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New SAP HCM Functionality – HR Renewal 1.0

SAP is planning to release some exciting new HCM functionality which they have called “HR Renewal 1.0” that encompasses several solutions including Learning, Employee and Manager Self-Service, Personnel Administration (PA), Organization Management (OM) and HCM Processes and Forms (P&F). This article will do a deeper dive into the PA/OM/P&F parts of HR Renewal 1.0 which initially will be delivered for the United States, Brazil, India and China. I have been fortune enough to work with SAP in a co-innovation capacity on this over the past 11 months and if you are unfamiliar with the program I would recommend reading SAP’s Golden Opportunity to use Co-Innovation to Make better Software

For years customers have complained about the user experience (UX) of the SAP HCM offering and it is great to see SAP finally make a sizable investment to offer them a more user friendly, harmonized and intuitive experience. Check out this video recently released called SAP’s Delightful New HCM User Experience to get an overall sense of the changes with SAP HCM with the HR Renewal being highlighted at the 58 second mark.

The SAP team worked with more than 15 customers and thought leaders to deliver this face lift and make fundamental improvements to the Personnel Administration (PA) and Organizational Management (OM) modules. This includes a new common landing page based on HTML5 where users can configure “swim lanes” with relevant items such as Organization, Employees, Inbox, Analytics etc, Quick access and simple maintenance of employee data, Integration with StreamWork for social networking and collaboration, and an additional interface for HCM processes and forms based on Web Dynpro ABAP which will offer a reduced cost and simpler technical infrastructure. Enclosed are some screen shots to give you a sense of the new offering.

Lab preview screen shot of the new Landing Page


Lab Preview Screen Shot of Position Maintenance


Lab Preview of HCM Processes and Forms for Web Dynpro ABAP


For the technical folks this will be delivered as an “In-advance” shipment to what is assumed will be EHP7 and will require Enhancement Package 6 (EHP6) as a pre-requisite. An “In-advance” shipment is actually a Support Package modeled as a new type of Add-on. The UI will run on the NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) or the NetWeaver Enterprise Portal and the landing page is based on SAP UI5. It will also be the first SAP HCM product to offer optional SAP StreamWork integration which is great to see from a social and collaboration perspective as well. The single infotype maintenance is based on WD ABAP and has a look and feel similar to the latest Manager and Employee Self-Service utilizing the new SAP_CORBU theme. It is interesting to note that SAP_CORBU derives its name from Le Corbusier a Modern Swiss architect and designer.

The current plan is for this to be available in 3 waves in 2012 with Wave 1 planned for Ramp Up customers mid June and General Availability (GA) of Waves 1 & 2 planned for September with Wave 3 is tentatively planned for GA in November. SAP refers to Wave 1 as an “In-advance” shipment they intend to call HR Renewal 1.0 with the other 2 waves in 2012 being Feature Packages for HR Renewal. Wave 1 will introduce the new UI for HCM Processes and Forms, based on WD ABAP as an option to the current UI based on Adobe; Wave 2 is the main delivery where the new landing page and web based infotype maintenance is planned; Wave 3 will focus on rounding out the WD ABAP UI and content for HCM Processes and Forms. SAP has plans to continue enhancing this solution into 2013 – adding additional features, infotypes and countries.

Having been on the ground at multiple large Fortune 500 companies over the past 14 years there is no doubt that the HR Renewal 1.0 is going to be well received in the marketplace The best part is all this new functionality will be delivered at no additional charge as it is included in the base user license. SAP started this work effort prior to buying SuccessFactors but it shows they are still innovating and providing new functionality around core HCM which is great to see and some would say long overdue. Much of this functionality was recently demonstrated live, at ASUG 2012/SAPPHIRENOW by Product Owner Christian Hochwarth, and I mentioned it in my ASUG Interview SAP Under the Microscope: HCM and SuccessFactors starting at the 6:30 minute mark. Big thanks to Robert Moeller who is the Solution Owner of Core HR, David Ludlow, Group Vice President, Line of Business Solutions and everyone working hard to bring this functionality to market.

You can follow me on Twitter at SAP_Jarret

Update: Here is my follow up blog on this topic SAP New HR Renewal Functionality and Roadmap and a recent podcast I taped on the HR Renewal.

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  • Thanks for the great blog Jarret. Definitely something I'm keen to watch the progress of based on what you're telling us. 

    In terms of NWBC (yes - not the real topic of your conversation, but connected), I believe they are locking the release of NWBC 4.0 with HR Renewals but was there any discussion on getting this out sooner since it alone provides such a radical improvement (and alternative approach) to the current NWBC?

    Also, is that an OEM'ed Nakisa in the middle of those screen shots (or alternatively, where does Nakisa fit into this picture)?



