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June is the Month of William Li

Our very own William Li is the June’s SCN “Member of the Month”! See his interview here.

William a.k.a Bill has been addressing trendy topics with passion, dedication and quality over quantity. Naturally he’s been regarded as an expert by our Communities. So this award came just on time and is very well deserved.

My personal favourite and obviously to many others is “Gateway or Process Integration – which is the Right Tool for the Job?

One of his latest contributions is again something that has been long awaited: Using SAP NetWeaver BPM for Stateful System-Centric Message Orchestration (Including Migration from ccBPM to SAP NetWeaver BPM)

Kudos William! I take my hat off to you!

A quick question to the Process Orchestration (PI, BPM & BRM) Communities:

Would you like to team up to nominate together fellows from our communities for the “Member of the Month” recognition? There are certainly people that deserve it! June is William’s month and also the “appreciation” month (see below), but we could set up a permanent tradition 🙂

Share your thoughts as comments please.

P.S. And please remember to like, rate and share content that you find useful. June is the “Community Appreciation” month. Check out: Pay it forward. Pay it back!

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  • I don't know what to say but the PI forum is a great one in the SCN and the people are wonderful. Now it's time to talk about William Li, what to say?, for me his blogs and documents let me to understand better the complicated world of the integration, furthermore the examples are very detailed. Finally, thank you very much indeed, and dont change 🙂


  • William truly deserves for this honor. There are plenty of folks really keep PI forum so active,  helpful to the PI members.  One among them is our William Li. His blogs are always with great ideas, new concepts, practically useful.  Congratulations Li !!!.

  • First of all my congratulations to William Li for the "Member of the Month" award. I have learned a lot from his articles and I am sure I will learn more. His contribution to SCN is awesome, keep going!

    This is the appreciation month!

    I would take this moment to appreciate all the Active members of this community who are continuously contributing, I am sure each one of you will be honored at the right time!

  • HI William Li,

    Congratulations for the member of the month(JUNE) Award and your contribution is superb in scn whatever you wrote blogs and wikis , some times it was very helpful to my path..

    Thanks 🙂

  • Hi Mariana,

                      Congrats to William for being contributor of the month.

    He is indeed a genius.

    Could you please explain how to nominate a member as contributor of the month?



  • Thank You All for sharing your excellent feedback about William Li.

    It’s really fantastic to see how many people value his work and dedication!

  • Hi Anupam, All

    In regards to teaming up together to nominate people from our communities can be realized via a poll for example. We list the five top contributors and then vote and also leave a comment in the poll. We could also have Other as an option so that everyone can have the chance to nominate another person and express a different opinion.

    Then the person who got most votes can be nominated by the whole community.

    How does that sound?



        • Hi Mariana,

                           Before I write anything I would like to add that I do not intend to hurt anyone's feelings , I am just expressing my honest opinion on the topic. When it comes to articles I feel quality of article should also have some say rather than only quantity. There are articles which do not show all steps of solution, author has assumed that the reader is aware of the missing steps. Thus the articles although being in SCN, serve little purpose. There might be only one article by the author but it might serve wonderful purpose when it comes to practical project work. For example one such I use frequently is  to find library files I need to compile files.