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How to find relation between two tables?


The main aim of this blog is to find the relation between two tables. Sometimes we have some tables and we need to know, what is the relation between those tables and what all are the common keys in those tables.

Created by

Anoop Satheesan


06/ June/ 2012

Steps to follow

   Go to Tcode SQVI and Create a view.


Click on Insert table and add your first table.

Same way, insert your another table.


Now the tables and its relation will be displayed.

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    • Dear Jason Lax,

      Thanks for the info, I am not good about the new structure of this SCN. Anyway I will try to follow the link you shared.

      Thanks, Thanks again.....

      Anoop Satheesan

  • Isn't Graphic (On the toolbar of SE11) a better option to do the same?

    Sorry, could not attache screenshots as the option was disabled.

    • Dear chinmay kulkarni,

      That button on the top of SAP screen is also a method, but i think it is mostly used for another purpose. Means, if you want to know in which all objects your fild is using. That option is ok.

      But If you have two tables, and you want to find the relation between those two tables, you can follow my post.

      There may be many other alternatives, but I tried to share a way which helps you to understand easily.


      Anoop Satheesan

      • Hi Anoop,

        Can you post a document regarding Graphic option in se11.I tried to find  all related tables of MARA.But i couldn't find anything from that Graphic.Could you tell me please what is the meaning of lines in between tables.


        Naresh Bammidi

  • Sorry but it's actually not a very good method. It works correctly only in the obvious cases like the example here that could be easily established just by looking at the keys in SE11. Otherwise it tends to propose non-existent links too frequently. E.g. try connecting VBAP and LIPS and you'll be in for a surprise.

    One would have better luck with Google or just looking in SE11 and SE16. Or running SQL trace. Pretty much any other method would be better.

  • Thank you very much for useful answer.

    Can we able find the tables by one more fields?

    I tried in SE15 ,but it provides based on one field.(I am requiring to find through one more field)

    Thanks in advance.Capture.JPG

    • Have you tried to click at the Multiple Selection button?


      Execute and it'll list every tables that the Fields appear. Just need to look in which tables the fields show at the same time.