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Download and Installation of Process Orchestration 7.31

Since Process Integration/Process Orchestration 7.31 became GA, I’ve been receiving many questions on where to download the software.  But, first let me provide more information which is many times presented in a confusing manner.  (I might be guilty of this also)

It has been said many time that Process Orchestration (PO), which bundles PI, BPM and BRM functionality together, can be installed as a single SID.  This is true only for the java-only installation of AEX.  With a dual-stack PI installation, BPM/BPM will still have to be installed on a separate JEE server. Licensing for NetWeaver Process Orchestration is CPU-base and calculated based on the combined sizing of PI, BPM and BRM capabilities.

Within the installation wizard of the installation master, to install PO, we have to choose the Process Integration and Orchestration Package installation.  This installation provides a java-only AEX single-SID installation for PI, BPM and BRM.  It is also worth pointing out that it is not necessary or required to use BPM or BRM at all with this AEX if you choose this installation option; one can just use the integration features of PI as before.  However, in the post-installation steps, we should include both AEX and Process Orchestration tasks or Functional Unts.

For dual-stack installation, the steps remain the same as previous PI installations.  Only PI features will be installed.  There is no BPM or BRM functionalities included with the dual-stack installation.

PI 7.31 software is now included with NetWeaver 7.31.  There is no separate area to download PI 7.31, as in the past with PI 7.1.  This can be confusing, because PI 7.31 is not listed anywhere.  In the Service Market Place, the download is at (authorization is required for access)

SAP Software Download Center –> Installations and Upgrades –> A-Z index –> N

     –> SAP NetWeaver –> SAP EHP1 FOR SAP NETWEAVER 7.3 –> Installation and Upgrade

(Choose the appropriate OS and database for installation.)


During PI 7.31 installation, to install Process Orchestration (single-SID installation for java-only PI, BPM and BRM), use a similar path as below (this example uses MSS on Windows Server):


After installation, please reference the following notes for post-installation steps:

Process Integration:  Note 1414465

Process Orchestration:  Note 1548120

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  • Hi William,


    you say that "to install PO, we have to choose the Advance Adapter Extended (AEX) installation.  There is no Process Orchestration listed explicitly. The AEX installation provides the single-SID installation for PI, BPM and BRM."

    And what does the option "Process Integration and Orchestration Package" in the installer mean?

    Sounds like PI + PO as well.


    Could you please clarify it?



  • Hi William:


    Great blog, wish made my installation after reading your blog. One additional comment, i think you have to execute this note after installations.


    Note: 1414465

    • Hi Fredrick,

      Yes, this is the post-installation step for AEX.  There is also another CTC wizard relationg to Process Orchestration (AEX-BPM-BRM) needing to be enabled.




      • Yes, just checked. It is specifically under

        "Functional Unit Configuration UI"


        Things to be Enabled:

        - Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AEX)

        - Process Integration and Orchestration Package

  • Hi Bill,


    Thanks for the informative Blog!

    3 questions.

    1. Does all the features/functionalites on SAP PI 7.31 AEX is present in in the PI component shipped as a part of PO?

    2. As you mentioned the "Licensing for NetWeaver Process Orchestration is CPU-base and calculated based on the combined sizing of PI, BPM and BRM capabilities" . If Customers going for PO installation and are not using BPM or BRM capablities in production initially will the Licensing apply only for PI?

    3. If the above answer is yes, Then can SAP recommend its customers to go for PO rather than PI AEX installations are there will not be any additonal Licensing fee if they are not using it.




    • Hello Sunil,

      1.  Yes, PO contains all the features and capabillities of PI 7.31 AEX.

      2.  If BPM and BRM are not used, then the only CPU resources will be only based on PI usage.  This is just as if no BPM or BRM are present.  The licensing cost for PI and PO are actually identical.

      3.  Yes, there will not be any additional licensing fee for PO if BPM or BRM are used.




    • Hi Aditya,

      I am not a basis person, so I can only comment from SAP documentation.  Per the PI 7.31 Master Installation Guide, Process Orchestration can be installed in a cluster. Every node would have an AEX and a BPM instance running.


      So, without ABAP, it is still possible to have a clustered installaiton.


      Sorry I cannot help more.  The installation guides can offer more details on how to install a clustered environment.




  • Hi Bill,

    If an existing customer running in PI 7.3 AEX wants to adopt PO, do we have any option to upgrade ?


    In help links its mentioed that "Deployment of BPM on an existing AEX or deployment is not supported'




    • Hi Sunil,

      Unfortunately, at this time, there is no installation option to upgrade from AEX to PO.  You will have to install PO on a seprate server first, then export/import from AEX to PO.




