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Find out in what all Tables a specified field is available.


The main aim of this blog is to find out in which all tables  a specified field comes. In some particular situation where we need to check where it is used. You can use ‘where used list’ button, but here I am trying to tell you an alternative. This may help you sometimes.

Created by

Anoop Satheesan


06/ June/ 2012

Find out in what all Tables a specified field is available.

  1. Go to Tcode SE15
  2. Select ABAP Dictionary
  3. Select “fields” folder
  4. Click on table fields
  5. Then you can enter the desired field name (In your case VBELN)
  6. Run OR press F8.


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  • Can we able to find out the tables which is contain two more desired fields?

    I tried in Multiple Selection in Field but it shows one by one selected fields .

    I required the single table which is Contains the following fields.

    KONNR(Outline Agreement), EBELN(Purchase Document), BUKRZ(Company Code), BSART(Company Code), LIFNR (Vendor)

    How to Check Please guide me..


  • Hi,

    Thanks for needful Response.

    I found by these steps for single fields but I can't find one more specified field in single table.

    I tried in multiple selection ,but it shows one by one contained table.

    For Example ,I require the EKGRP ,VBELN fields in single table.

    Can I check two more specified field in single table?

    Please assist me.

    Thanks ,

    Peer Mohamed.

  • Hi Anoop,

    I believe, it will search only for Filed Name in the table.

    Just wanted to know, if there is some thing by which I can search with

    the Data Element of the field in a Table.

    Thanking You All.

  • Thank you for sharing this valuable hint.

    My personal advice: Forget all those transactions like SE15, SE83, SE38, SE24, ...

    Always use SE80 and have them all together, i.e. use the button repository info system, explore the tree, dictionary, tables, fields.

    Best regards, Clemens

  • Thakn you for sharing this information, it is usful

    but we can do also in SE11,

    VBELN; and use 'Where-used" VBELN in table fields"

    and you will get the same result,