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So Your Company Wants to Go Mobile. Now What?

…..scratch that, NEEDS to go mobile.  With pressures rising to access networks remotely, obtain cutting edge mobile solutions and support personal devices, now is the time to consider your mobile strategy.  These pressures will not go away, in fact they will only increase. 

Does your organization tend to cautiously adopt mobile solutions only after they are proven in the market?  Well, you are not alone – according to a survey by IDG Research and CIO Magazine you are in the majority of 87%.  But can you afford to wait?

The benefits of enterprise mobility are many, ranging from improved productivity and customer support to increased competitive advantage.   And the pressures are coming from all angles – HR, Sales, Operations, Finance….

So how can we address this gap between cautious adoption and rising pressures?  The key is a sound mobile strategy.  A strategy that covers all aspects of your business.  That touches as many departments and processes as possible.  An ad-hoc approach is just not going to cut it. 

For more insights from CIO Magazine, download their paper “Top Three Characteristics of Successful Enterprise Mobility Strategies” and take their benchmark poll to see how your organization compares.

To view a larger version of the infographic click on the image or this link:

Infographic_Mobile Strategy_Final.jpg

Infographic_Mobile Strategy_Final.jpg
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  • Good comments Becky. Worth noting that organisations can also benchmark their own mobile maturity against their peers at .  The purpose of this survey is to explore best practices for establishing and maintaining an efficient and effective mobile environment, and to understand the value proposition of the mobile enterprise. The survey will explore key performance indicators on the business as well as the IT side, and review best practices to create mobile applications, connecting them to data sources, to control them and to consume them on the device of choice.

  • When it comes to enterprise mobility the challenges confounding IT leaders tend to be less technical and more business and strategic.  More good insights from Eric Lai on mobile strategy here.