    • Thanks Matt of the comment and kind words and unfortunately I dont have any visability on the NWBC question although maybe someone from SAP can jump in with some clarity.

      As far the second question it is the free MSS Org Chart visualization that came with EHP5. Here is an SCN article on the offering.

      I will leave it to Luke Marson to answer any detailed Nakisa stuff since that area is his baby 🙂

    • Hi Matt,

      That is indeed the EhP5 MSS OrgChart by Nakisa. Nakisa's position will not change within the renewal or any future renewals, since Nakisa are a kaey part of SAP's OM/PA and Talent Management roadmaps for on-premise.

      Best regards,


      • Thanks Luke and Jarret. Will be interesting to see when this solution is made available for Australia as your statements could imply that GA is only for those countries you listed (but I'm assuming that's for ramp-up and/or wave 1 or something similar).



  • Thanks for the preview. It's always good to be able to see what an application will look like.

    The real dilemma I see as a customer is how this will sit relative to the previous EHP5 offering. We're currently migrating our EHP4 Java based ESS/MSS to the EHP5 ABAP WebDynpro ESS and MSS (EHP5 add-on).

    Is there continuity or will it be another ground up rebuild for all the pages? I note the preview talks about an HTML 5 front page, but ABAP WebDynpro for the data manipulation. Therefore the user experience will still face all the same browser compatibility issues unless SAP can improve ABAP WebDynpro support.

    On the upside, with EHP5 ESS/MSS I see huge improvements over the previous releases. Tidying page layouts via customisation being a prime example to simplify the user experience and improve terminology. Even add in supporting information, policy documents etc. via customing "Add decorative element" to a group without needing to make any code changes.

    From a support standpoint I hope SAP will drop FlashIslands from the standard offering in favour of either UI5 or ABAP WebDynpro. Disappointing to see this making an appearance in the front Home page of the EHP5 ABAP MSS role just as the rest of the IT community moves away from Flash.

    • Thanks for the comment George and you bring up some great points. I know the SAP team is aware of some of these challenges and things are changing pretty fast but I am recommending clients get up to EHP6 and look to adopt this new functionality as there are real benefits in areas of PA/OM that have been big pain points in the past.

  • Good to hear this news in HCM era especially for HCM P&F with WD ABAP technology. From cost and client benefits point of view, when this is available at base cost as menioned by you..this will defenetely reach to all existing customers widely. But, I do have similar queries as mentioned by George and would reach you in your next blogs.

    Thanks Jarret for your wonderful sharing...

    • Thanks for the kind words and comment Harinath.  Here are the details on the "expected" delivery

      The current plan is for this to be available in 3 waves in 2012 with Wave 1 planned for Ramp Up customers mid June and General Availability (GA) of Waves 1 & 2 planned for September with Wave 3 is tentatively planned for GA in November. SAP refers to Wave 1 as an “In-advance” shipment they intend to call HR Renewal 1.0 with the other 2 waves in 2012 being Feature Packages for HR Renewal. Wave 1 will introduce the new UI for HCM Processes and Forms, based on WD ABAP as an option to the current UI based on Adobe; Wave 2 is the main delivery where the new landing page and web based infotype maintenance is planned; Wave 3 will focus on rounding out the WD ABAP UI and content for HCM Processes and Forms. SAP has plans to continue enhancing this solution into 2013 – adding additional features, infotypes and countries.

  • Good to see this coming out now; getting to EhP 6 and adding on those other early release packages will be a challenge for some clients but this is an incentive to do so. I'm curious to see what the uptake will be - changing the user experience in an SAP HCM shop is no small task - more than just applying the packs. Imagine if something like this had been available 10 years ago!?

    • Great comment Steve and hopefully this provides enough incentive for customers to move to EHP6 especially given it will allow them to use all the changes SAP has delivered in the past 4 years (EHP1-5) as an added bonus.

      Your user experience point is spot on and that is the challenge that SAP always has when they innovate is trying not to disrupt customers where in some cases disrupting customer is the right answer. From what I have seen from a technical system standpoint the disruption will be extremely minimal but there will be training and change management that comes with a new user experience though with what I have seen the benefits of this offer far outweigh the effort needed around those.

  • Hi Jarret,

    A great summary and this is something I was looking to do, but you're better connected than me 😉 . Having been in the SAP HCM Roadmap session at SAPPHIRE I was pleasantly surprised at how SAP plan to continue with renovating the on-premise solution. However, SAP weren't specific about how much longer they will continue this type of renovation, but the early signs are encouraging.

