tech(CSE) & PG in Marketing.

        I'm currently working in Telecommunication/ISP company in a  Business Development Position since 3 year & my core responsibilities is to execute complete sales cycle including B2B & Pre-Sales.

        Now I am looking forward to continue my carrier as a Functional consultant, also I am planning to visit & enroll with SAP Learning center soon.

        But I am very much confused which module should I select SAP SD or SAP CRM for that I need your kind assistance.

        Also suggest book's for SAP SD & SAP CRM that help me to clear basic fundamental concepts before going to attend learning program by SAP.

        For that I will be thankful to you.


        Vivek Kr.

  • Hi Balaji,

    Thank you sharing Journey from sales to SAP functional ,

    Every Painful story it's move towards Success Story ..

    Best of Luck

    With Regards,


  • Hi Balaji,

    Very interesting story and resembles to my story in my areas. Whoever enters into SAP world they have their hidden, painful and hard working story like this is in the past.

    Even i believe in first option and request all SAP aspirants to go with Authorized training and have patience to get placed in SAP world.

    God Bless you all and proud to be SAPiens 🙂


    Praveen Bodduna

  • Hi Gunjan

    should I have to manipulate my exp on to ERP related or SAP related after certification becoz many times applied for functional trainee I haven't got any success.


    Manipulating your resume is a lie Please do not do this. Rise above such unethical behavior. It is hard to get a chance in SAP as many people are already trained. Faking your resume is not fair on your future employer who is relying on you to have the skill. It is not good for your reputation either.

    If you were to fake your resume and be caught it is a form of fraud (in my country I have been following a case in the media where a company is suing an ex-employee for embellishing their resume).

    SAP systems for companies contain their financial and sensitive information. You may not last long in a workplace on such a system if you cannot be trusted.



  • Gunjan,

    To ask total strangers, in an open forum about "Faking in CV" is stupidity!

    If and when these things are done; these are done - behind closed doors, with FULL preparation and planning, under the guidance of a seasoned SAP consultant (around 7 years of real SAP experience), who will be your mentor (be totally committed to teach you the real time activities) and you put substantial time, effort and hard work...working endlessly, endlessly on the system. have even a remote chance of "success"

    From your questions, it seems that you haven't done the slightest of R&D.


  • Mr.Balaji,

    Well Planned & Executed !

    I would really appreciate the strategical plan you built to reach your goal. A profile like you is to get inspired and to be followed by SAP aspirants like me. Being in Sales and an MBA graduate , i can so much relate myself with your story. And i do understand, how a successful career in SAP can be built.

    Thank you for sharing your career highlights.



  • Hi,

    Your story is very inspirational and motivating. Your hard work is clear in it. I also went through the same situation. I was very tensed after completing my SAP certification but I believed in my God and one day got a interview call and I joined the company.

    Thank You.


  • Dear Balaji Sir,
    First of all hats-off, I read your SAP career story on SCN. I need your guidance regarding SAP career. When I was in last semester of B.Tech, I came to know about SAP. I searched a lot and concluded that easiest way to foray sap arena is to work in a SAP implemented company and learn business process, sap terminologies etc. Following the same route I somehow, had a chance to join BEL,Ghaziabad (a defense enterprise) as trainee for a year, where I got the opportunity to learn SAP-SD in Marketing and Sales department. Although, work was data entry because all consultants were in headquarter i.e. Banglore.  So, altogether now I have one year of SAP-SD experience and training period is over now. Now, Its like standing on crossroad, I dont know what to do. Like you have mentioned "enduser baan experience" is not powerful enough to change your fortune same is in my case.
    My queries:
    1. From which sap authorized center you have done your training.
    2. How did you get educational loan, I have an impression that for training course like sap, None will provide loan.
    3. I have one year of sap-sd experience and deep down inside me I have some feelings for BI also. I am confused, pls guide.

    Looking forward for your reply sir !

    Thanks alot for boosting many SAP- Aspirants.

