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What’s New for Developers in SAP HANA v1.0 SPS4 ?

SAP HANA v1.0 SPS4 was released in May, 2012. Several customers using SAP ECC and new to SAP ECC around the World have added SAP HANA & HANA DB for BW to their corporate IT strategy. Below is a list of “DO NOT MISS ” features available in SAP HANA v1.0 SPS4 for SAP HANA developers.

A – New Tool for HANA DB Information Access – (Next Generation Data mining tool):   The new SAP HANA UI for Information Access (aka INA) provides UI building blocks for developing search-based applications on SAP HANA data. Such applications can provide a gateway or enterprise search features for huge volumes of structured and unstructured text data stored in SAP HANA and other external data marts

B – Flat-file Import Tool (aka Data from local file wizard): A new tool in SAP HANA SPS4 that provides a straight forward way to load flat files into SAP HANA without having the need to create control files and scripts. The supported file types are .csv, .xls, and .xlsx.

C – SAP HANA Client for Microsoft Excel: To access the SAP HANA database from Microsoft Excel, you can now install and use the 32-bit SAP HANA client for Microsoft Excel

D – Fuzzy (aka Fault-tolerant) Search Feature: The Fuzzy search feature provides a new string comparison option that internally uses a system generated TF/IDF (term frequency / inverse document frequency) score based search. Customization to Fuzzy search with tracing performance is available within SPS4 to speed up the fuzzy search as per different business needs.

E – R Programming Language Integration:R Language” is an open source programming language available for the SAP HANA environment that can used to develop applications that require statistical computing and graphical features. The R language exploits the SAP HANA high performance features such as MPP (massive parallel processing

F – Enhanced HANA Variables & Input Parameter Options: From SPS4 variables can be assigned to an attribute, which is used for filtering in the where clause. Variables can be applied to attributes of analytic and calculation views.

G – Enhanced Hierarchy Option:  Hierarchy creation now possible between the attributes of a calculation view in addition to attribute views

For a complete list of SAP HANA v1.0 SPS4 features visit

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