    Best regards,


    • Thanks for the comment and kind words as I figured after all the great blogs you have done since Sapphire it was time for me to contribute 🙂

      It is important to note that SAP started all these changes well before the acquisition of SuccessFactors and are seeing them through to completion. The interesting thing to be watching is the investment in Core HCM after 2013 to get a true picture of what customers can expect go forward as it is pretty obvious that Employee Central and BizX are going to get a large portion of the investment dollars.

  • HI Jarret,

    Thanks for yet another interesting article. I have a few questions though.

    1. It seems that only Wave 1 will go for ramp up whilst Wave 2 and Wave 3 will be directly available for GA. Any specific reason for this or is it just my misunderstanding. Also making Wave 1 and 2 available at the same time does not make sense to me. Is this just a tactical move?

    2.You've said that the Renewal pack will initially be available for US, China, India and Brazil. Some of the process mentioned around HCM forms, PA and OM seem pretty country independent therefore why will the availability be limited?

    3. Will the new enhancements for HR admin be available under an existing Business package?

    4. How easy will it be for customers on <EHP6  to make the leap and adopt these changes directly?

    My personal view is that by the time most customers get ready to implement these changes SAP will have already released Wave 3 or higher. The adoption will be easier for new projects or those in design phase.

    Having said that I must admit that the investment SAP is making in improving the UX is impressive and gives people like me something to talk about to our customers. Hopefully the adoption of HCM forms will be much wider and better. I am personally a fan of Web Dynpro ABAP and very excited about these changes.

    Thanks again


    • Thanks for the comment Vinay and I fully agree on the major improvements on the UX as well as there should be increased adoption of HCM Forms given the new option.  As far as your questions.

      1. I talked with SAP and it is the difference between the in-advanced/add-on mechanism and a feature pack.SAP is also looking into doing some special for the feature packs.

      2. SAP picked their largest and biggest growth markets which is the reason US, China, India and Brazil were initially selected. Over time more will be added.

      3. SAP doesn't plan to deliver a traditional Business Package but only a PFCG role and a description how to create a custom BP.

      4.  I think getting to pre-req EHP6 will be a challenge for some customers as I have seen that in the past but it is something they should definitely consider. 

      My personal view is that by the time most customers get ready to implement these changes SAP will have already released Wave 3 or higher. The adoption will be easier for new projects or those in design phase.

      • Hi Jarret, I think there may be a confused message about country by country availability. I'm working with a client in Australia who is part if the ramp up program for the renewals. Yes, country by country specific infotypes will take some time to convert to decoupled infotype logic for the WDA infotype screens, if not already there. And as such I wonder how many years we might have to wait for HR-PS solutions. However I don't expect that customers will be restricted from implementing the non-country specific components.

        Matt, I would see this solution as a clear possibility for your customer, Even if they are in Australia and perhaps wda screens for tax and super may be some time in coming.

        • That is correct Chris that nothing will restrict customers from implementing the non-country specific components that I know of but it could be awhile (if ever) before some countries get a country version.

          On a side note with all the effort (200 developers from Waldorf) recently moving to the SuccessFactors Employee Central team and the overall planned investment in that product which at the core covers what most of us think of PA/OM it will be interesting to see the pace of new innovation after the 3 waves of functionality is released.

          • Thanks for the clarification Jarret.

            I just saw a tweet out there which I think was a bit misleading pointing back to this blog

            (edit) > pic removed - no need to name/shame

            So I thought it best to clear that up before any customers started panicking.

            One does hope that they continue to resource these renovations such that all countries and payroll versions (i.e. HRPS) are supported in new WDA infotype interface though. It would be great to finally get rid of all that legacy infotype code.

  • Hi Jarret,

    Great article as always ! Its good to see finally SAP is investing to improve the UI where they have been lacking all these years. At least I know two of my clients who moved from SAP to another HCM application only because their core HCMr team felt SAP's UI is not at all user friendly. Is NWBC, Nakisa and Portal a pre-requisite to implement HR Renewal 1.0 ? 



    • Thanks for the comment and kind words Sanghamitra.  One of the reasons that SAP started the HCM Renewal (was called Core Renovation) initiative was do to competitive pressures  and to improve overall usability.

      As far as your question it is based on NWBC and the Nakisa is the free MSS Ad-On.

    • Hi Sangamitra ,

      cani know did u deploy nakisa org chart in ur system i want to get employee wise detials in the MSS when manager opens his id on ess mss ....we have reporting structure also calendar ,atendence overview is coming but org chrat with photos is not coming ...can u tell me how to get that ....i think u might be wrked in this area....As i am wrking portal 7.03 version ess mss ....need some info on this .....



      ESS MSS.

  • Hi Jarret,

    It is wonderful to see the latest developments in terms of user experience and dashboard/analytics. Thank you for sharing this.