    Best Regards,

  • Balaji indeed you had done great job in turning your career to SAP consultant well done. I find myself inspire from your words as i am going to appear for SAP BI exam very soon for associate level and also want to change my career path from leisure industry to SAP. Well i believe hardwork is the only key to success and you have proved it.

      • Hello Balaji,

        Your Success story from Sales Professional to SAP Consultant is inspirational for all those who want to pursue their career as an SAP Consultant.

        Requesting you to Guide & Opine me in pursuing a career as a Consultant.

        Currently i am 36 Year old and working with one of the India's largest private bank as a Regional Recovery Manager. I Have joined the said bank in 2007, so for almost 8 Years I am working in the banking Sector. Before Joining the Banking industry, i have worked with Multinational Pharmaceutical Company as an Sales & Marketing Manager for 7 Years i.e...2000-2007.

        In 2006-2007 there was one IT Seminar in Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai conducted by an IT companies. In said seminar there was one session on SAP, session was conducted by L&T Infotech, to highlight Job potentials for Non IT professional in IT industry i.e...SAP. After attending the session I was inspired and decided to change the profession from Sales to SAP Consultant, accordingly I have updated my CV and forwarded to almost all IT Companies. But getting into IT industry was not a Cake walk, as the entire Job offers were only for experienced Consultant & Certified and due to financial I couldn't go for expensive course & certifications.

        Now i have decided to go for a SAP Consultant, accordingly I have gone through numerous blogs/feedbacks/opine/discussions on SCN. But got confused, how to go about it.

        I am also bit worried about the Job prospect immediately after Coures/Certification, being a married person I also have to take care of my dependent family member.

        Even I am ready to work at marginally lower salary then what I am withdrawing.

        Request you to guide and opine.


        • S T,

          Breaking into SAP SD is not easy. Do you have sale - logistics experience? (selling, delivering electronic items etc.) SD is not about managing sales teams or about banking.

          What are the steps you are planning to take?


          • Thanks TW for your comments, in pharmaceutical company I was responsible for sale & marketing and order procurement & fulfilments was integral part of it.

            Secondly few of my ex colleague's as well as numbers of SCN members like Balaji and many more have successfully shifted from Pharmaceutical Sales to SAP SD Consultant,  which gives me confidence that even I can do it. Only differences are that they have gone for SAP around 6-7 years back and I wanted to join it at this stage.

            As I have rightly mentioned that I have to take care of my dependent family,  so for Training purpose I can't take a risk of resigning from my current Job and planning to complete the course/certification while doing the present Job.

            Post Course/certification, for break parse/experience I will won't mind in accepting a Job with Marginally lessen salary than what I am withdrawing.

            Requesting more & more suggestions/guidance from all the experts & Members.


  • Hello Mr. Balaji,

    Its a very nice story.  I got certified as SAP SD consultant in Jan 2015, however still no interviews have lined up.

    The institute is trying but still no interviews.

    I was hoping if you could guide me as to what i should do ?, as mostly on job portals every recruiter is looking for experienced SAP professional.

    Thank you,


    Shravan Rastogi

      • Thank you so much Sir,

        Your blogs are really helpful for beginner like me.

        The links which you have shared here are very helpful. You said correctly that there are very less opportunities for beginners. But the blogs and the knowledge shared by you are really ingredients with the hard-work to get the proper way to fulfill our dreams of the all beginners whoever are passionate.

        Thank you once again!



  • Hi,

    Thanks Balaji for ,

    Since few months i have been in dilemma should i invest my time and money in pursuing SAP course.

    I am working as Branch Manager in Consumer Durable Goods company in Nigeria.My total experience is 14 years. After my MBA i had bit tough time so just graped what came in front just to survive in Mumbai.So the journey of 14 years has been via different companies like cipla ,ceat tyres etc.

    Now my carrier as bit stand still because  i have not been in one trade.Kindly advise which course i should opt for so that i can get a boost in my carrier.



  • Suresh,

    For more visibility, I think you should write this as a new blog. Your message is important and shall help SD/MM aspirants and analysts. Another thing you should mention is the things you did when there was very less work in SD. When one is idle or has less work / exposure, it impacts his/her growth and existing skills.


