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SAP PI: Using the B2BADDON EDIXML Convertor Modules – Basics

The B2BADDON EDI<>XML Convertor Modules are used with SAP Process Integration adapters to convert business documents encoded in EDI message standards into XML and vice versa.

These modules are available for the below EDI standards


Ansi X.12




Plain Text

These modules can be used along with the PI transport protocol adapters(Inbound & Outbound) to convert the EDI message standards into EDI- XML and vice versa. To use this feature, the B2BADDON and the required convertor modules must be deployed in to the SAP PI.

The following are the Convertor modules available for the supported EDI standards


The EDI-XML XSDs for the various EDI standards can be generated using the XSD generation option available in the EDI Maintenance GUI



Below is an example for AnsiX12 850 version 004010 EDI-XML schema generation


The generated XSD can be imported to the ESR as external definition and can be used for Message mappings and Service Interface creation


The ANSI X.12 EDI Convertor module configuration in the Sender adapter (File) is as shown below. The convertor module must be mentioned as the first module in the processing sequence


ANSI X.12 EDI 850 document is used in this example as input to the File Sender adapter and the converted result EDI-XML looks like as below. This EDI-XML can be mapped and processed as per the requirement


The same ANSI X.12 EDI Convertor module is used in the Receiver adapter to convert the ANSI X.12 EDI-XML data to the EDI format as shown below. The convertor module must be mentioned as the first module in the processing sequence.


The EDI output file (ANSI X12 850) is generated from the EDI-XML as shown below


In the similar way, the EDI convertor module can be configured for the other EDI standards for the supported adapter types.

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  • Thx for the blog 😉

    Can this also be setup to map an outbound IDOC from ECC to a EDI flatfile format (the edi format is not currently supported in SAP PI B2B addon)?

  • Hi,

    I am wondering what permissions are required to make changes in the webdynpro/dispatcher/ page?

    For instance I access it as J2EE_Admin and get a "Your user has
    Read-Only permissions!
    " error.


  • Hi Arun,

    What are configuration required for  EDI content manger. While testing the EDI ANIS X12 850 convert from EDI to XML in EDI Content Manger. Please find the below error Error occured at X12 document character 431: Can not find segment MTX for CTRL_KEY 1, VERSION 004010 and SET_NAME 850 from segment L_PO1

    • Hi Ramesh,

      Make sure to have the correct runtime content loaded into the EDI content manager.

      Next, generate an XSD and use that within the ESR.

      Seems that the EDI content manager content <> ESR content

      Kind regards,


  • Hi.

    It's very helpful to me.

    But, because Converter Module name is case-sensitive,

    Could you please change from localejbs/EDIFACTConverterModule to localejbs/EdifactConverterModule in table?

    Kind regards,

    Sewoon Oh

  • Hi

    its very good information about the configuration.

    we have did the same steps as you mentioned. but we are not getting the field separator

    " * " and  End of line as " ~ " in the X12 file generated.

    Is their any specific settings needs to be done to get the field separator and End of line ?


    Sol man 

  • Hello,

    can I also generate new plain 2 xml rules in the B2B addon by a provided existing XSD file?

    This would be really helpful.

    Best regards,




        is it possible to Import an XSD generated of an existing Message Type in ESR?
        If I try this, I always get the error message "Uploaded file is not a valid file. Please choose a valid file."

        ( I need to map something in an Edifact file before sending it to the Converter, so I transformed it to some generic data type. If I write the file to the hard disc using Content Conversion of the FTP Adapter, I can send it to the EDI Converter afterwards using another ICO, but I would like to be able to do this without the FTP step in the module chain.)

        Thank you

          • Hi René,

            to be honest - I don't remember. I know I implemented that scenario somehow, and I am pretty sure I did not pursue that approach any more (cause posting a question here is always last resort, and I did not get an answer...).
            Something with an XSLT mapping in MessageTransformBean keeps coming to my mind, but I cannot check, sorry, not working for this customer any more.


            Kind regards




  • Hi Expert:

    Two years ago I reference this article to import B2B addon. But now for license issue we should remove these B2B Add-on. Could I just remove B2B component from ESR or need any nessary step? Thanks for your help.