    Akshay Patki

  • Speed of innovation has been greatly lacking. I have had a first look at these screen shots more than 6 months back in HCM partner summit. While i know that a great deal of effort goes in to building, testing, making them deployment ready but still the time frame for making them avalible for customers is still an area of improvement. If SAP claims to be like Apple, they should improve their speed of delivery, otherwise the cleints are still not going to happy since a lot of cloud solutiomns might be offering more UX  and functionaly enhancements for their solutions.


    Raj Jogam

    • Thanks for the comment Raj and hard to disagree as speed to deliver new functionality for SAP HCM customers has been lacking for many years. It is one area where SuccessFactors seems to be doing things very well as they have 4 releases a year and from what I have seen this week at SuccessConnect a solid amount of new functionality in each.

  • Hi Jaret,

    Your post is really helpful & its goo to see such kind of new developments that are being placed in SAP HCM.

    Thanks Again, such information give us lot of energy.


    Ameen Syed

  • From what I understand, the 'web based infotype maintenance' due to be releasesd in Wave2,  requires NWBC. Correct?

    Thanks for the preview.


      • Dear Jarret

        We are working on ECC-6

        We are using SAP HCM (India) for 2,50,000/- employees, if management agree to use HR Renewal 1.0 functionality then

        What is the cost ?



    • Hi Suresh

      Just a update as I heard from the SAP Product team last night that the first shipment of the HR Renewal planned for GA in September will also run on the NW Portal which is good news.

      Hope all is well.


        • I'd be more surprised if it hadn't worked in the portal - or had any special requirements, after all it is just exposing applications that are sourced completely from the ABAP ECC stack. You should be able to run it anywhere.

          If there is a requirement to use a particular portal stack level, I'd be very interested in understanding the technical need, as my understanding was that portal and ESS/MSS are now fully decoupled.


          • It might be that you'll need a 7.03 or 7.31 portal to pass portal theming/stylesheet changes onto the Corbu styled WDA components - but as these WDA components can run standalone without a portal or NWBC it would be _extremely_ surprising if either was "required".

            As far as I know, It's quite possible to stop the portal applying its stylesheet on top of your WDA application if you like. So having a Corbu themed WDA inside a non-corbu portal seems possible (but ugly).

            Portal does little apart from provide SSO to ESS/MSS apps these days (a tiny bit of OBN if you're into that stuff, but really not a lot else.)

          • Hey Chris/Suresh

            Heard back from SAP and Portal Integration and Navigation with 7.30 and 7.31 but Corbu Design only available with 7.31.

            Hope this helps.


          • So is there not going to be a 7.03 portal? Will customers have to upgrade to use hr renewal? Have to say this would make sense with what I'm seeing eg notes about new LSO frontend being available on 7.31 but nothing else. I'm getting pretty confused here! Will spend a little time researching today!

            Again I would be extremely surprised if WDA could not support the Corbin styling direct out of the box, without needing a portal to play with.

          • Ok - I checked, 7.31 is the direct path for EhP6 - there is no such thing a 7.03 (glad I understand that now!) Applying EhP6 to your NW7.02 system will convert it to a 7.31 system.

            However, there is nothing to say that you _need_ a 7.31 portal to use the content. As HR Renewal 1.0 doesn't even contain any portal content, I can't see why you'd need it. it might be that there are some issues with portal eventing in 7.02 that are fixed in 7.30 and seems likely that portal stylesheets for Corbu are not available until 7.31

  • Hi Jarret,

    Would you say that this is aimed at HR professionals or could be rolled out to employees and managers? 


  • Hello Jarret:

    Thanks a lot for this information and for your interesting and informative blogs.

    I have a question regarding the integration of SAP HCM and Streamwork.

    On July, 12 Thomas Jenewein announced a new integration of xLSO and Streamwork.

    Were you talking about this integration? When you said above that "It will also be the first SAP HCM product to offer optional SAP StreamWork integration.." or there is a further integration with the whole SAP HCM Suite? 

    Best regards and thanks,


  • Great blog Jarret, i'm sure the SCN community really appreciates the effort that you put into sharing information about new products like these.

    Can you provide any further insight into the "Learning, Employee and Manager Self-Service" components of the HR Renewal 1.0 offering?  I'm wondering what is going to be included in addition to the ESS/MSS offerings that have already been delivered in EhP6 and the MSS Add-on.

    I have heard that the old BSP based Learning Portal screens have finally been overhauled (a pet peeve of mine), but curious to see what else there is.



    • Hi John

      Thanks for the kind words and those areas are slightly outside my core and although I have several presentations on the functionality (still under NDA) I am hoping to see some blogs in the coming months on those offerings from SAP or community members after they have went through Ramp Up.

      In the interim maybe Thomas Jenewein will provide some insights on Learning and I know Sagar Joshi has provided a few blogs on ESS/MSS and sure both would be open to jumping into this comment thread to provide some insights.



