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Remember that 50 byte limit on emails from workflow?

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the 50 byte limit of emails sent from workflow (Send Mail step using object SELFITEM and method SendTaskDescription) has been increased. If you use expressions in your mail title it can often exceed the 50 byte limit at runtime so if these emails were send to your email system they would be truncated.

Apply note 1609811 to get the functionality and note 1658491 to add the enable option to transaction SWPA.

[1] Details of note 1609811

At the time of the definition, the mail title with the container expressions may be up to 120 bytes long. During the runtime, the expressions are replaces with values. Here, the system supports a length of up to 255 bytes. The new feature must be activated explicitly with SWPA. Finally, the maximum length also depends on the e-mail client. The SAP Business Workplace SBWP still only displays the first 50 bytes. However, if you post to an Internet address (TYPEID = ‘U’) or if you use the automatic forwarding to an Internet address (SO12), Microsoft Outlook, for example, can display up to 255 bytes.

Informative e-mail titles greatly facilitate working with e-mails Only adding container data makes it possible to search for, sort, and filter e-mails according to business-relevant criteria.

Available in the following Support Packages

Software Component                        Release     Package name
SAP Basis component
(SAP_BASIS)                                  700          SAPKB70027
                                                      701          SAPKB70112
                                                      702          SAPKB70212
                                                      710          SAPKB71015
                                                      711          SAPKB71110
                                                      720          SAPKB72008
                                                      730          SAPKB73008
                                                      731          SAPKB73104

Note that you also require SAP Note 1658491.

[2] Details of note 1658491


Note that you have to perform manual pre-implementation steps. See the note for details. Once done, apply the note via SNOTE and afterwards a new checkbox for long mail titles is displayed in transaction SWPA in the frame “Office Documents in Workflow”. Choose this checkbox and save.

Details of new workflow functionality is available here.

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