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          有些客户在CRM系统中利用ERP order的功能,当他们升级 ERP system from ERP600 to Enhancement pack 5的时候,有可能会碰到

Runtime Errors CALL_FUNCTION_NOT_FOUND,在这个Runtime Errors里,会描述到Function module “CRM_UIU_ERP_READ_CRM_DOC_FLOW” not

found. 关键用语是




        如果客户的CRM系统CRM7.0之后的系统,客户可以去安装Note 1639733, 如果客户的系统是CRM6.0的话,我给大家提供以下的解决方案

首先我想说,之所以发生这个Runtime Errors CALL_FUNCTION_NOT_FOUND, 是因为升级ERP system到Enhancement pack 5之后呢,系统增加一个新功能,这个新功能需要用到CRM系统中的FM “CRM_UIU_ERP_READ_CRM_DOC_FLOW”,所以如果您的CRM系统是CRM6.0的话,我只能建议您deactivate这个 fm call, 具体操作如下:

  1. logon to ECC system
  2. go to se18 and open the enhancement spot BADI_SD_DOCUMENTFLOW
  3. Implementation CRM_ACTIVITIES (set to inactive).


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  • Some customers in the CRM system with ERP Order of function when they upgrade ERP System from ERP600 to Enhancement Pack 5 when there may be encountered

    Runtime Errors CALL_FUNCTION_NOT_FOUND, Runtime Errors, describes the Function module "CRM_UIU_ERP_READ_CRM_DOC_FLOW" not

    found. key terms used in


    "SAPMSSY1" or "SAPMSSY1"


            If the CRM system CRM7.0 customers system, customers can go to install Note 1639733, if the customer's system is CRM6.0, I will give you the following solutions

    First of all, I would like to say that occurs the Runtime errors CALL_FUNCTION_NOT_FOUND, upgrade the ERP system to Enhancement pack 5, the system adds a new feature, this new feature need to use the CRM system FM CRM_UIU_ERP_READ_CRM_DOC_FLOW, so if your CRM system CRM6.0, I can only recommend that you deactivate this fm call, do the following:

    logon to ECC system

    go to se18 and open the enhancement spot BADI_SD_DOCUMENTFLOW

    Implementation CRM_ACTIVITIES (set to inactive).

    This system dump will be solved.