    • There have been some enhancements to ESS/MSS as well with HR Renewal 1.0.

      For ESS main highlight is a new simplified UI for casual CATS users (weekly calendar layout UI - still based on WDA technology), application for displaying holiday calendars, team calendars and birthday calendar of team.

      For MSS main highlight is offering of Substitution/delegation feature in standard with various options that can be configured to decide which applications can be used by substitute. Apart from that many old reports in MSS are replaced by Operational data provider (ODP) with visualization using WD ALV.

      Also with HR Renewal 1.0 MSS is not add-on and part of standard HR components.

      I suggest you check online help for details and required Business Functions

      • Will the new substitution functionality be cross application i.e. Cover Financials and SRM?  We currently use Universal Worklist to integrate approvals from all our systems in one place within the SAP Enterprise Portal.

        Glad to see the information regarding redesign of reporting. Getting away from HTML GUI should make it much more usable.

        • The backend still uses the same substitution tables which are basically provided by WF APIs. So approval related substitutions can be done using UWL or newly provided substitution UI for MSS and POWL workflow inbox. The POWL workflow inbox is also multiple backend enabled so Managers will see all the approvals from different systems as well.

          In addition to approvals now you can additionally delegate starting of applications (e.g. a team secretary may see the team viewer and launch applications and perform on-behalf task for employees of team)

      • Hi Sagar

        I have been reading through all the comments on this blog, and I have not been able to find an answer to the following questions, so I am hoping you can help me.

        1. Will there be a new ESS landing page based on SAPUI5? (We have a lot of customers complaining about the performance of the EHP5 ESS landing page)
        2. If yes, will the use of this landing page require SAP Gateway?
        3. If yes, will there be an additional fee for using SAP Gateway in such a scenario like ESS, MSS or PA Administrator?
        4. When is this ESS SAPUI5 landing page expected to be available? And in which Feature Pack?

        Your answer will be very much appreciated.

        Best regards,

        Martin Søgaard

        • Hi Martin,

          I can not officially comment on future product roadmap but I have requested colleagues responsible to throw some light to your questions and repond to this thread.

          Regarding existing homepage of ESS I can only say that we did some performance fixes (see note 1576412, 1562610) in underlying launchpad technology. Please check if you have those fixes. In addition the standard role contains lots of applications and many of them are country specific and they are hidden at runtime based on BAdI. If your customers dont use them then you should create a smaller role and this also improves performance.

          Regarding landing pages: Yes this requires Gateway. Landing pages are built on SAPUI5 and ODATA and for the ODATA parts this is required. Please check comments below in the thread.

          For your other questions I hope you will get an update soon.

          • Hi Sagar

            Thanks for the effort.

            The two mentioned notes are implemented at our customer base. They sure did help, but the customers would still like a more "lean" and more responsive solution.

            I have always created a limited launchpad configuration in the relevant master language so the poor performance is not because a lot of services needed to be hidden.

            Best regards,


        • Hi Martin,

          There are plans to adopt the swimlane concept for the ESS/MSS home pages in near future.  But, I will not be able to state the planned timelines at this point of time.

          For Licensing question - I have will forward the question to responsible colleagues.  They might answer you.

          bset regards


          Product Owner ESS/MSS

          • Hi Ganesh

            Interesting news about the ESS/MSS frontpages. I will look forward to more information on that.

            And I have to say that it is very interesting if there will be a license fee for the use of the Gateway. Especially as the statement "HR Renewal 1.0 is free" sounds so wrong if you are unable to run it without Gateway - and the customer has to pay a license fee for the Gateway instead.

            Best regards,


          • I have it on good authority there will NOT be an additional license fee for gateway for existing HR customers for the HR renewal functionality (landing pages) and should have a blog out later this week which covers this and several other HR Renewal topics and the roadmap.

        • There was a change to the NetWeaver Gateway pricing such that this should not be an issue for the HR renewal scenarios.  I did also note that there was a recent blog Owen Pettiford, called "Need a New User Interface (UI) or User Experience (UX) instead of SAPGUI?  Read on to find out what you need to use (Part 1)"  available here ( that alludes to this price change in the section titled "SAP NetWeaver Gateway” you can find the following statement “It should also be noted that usage of Gateway is included in your SAP User license – so any info that can be accessed by a user type via SAPGUI can be consumed via Gateway with no consumption charge”.  Please check pricing with your Account Executive if there are questions.

