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Trigger a Process Chain using Event & Event by Program

Trigger a  Process chain , using Event   & Event by Program


This document discuss how to trigger the Process Chain at 3 different odd  time in a day, using events.


Some times our requirement comes like we can not use any of standard scheduling functions available to start a Process Chain.

Ex: Process chain has to start at 3 different odd times in a day ( like 4.00 AM , 9.30 AM & 1.05 PM )

For the above requirements, to control Process Chain effectively it is

better to start Process Chain through an Event.

   1.   First step is to create an event Z_TEST in SM62

·        Go to  Transaction code SM62 

·        Select  BckProcEvnts Tab

·        Select Create


Put Event name Z_TEST Description Just for Testing    and Save .

2.  Schedule your Process Chain through Event

·        Go to Transaction code  RSPC

·        Select your Process Chain

·        Double click on Start and then click on Change selection 

  • Select    –> After    Event Tab –> Put Event Name Z_Test


Tick the check box for Periodic job and save.

3.   Triggering Event by Program

·        Go to Transaction codeSE38 

·        Program BTC_EVENT_RAISE

  • SE38   –> Put BTC_EVENT_RAISE  –> Select Variant radio button  –> choose display


4.      Create Variant Z_TEST

·        Put  Variant Name Z_TEST   & Select  Attribute Radio Button .


      Create .

  • Put Event Name in Background Processing Event   & Click on Attribute Button .



  • Enter Description Periodic event



Step 5   .  Define the Back Ground Jobs 

·        Go to Transaction code SM36

·        Put Job Name  TEST

·        Select tab –> Step


Put the name of program BTC_EVENT_RAISE  & Variant Name Z_TEST



Check & Save . 

·        Select Tab  –> Start condition  


  • Select  Date/Time Tab  –>  Enter  Date  & Time  –> check Periodic Job 
  • Select  –> Daily   –>  Save


  Save  .



Save  .  It will message   ‘ job TEST saved with status : Released 

Similarly you can define jobs for 4.00 AM  & 1.05 PM also. You can check these jobs by Transaction Code SM37 .  

Finally go to Process Chain & schedule it .

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