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Heads-up: Set-up environment of BPMon & Analytics changes with SolMan 7.1 SP5

Next week the new support package 5 for SAP Solution Manager 7.1 is supposed to be shipped. All existing Business Process Monitoring and Business Process Analytics customers might be surprised when they enter the setup environment after the support package implementation. The setup environment was completely renewed. You will now find a Web Dynpro application in which you can actually maintain confguration across all solutions (if you have corresponding authorization). Within the navigation tree the structure below the solution remained the same (Business Scenario > Business Process > Step).

Navigation tree.png

With this new setup environment there also come a few new features, e.g. it is now possible to generate and activate monitoring for single monitoring objects while in former times you always had to generate and activate an entire business process. You can also see the individual status whether a monitoring object is activated or not. If you switch-on monitoring for background jobs that are documented within the SAP Solution Manager then you can also find the assigned Job Documents in a separate tab strip. Another tab strip can contain Monitoring Requirements, i.e. requirements that have been previously maintained in the SAP Solution Manager CRM (transaction type SMOR).

Step level.png

The last entry in the screenshot above shows the new “Monitoring Object List”. This list allows the search for all monitoring objects according to certain criteria, e.g. all monitoring objects belonging to a certain business process. Within the result list you can perform mass maintenance (generating, activating, changing schedules).

Monitoring Object List.png

Further information

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