    • Hi John,

      next to the new webdynpro based learner portal there is a mobile learning app ( and some further enhacements in generel, like

      -ŸAutomatic confirmation and Follow up for E-Learnings

      -ŸImproved Search feature with optional t-rex

      -ŸMicrosoft Outlook Calendar Integration

      -ŸBook and Start (in one click) Option for E-Learnings

      -ŸImproved Course Program Booking

      -ŸTraining Calendar feature

      also - as part of delivery this year - there is an add-on to manage external learners with LSO - see more details here



  • Thanks very much Sagar and Thomas for the detailed insights, and to Jarret for enticing them to share.

    @ Sagar - when you say " with HR Renewal 1.0 MSS is not add-on and part of standard HR components", does that mean a customer can now just install EhP6 and HR Renewal 1.0 to get the complete suite of WDA-based ESS/MSS services?



    • @John Yes when you install HR Renewal 1.0 on top of EHP6 then there is no need to install MSS Add-on since in EA-HR 607 (software component version of HR Renewal) the add-on has been retrofitted to standard codeline.

        • For customers who have never used MSS Add-on on top of EHP5 or EHP6 they dont need to install MSS Add-on  seperately since this is included as a part of HR Renewal add-on. HR Renewal 1.0 also uses same software component EA-HR 607 and this is same for EHP7. This is why HR Renewal 1.0 is positioned as advance shipement of EHP7 for HCM customers.

    • Hi John,

      I'd disagree with Sagar, HR Renewal 1.0 is still an AddOn - it doesn't come with the standard EhP load. Perhaps EhP7 will finally bring this into the mainstream, but until then it is certainly something else that you will need to load additionally into your system. If you class MSS AddOn 1.0 as an AddOn, then you'd have to do the same for HR Renewal 1.0. If you check in the PAM, HR Renewal 1.0 is marked as the "upgrade from" MSS Addon 1.0.

      Sagar Joshi I'd suggest from what I've seen, pretty much the only thing for MSS in HR Renewal 1.0 is the substitutions. The reporting is still pretty average at best (compared to what you could do if you were using BW + some kind of visualisation tool). I look forward to SAP building something more graphical, intuitive  and modular that can be rolled out into MSS. For example a simple pie-chart visualisation of % breakdown of performance reviews with drill-down reporting would be great. (I know as I write this that it's bound to actually be there now and I'm gonna look very stupid pretty soon!)

      Thomas Jenewein It appears to me that the new LSO Front End isn't actually part of the HR Renewal 1.0 package, but is it's own separately loadable component. Is this right? As LSO continues to be a separately loadable and licensable AddOn component?

      Finally Jarret! 😉 - It seems to me that of the three screenshots in this blog, two aren't going to be delivered in HR Renewal 1.0 (Landing page and Position maintenance) and the third (WDA HCM P&F) is actually part of EhP6. Could you please confirm? I think that you hinted to this in the blog above, but I've come across many people who have been confused because of this and have very high expectation of what HR Renewal 1.0 (the title of the blog) will contain.



      • For customers who have never used MSS Add-on on top of EHP5 or EHP6 they dont need to install MSS Add-on  seperately since this is included as a part of HR Renewal add-on. HR Renewal 1.0 also uses same software component EA-HR 607 and this is same for EHP7. This is why HR Renewal 1.0 is positioned as in-advance shipement of EHP7 for HCM customers.

        Regarding MSS Reporting, the focus was to replace the old list reporting (SAP Query) with new ODP reports based on WD and ALV for most common list reports used by managers. Yes it is clear that you can do a lot using BW and BOBJ tools.

        As mentioned by Jaret that delivery of HR Renewal happens in waves (or feature packs) so you will not see landing page in wave 1 but part of next wave.

        WDA based HCM P&F which acts as alternate to Adobe interactive forms is in HR Renewal and not in EHP6.

        • Hi Sagar,

          Thanks! I had seen months and months ago that WDA P&F was part of EhP6, happy to clarify now that it isn't. I guess that's why all those presentations have safe-harbour statements on them 🙂

          I'm really looking forward to seeing that landing page and the HR Administrator re-workings too.



      • Hi Chris

        I think this has been clarified below but let me know if there is still any questions or confusion as one of the goals of this blog is make sure everything is "crystal clear" but by the tone of many of the questions seems like I have a ways to go on that front 🙂

        On a side thanks for all your contributions as they are really helping move the information flow forward.


  • Looking forward to see how this new solution will provide a step change for "Casual User" in the ESS-MSS area.

    I perhaps have a slightly different expectation as I have been struggling with the SAP speech in the area of UI-UX for a while.   

    My expectation is to see a step change in the SAP Usability.

    Some of you may have heard SAP is/will be Apple Simple and Google Fast .. of course it is a "simplified" marketing message but that's what some SAP community members including leaders do remember.

    I know SAP portfolio is huge so it requires to break any action in a lot of steps.