  • Excellent blog!!!

    Loved the way you explained. Felt like you wrote my story. I just cleared certification after a lots and lots of hurdles faced in life really it was a do or die situation for me as i also choose SAP as my career and crazy and very passionate for the same. Each and every line you wrote in this blog for getting a break was actually motivating for me as now-a-days i am waiting for a break in sap.

    Thank you so much for such an wonderful blog and Keep on writing such motivating blogs.



  • Dear Mr Balaji,

    Great Achievement ,.

    Please advise what is the prospect of growth in my carrier by opting to SAP SD my basic qualification is BSC,MBA.,I am based in Nigeria worked for 14 years in total Indian and nigerian firms.I have been working with different companies and sector.

    Presently am working as Branch Manager in one of the Consumer electronic company in nigeria.

    Kindly advise how SAPSD will help me in migrating to another country



    • Hi Pradeep,

      I feel you should stick with your current job profile. Domain experience acts as mere value addition in SAP SD role however company did not considers it while offering pay package. No point in starting SAP career as fresher or entry level functional consultant. salary would be very less.

      Its upto you. Good Luck.



      • This is Prithvi Sridhar residing in New Jersey, US working with a top rated Indian IT Company. I'm a Developer (ABAP) by profession, but planning a switch to functional line (SD maybe) having some 8 years + of IT Experience. I read your blog on SCN on your experience. Thankfully, for me I can afford to spend that much due to the fact that my company can actually reimburse that amount. But nonetheless, I just wanted to know the possibilities of switching to Functional from Technical area. I want to know what are the ways of doing the certification and how should I go about it, how much time would it take etc etc. I have also dropped an email to you Yahoo ID, you could reply there as well.

  • Hi SAP professionals,

    It's an interesting and inspiring story. I'm a engineering background with Computer Science
    Currently I work as IT inside sales executive in U.S  based IT company with 3 years of experience. Now I'm looking for career shift and interested in learning SAP SECURITY.

    Please advice on this. Is there any chances of hiring me.


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  • Dear Balaji,

    Thank you very much for your motivational story.

    I am a mechanical engineer passed out in 2014 and started my career as sales engineer in a chemical company.Now i am working as a Marketing executive in a small pvt ltd company. I maintained all the database from sales ,marketing,purchasing, by using a data server.But some how, some question arises in my mind when i try to co-operate with every department in the company by using only excel & data server because we don't have any ERP. The question arises in my mind is how a big organization co-operating each other.Then i started to find out the answer.So i heard about the SAP. That's why i am really curious about to learn SAP SD Module which is related to my Experience. But unfortunately the cost is more than 4 lac's.After listening  this,i was disappointed .So sir i need your guidance.After investing such amount amount of money for 1 month course can change my career or not?Because the company where i am working ,growth rate is poor.Please suggest me what to do.

    Thank you

  • Sharing your journey is an inspiration for all students. It is a very helpful post. Know more information <b><a rel="dofollow" href=" ">sap course details hyderabad</a></b>

  • Hi Balaji,

    I am at the age of 39.Did B.A in 2002 then preparation of Government jobs but no result.Then I decided to do MBA in 2007-09 batch.After that I have 9 years experience in Sales & Distribution.Now I want to SAP SD course from Atos.But in the same position I don't have so much money.Could I take a risk of this age? Or this is the wastage of time & money.

    Kindly suggest..

    • Hi Raj,

      In SAP job market, employer rarely consider domain experience. After completing course, you have to start as fresher with salary range of 3.50 LPA to 5.00 LPA. At the age of 39, I am sure this salary would be very less.

      Suggest you to consider all pros & cons before taking final call. Good Luck.




  • Dear Sir,

    I have done job as end user on sap sd module,

    I have 5 years experience sap sd end user, I want to join as sap sd consultant,  please suggest me which institute I can join in New Delhi and Gurgaon, mostly institutions are fraud, I am struggling for a long time,  now I have decided to go on sap sd consultant.

    Thanks & Regards

    Shekhar Sharma