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UME Role Required for NetWeaver BPM Development and Testing

During NetWeaver BPM development and testing, we need to deploy the BPM process to the JEE server to test.  Traditionally, we normally give the “Administrator” role to the user so deployment can be successful.  However, giving the “Administrator” role can be quite dangerous.  The user will be able to do much more than just deploying the BPM process.

Unfortunately, a standard role just for the purpose of deploying artifacts to the JEE does not exist.  We will have to create a new role with the appropriate UME actions.  Here are the basic steps in UME:

  1. Create a new role in UME.
  2. Assign the following UME actions to the role:  deploy_action, dc_action, dc_offline_action and auth.all.all.
  3. UMEactions.png

  4. Assign this new role to the user.

Additional information:

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