    My personal assessment will not be based on the underlying technology (what I call UI : WDA vs Adobe Forms and so on  ....) but more on Usability assessment (you can read this old SAP document here). 

    I am not an expert on Usability (I am assuming some SAP organizations are). I hope that Usability process/practices/guidelines have used to frame/to develop this solution.

    I must admit I am little bit skeptical based on recent experience in other SAP areas (for example for professional users).

    I am assuming that "guinea pig" end-users have been used to verify the Usability of the new solutions (Nice UI does not mean Usable !).

    Some are  concerned about the technical change management and I do understand why ... myself I am more concerned about the "End User Change Management".

    If this solution does not provide a step change in the User Experience (especially on learnability) then customer will be in front of a major challenge to justify the use of this framework.

    My personal believe -based on the current emphasis on User Experience- is that it is perhaps the last chance for SAP to proof it in the HR area.

    Some of my users have seen some Marketing SuccessFactor demos and they were happy with the User Experience. I have not assessed if true end users using SucessFactor are happy.

    It means that to have a great User  Experience Out-of-the-box (with configuration) is not impossible. Any feedback from SuccessFactors end users could be helpful.

    Following the acquisition I would be disappointed that SAP does not learn at least from SuccessFactor success (I hope they have used some of these learnings in the to-be delivered solution).

    Based on my experience my current position is that the only way to provide an enhanced-great user experience for casual SAP users is do in-house development. That's a message that my management is not ready to hear (we are not a software development company). 

    Bottom line I cross my fingers.

    Sorry ... I have written quickly this comment (it is not intended to be a blog entry and it does reflect my own thought).

  • Hi Jaret,

    I was requested to get a complete overview of what is been delivered with the latest EHP pack. Can you please provide me some links or place where i can find the relevant & complete info about EHP6 & 7 including HR Renewal1.0.

    This would be of great help for me.



    • Hi Moosa

      Unfortunately there is very little information available publicly about the HR Renewal unless you are a Ramp Up customer and have access to the RKT material.  The good news is I plan to write a follow up blog about the HR Renewal Phase 2 in September which should help.

      As far as EHP6 that is a lot of information available on the HR functionality in EHP6.

      Good luck with the search.


    • Hi Moosa!

      Here are some links that you may find useful.  I assume that they require a SAP Service Marketplace login though.

      Rollout materials for Enhancement Packages:

      If the link does not work, go to, and then from navigation pane choose “Enhancement Package for SAP ERP”.  You can find a lot of information on Enhancement Packages 1-6 here but it will be a while before you see stuff on EhP 7.

      From here you can navigate to tools like the “Solution Browser” ( where you list a starting release and a target release and get the list of business function filtered by you topic (e.g., HCM).

      From the top level Enhancement Package Page, you can navigate to the section on “All business functions in detail” where you can view HCM presentations by sub-topic (e.g., Workforce Process Management) and Enhancement Package Level (e.g., EhP5).

      Another great tool is the Globalization Knowledge Base – – (  From here, select a product (e.g., SAP ERP 6.0); solution (e.g., “ERP Human Capital Management”) and one or more countries (e.g., United States).  With regard to HCM you can find out about country specific functionality, country contact information, country specific legal changes and more.

      Best Regards,

      Robert Moeller

      Solution Owner, HR Line of Business Solutions

      SAP Labs, LLC.

  • Heard that grumblings that SAP has "plans" to add Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Switzerland and UK to the HR Renewal and deliver it in Q4/Q1 via a support package but not sure yet the depth of the offering.

    The additional countries makes sense as they were part of 10 country Cloud Payroll solution and the HR Renewal functionality is being used as part of that solution.

  • Worth noting that HR Renewal 1.0 went GA today 30 August 2012. So you can now all download it and start playing with the last gasp of SAP onPremise HCM goodness.

    I would be interested in people's thoughts.

    • I was a bit surprised to read the "fine print" in the installation notes of "HR Renewal currently supports NWBC 4.0 only" and reached out to SAP for clarity.  I will update in the comment when I hear back from SAP as if this is a pre-req it will dramatically affect the adoption.

      • I believe that the NWBC for desktop comment applies to the PA/OM parts of Feature Pack 1.0 for HR Renewal.  It should not apply to the parts for Learning, ESS and MSS but I will correct this if I hear otherwise.  We had planned to have the PA/OM parts on the portal with FP 1.0 but there was an issue rendering the landing page in the portal version.  We understand the impact on adoption.  We decided not to delay the release and are researching the earliest opportunity to make the portal version of the PA/OM parts available but this should follow close behind the current release.  Sorry for the delay - please stay tuned!

        • Hi Robert,

          The problem is that NWBC 4.0 isn't GA yet. PAM has it pending for release next week, but I'm not sure if that is restricted or GA release. Do you have any details?

