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SAP EHP5 ESS: Initial Setup

This document applies to Business Package Employee Self-Service (WDA) 1.50 with ECC6 EHP5 and SAP Portal 7.3.

1.  Business Packages and System Requirements

The following systems, business packages and XSS components need to be installed to fully leverage ESS (and/or MSS) services in ECC6 EHP5.

1.1.       1. System Requirements

          SAP Netweaver 7.0+

          SAP Portal 7.0+

          SAP Web AS ABAP

1.2       2. Business Packages and Components

                 Business Package for Employee Self-Service (WDA) 1.50

                 Business Package for Manager Self-Service (WDA) 1.51  (MSS only)

                 Business Package for Common Parts 1.51

                 Business Package Talent Management Specialist 1.4  (TM only)

                 SAP ESS 633

                 SAP MSS 630  (MSS only)

                 PCUI_GP 633

                 SAP ECC 6.0 and EA-HR 605

1.3.       3. System Landscape

                Create a portal system connection to the ECC backend with the following alias.


2.  Prerequisite Configuration (ESS)

1.1.      1.  Business Function HCM_ESS_WDA_1

          Activate this business function (SFW5) to enable ESS ABAP functionality. Use SFW2 to check its status.

1.2.       2. ECC Role Assignment

          Copy and customize the standard composite role, SAP_EMPLOYEE_ESS_WDA_1, depending on the country grouping and services to be implemented for ESS.

1.3.       3. Portal ESS Role Assignment

          Assign to all ESS users the standard portal role:  Employee Self-Service (  If customization is required, make a copy of this role.

1.4.       4. Launchpad Menu Configuration

          Customize SAP-delivered Lauchpad configuration Role:  ESS and Instance: MENU to render service menus on the ESS overview page.

The Lauchpad can be accessed via T-Code LPD_CUST or the IMG.

3.   Web Dynpro UI Configuration

     ESS UIs are based on Webdynpro applications. Customization can be done through application configurations delivered by SAP for each application component. Use SE80 to access application configurations (Package – Web Dynpro – Application Configurations).

3.1.  1. Packages and Application Configurations

The following table is a list of commonly used ESS packages and application



Application Config.




ESS Overview



Personal Information



Personal Information International Address



Personal Information Canada Address



Leave Request



Time Recording



Performance Appraisal PMP


2. Configuration Procedures

To configure/customize WD ABAP components, follow these steps:

     Login in SAP ECC system

3.2.2.              Execute T-Code SE80

3.2.3.              Select Repository Browser

3.2.4.              Select the correct application configuration under Web Dynpro – Application Configurations and click Start configurator on the right.

3.2.6.              On the application configuration editor screen, select Change.

3.2.7.              Select a transport package

3.2.8.              Click “Go to Component Configuration”

3.2.9.              For each UIBB (User Interface Building Block), select Attributes to change UIBB settings; select Configure UIBB to customize the interface.

3.2.10.            Use the deep-copy function to make a copy of the original configuration.

1.   Portal Configuration

1.1.       1. Portal Content

          The following portal contents are included in BP ESS 1.50:


Overview: portal_content/

          Appraisal Document :       portal_content/

          Appraisal Document (PMP): portal_content/



Overview: portal_content/

          Appraisal Document : portal_content/

          Appraisal Document (PMP): portal_content/



     Employee Self-Service:      portal_content/

          Role:        portal_content/

To make the contents accessible, assign the role  Employee_Self_Service_WDA or a customized copy of the role to users or user User Administration. Any custom content should be assigned to the role.


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      Author's profile photo Sandeep kumar
      Sandeep kumar


      Nice informative information

      Could you pls suggest us on which business packages we need to use for ESS/MSS applications in Portal 7.3 and ECC6 EHP 6

      we are planning only for complete WEbdynpro abap apps.

      could you please help on this

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      came across your post from a few years back, am facing the same problem. the fact that the client customized their own programme ZRPCEDTK0 in place of RPCEDTK0. so my variant is not being called in EDTIN instead am getting the error 'error in creating form'

      Please help if you can

      I am prototyping ESS (WDA) and I got this issue with Salary form. I have no problem using SAP standard form (PE51) and displaying salary data on the portal. But when I try client's custom form by changing the form variant in EDTIN, it is still displaying the standard form.

      Here is my configuration:

      HRFOR: $cedt$

      EDTIN: form variant


      I checked ST01, every time I tried the custom form, errors were generated. Most of the errors are as follow:

      type: cmod

      object: rstscb_call_back

      text: parameters:

      As I understand, the program RPCEDTK0 is called for SAP standard forms. Looks like clicent developed its own program to call the custom form. I suspect this is the reason for the errors and the fact that the custom form is not displayed, even if the form variant is in EDTIN. If this is the case, is it possible to change the program that calls the form for ESS?