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Using Hyperlinks in webi (BOXI 3.1)


The case is where you have a main report “ParentA” ,on click of one of its cell’s value (need to define that cell to act as hyperlink ,report can have many hyperlinks ),it needs te be redirected to other report “ChildB” ,and the Child report would be run based on values passed from the main Parent report.

How to achieve :

The above functionality can be achieved in following manner:

I)  First ,need to have the correct design like in which way the reports redirection is required and till what level the redirection goes.For ex: From Parent Report to child1 Report ,what are the dynamic values needs to be passed ,and from Child1 to Child2 ,what are the values need to be passed…etc..(Here the redirection level goes up to  2 levels) and Child1 runs on the values passed from Parent report,similarly child2 runs on values passed by child1 ,So need to have all the details before hand.

II) The Webi needs to be in Interactive mode for the hyperlink to work with “Edit” option.

               Go to Prefrences—–>Web Intelligence——–>select “Interactive” option in default view and in default creation /edition tool.

III) Create “ChilldB” report with the Prompt values required for it to run (Here the Prompt values are nothing but the dynamic values passed from the Parent Report )

IV) Now,in the Parent Report ,select the cell that needs to act as hyperlink and right click and select Hyperlink option ,


                                 a)  Hyperlink———->Rt clk————->Read content as hyperlink

                                 b) Hyperlink—>Rt clk ———->Edit


                                        On click of “Edit” option ,it opens a new window and On the left hand side , two options : “Link to document” and “Link to webpage” are present ,If the hyperlink needs to be re-directed to another report then select the Link to document Option ,If hyperlink needs to be re-directed to web page then select it.


                                        On select of “link to document” option ,various properties needs to be entered ,such as:

                                                  1) Name:Browse to the path of Child Report created already and select it.(Here “ChildB”)

                                                  2) Use complete URL path to create Hyperlink: Check this option if you want the complete URL of the Child Report to be displayed .(In cases where you convert the Report to PDF ,then complete path of the URL will be given instead of high level path).


                                                  3) Refresh on Open: Check this option if you want the Child Report to refresh every time you click on the hyperlink.

                                                  4) Target area within the document: Check this option if the child report is present in the same document ,then Webi provides

further sub-options : a) Report Name:Name of the Report of document where the Child report is created 


                                    b) Report Part: Here you have the provision to select like which part of the report to be displayed (Ex: you can select if requirement is only header part etc…)



                                             5) Document Prompts: These are the Prompt of the Child Report : Here give the required values (ex: if Child report runs based on Start Date and End date and ID ,Pass these in the respective Prompt values using various functions available ,..),These Prompts act as input parameters for the Child Report to run. 


                                             6) Document format : Based on the Requirement select the appropriate value from the list (Default,HTML or PDF) 



                                             7) Target Window: If you want the report to be opened in the same window then select Current window,If the report needs to be opened in new window then select New window.


                                             8) Tool Tip: a) select “Select Object” if the requirement is to display the value of that particular object on placing mouse mouse over the hyperlink (please be careful to select the appropriate measure value)


                                                            b) select “Formula” if any custom formula needs to be defined.(Generally here the static text like description can be given ex: in Formula you can write as “Description” )


V) Now click “OK” and observe that on Click of Hyperlink ,it re-directs to the child report by passing the required dynamic values..and the child report is created based on those values..


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