          On a personal note, I'd love to know what is the technical reason behind this, some sort of additional Eventing framework? A new wda rendering model? The techy in me is fascinated.

          • Well Chris, we are in dangerous territory.  You know the saying, if I tell you would have to do not nice things to you.  HR Renewal 1.0 was announced GA today but Feature Pack 1.0 (web-based landing page and infotype maintenance for PA/OM) will be announced shortly - around the same time of NWBC 4.0 for desktop.  The reason that  HR Renewal 1.0 and Feature Pack 1.0 are being announced so close together is because we had a Ramp-up (~3 months) period for HR Renewal 1.0 and there is no formal Ramp-up for the Feature Packs (FP).  For FP we have "extended monitoring".  I don't know the exact problem with rendering in the portal right now but it has to do with the use of UI5 technology in the landing page.  Anyway, I should save some material for next blog but we intend to continue with quarterly shipments this way into 2013.

          • Hi Robert. First thanks for not putting a bounty on my head 😉 I really look forward to hearing a bit more about these feature packs if they are the ones delivering the ui5 landing pages then they will certainly have many people interested. I look forward to your blogs!

            I can imagine that surfacing OBN calls through UI5 wouldn't be that obvious, still once the feature pack and nwbc 4 are both available I'd love to know the details.

            Back to the original point though, is NWBC 4.0 really a requirement for HR Renewal 1.0 (I'll not use the quotes and will capitalise 😉 or is it a requirement for the yet to be announced feature pack?


          • First, I again want to point out that the program HR Renewal has several components including Processes and Forms (P&F), PA/OM; ESS/MSS, and Learner Portal.  You have the base shipment, HR Renewal 1.0 then Feature Packs to go on top.  None of the features in that base release, HR Renewal 1.0, REQUIRE NWBC 4.0.  P&F, ESS/MSS and Learning Portal will all run on the portal as before.

            The main innovations of Feature Pack 1.0 are the PA/OM landing page (a.k.a., start page) and web-based infotype maintenance utilizing WebDynpro for ABAP.  When FP 1.0 goes GA, now planned for mid September, the PA/OM landing page will only run on the NWBC 4.0.  There was some issue with rendering parts of the landing page on the portal that used some features of the new SAPUI5 technologies.  The plan is for the PA/OM landing page to also run on the portal but that part was delayed due to the issue just mentioned.  We still expect to make the PA/OM parts available on the portal and we are researching the earliest time and delivery mechanisms to do so. Note, we intend to provide new Feature Packs on this program, quarterly going into 2013.

            Robert Moeller

            Solution Owner

  • Hi folks,

    I saw lot of questions and comments on the NWBC 4.0 and UI aspects like SAPUI5 and UI Services --  so the good news is that we are releasing the technology as a standalone product.  The product will be released at the end of this week. 

    Some of the capability like the Landing Page will be only available for now as part of the HCM shipiment.  But the rest is all going to be shipped in this separate UI Add-On product.  For more info, pls see this fresh post out of the press.

    @Robert Moeller - great to hear you in this thread, and it's amazing how our roads cross again.  Hope all is well!

    • Hi Filip,

        I've been reading the discussion that resulted from your blog about the new UI Add-on. It seems that the consensus that was reached over there was that you needed to have an instance of Netweaver Gateway installed whether stand alone or embedded in order to make use of the SAPUI5 functionality. 

        In this discussion there has been a lot of talk about whether you would need the latest verison of Portal or NWBC to run the new PA/OM landing pages that are built with SAPUI5.    Is it safe to say that regardless of whether you use portal or NWBC you will also need to have Gateway installed for the PA/OM langing pages to work ?

      • Hi Jeff,

        Yes, you are correct - customer needs to have Gateway for the Landing Page scenario in HCM to work, regardless if those are being displayed in NWBC or Portal.  The Landing Page app requires particular set of OData based services to consume things like a Landing Page configurations, also to persist any changes, show and visualize information inside the Lanes, etc.

        Bottom line, the customer needs the Gateway runtime that does the OData communication between the ABAP HCM Server and the Client app – SAPUI5 Landing Page that is powered with the UI services described in the UI Add-on blog.

        We are planning very soon to post couple of new blogs with concrete scenarios, hands on material and steps of how to use the UI Add-on, perhaps then this point becomes more practical on the role that Gateway and OData plays.

  • HI Jaret,

    nice article ...Can u tell me the busines functions need to activate to get this fuctionality wat all need to activate for this I will tell my BASIS team to deploy that business functions or else need to activate the stuff into our system Myself wrkign on ESS MSS Portal 7.03 version ......kindly tell me ASAP.I want to see my maanger scrren as above u mentioned in that docuemtn



    ess mss.