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Performance monitoring steps for XI systems

Performance monitoring steps for XI systems
XI performance reports are generated using Runtime Workbench Tool (RWB). It provides the number of messages processed per day, processing time and size of each message.
Actual messages are stored in DB only for 1 week. After 1 week messages are archived to the local filesystem. Performance data is collected weekly and to generate report for the full month. Performance data is stored only for 15 days in the DB. To avoid the gaps, which can occur because of weekend or holidays, data is collected weekly.
SAP XI/PI Overall performance
Login to the RWB with your XI/PI user ID.
Click on Performance Monitoring. The following screen will appear.
Select a time interval.
This will depend on the day one will collect the data. Select the Aggregation Interval of 1 day. Leave other sections as default. Click Start button.
We will get below output.

This way we can monitor message volume / day and create a sample graph of above for that particular month and monitor performance of SAP PI/XI system.
Interface Based Reporting
We can create a performance report based on sender and receiver interfaces.
Sender Interface
In this way we can get statistics of a particular interface and it’s easy to identify which interface is busy in volume or slow in processing.
Click on the “Display Options” button on the Performance reporting Page.
It will open the below screen. Select the “Interface” check box in “Sender” section. Then click “Refresh Display” button.
A refreshed data will be displayed with additional values. Below is the output.
This way we can monitor the performance of Sender interface and we can also download this data and can generate a daily report for sender interface performance.
Receiver Interface

At times receiver side queues can be blocked by a single receiver system. Steps for this report are exactly similar to sender interface with a small modification.
In the Display option section select the “Service” checkbox in “Receiver” section and click refresh.
This way we can monitor the performance of Receiver interface and we can also download this data and can generate a daily report for Receiver interface performance.
XI/PI detailed Performance
XI/PI detailed performance contains the complete flow of Service<-> Sender Interface -> Receiver Service<-> Receiver Interface. This helps to differentiate the load between multiple senders or/and multiple receivers for the same interface.
In the “Display option” choose “Service” and “Interface” in both Sender and Receiver sections. Click start.

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    i wantd your help. i am getting ICM timout error. all settings are set correclty by default long back but stil the error is there. its like our client sends data sheets to PI system in that among say 16 sheets 2 fail with time out. so can you please help me if you know somthing on this issue.