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One credit master record for group of customers (FD32)

Hi to All,

Here i will try to explain a simple business scenario and step by step configuration.if you have a business requirement to maintain one credit master in FD32 for group of customers this document will help you.It`s seems to be very small and it will be very use full in real time.

Ex. i have customer name X, and he has 4 branch offices and they all are individual sold to parts. My businesses don`t want to give individual credit limit to all 5 sold to parts. so create only one master record for all 5 customers.

Main office X and branch offices followed by A,B,C,D.

Step 1: Create credit master for X in FD32(same as normal process)

Step 2: i) Create credit master for Branch office “A”  in FD32.

              ii) Enter customer name “A” , credit control area and select only “status view” and execute the record.


             iii) Go menu bar select EDIT –> CHANGE CREDIT ACCOUNT(F6)


             iv) Enter credit account “x” execute and save the record.


        v) When you add reference customer (A) to main customer(X) you will get message”credit limit from account “X” should be maintained for account “A”

Step3: Follow the Step2 for all branch office customers (B,C,D)

Step4: You can see the all list of branch office names(A,B,C,D) in master record “X” by selecting EDIT — > CREDIT ACCOUNT CUSTOMERS(F5) in status view.

Note: all the credit amount of customers “A,B,C,D” will be updated in Credit master of “X” . And the credit blocks are also performed based of Credit master of “X” .

Hope you like business scenario and my explanation 🙂 .. 🙂 .



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