  • Hi Bill,


    This is a great article. Thanks for that. I got a question on Migrating steps from AEX to PO. Our company already has 7.3 AEX Version installed...and using it the production and now company has license for PO.. I would like to understand more on the migration effort of interfaces from AEX 7.3 to PO 7.31.,.what kind of effort are we looking here? ....can you please sheds on some light on this?


    Thanks again.


    • Hi Kumar,

      The migration of interface from AEX 7.3 to PO 7.31 can be done using export/import.  The artifacts from ESR and ID can be exported from AEX 7.3 and imported into PO 7.31 without any problem.  This should be a farily simple process, as both systems are java-only.  Some care will probably be needed for the IDOC-java adapter, since configuration will be needed in NWA, which must be done manually.


      Some preparation work will need to be done beforehand, e.g. the SWCVs and systems in the SLD must also be consistent between the 2 systems.




  • Hi William,


    We are currently on PI 7.1 and would like to install a PO server and would like to keep our dual stack PI installation. Is there any path to upgrade from PI7.1 to a PO installation. Can we just install BPM/BRM on a separate server?

    What is the best way to achieve our goal?


    Best regards,



  • Hi, guys.


    We are in the process of installing the PO 731 on windows 2008 R2. We are encountering many issues and not sure if they are bugs. When I try to start JSPM, we are getting the following errors:

    Cannot copy D:\usr\sap\PO1\J02\j2ee\JSPM\deploy\config to D:\usr\PO1\J02\j2ee\JSPM\config using windows console operation. 1


    I ran JSPM with sidadm and I have full access to the D: and am also a local admin. Running the copy command according to the bootstrap trace file in the command prompt was successful. I also encountered exactly same errors but on different folders in SUM. So we cannot patch the PO instance at all. Have you guys seen these errors before? A ticket has already been opened with SAP support and so far they are as clueless as we are.




  • Hi, William


    I have another question with the PO 731 installation. For the business systems, do you still need to configure the SLDCHECK. To make sldcheck working, you need to configure LCRSAPRFC, SAPSLDAPI, etc. In th old dual stack world, the gateway host and service is pointing to the PI integration server. Now we don't have an ABAP stack, how do we configure these RFC on the ECC system? Your advice is much appreciated.




      • Thanks, William. I am aware of this. In the sm59 config of the ECC system, the connection is supposed to go to an ABAP gateway service of the PI server. Since PO does not have an ABAP engine, where should the gateway service port number be mapped to? So far, I just point it to the sapgw of the solution manager where our central SLD is and sldcheck seems to be working. However, I am not sure if this is the right config.


        Another question ... if we are thinking of running on the PI 7.3(dual stack) and PO 7.3.1 in parallel, is there a way to get the business system to connect to both. My understanding is that both sproxy and sxmb_adm in the business system can only connect to one PI server. Please advise.




        • Hello Jonathan,

          Yes can connect your business system to both the PI 7.3 dual-stack and PI 7.31 (PO/AEX).  The connection to AEX uses the SOAP adapter.  Both connection can co-exist.  Because of this, you will have to identify which system to use by filtering using interface name/namespace.


          Please reference this how-to guide on using ABAP proxy to AEX using SOAP:


          Also, with PI 7.3+, you can share the same ESR by multiple PI systems, e.g. PI 7.3 dual-stack and PI 7.31 AEX.  The requirement is that one of the PI system must be dual-stack.




    • Hi Kevin,

      The PO installation contains a subset of CE, so that user-interaction screens using Visual Composer or Webdypro can be developed or generated by PO.




        • Hi Manish,

          Since PO 7.31 (AEX + BPM + BRM) is based on PI AEX, there is no migration path from PI 7.11 dual-stack to AEX.  You will have to install a new PO system and migrate the scenarios from PI 7.11 to PO 7.31.  More information can be found on:




          • Hi William


            Working with one of the SAP’s Partner here in the UK, I have had few good opportunities/projects to work for SAP BPM (SAP NW 7.3 with EHPx)   implementation/installation and upgrade projects.


            Recently, for one of our customer I had chance to install PO system, i.e SAP Netweaver Process Orchestration (PI+BPM+BRM) 7.4 with SP03.


            In the previous BPM version (i.e. until SAP Netweaver 7.3 with EHP n), we could select “usage type” components while installation & this way we can select required components like ADOBE with other components.


            But for PO installation (by default NW 7.4 PO comes SP02), there is no option for selecting the components but it gets installed by its default selection as PO system except Adobe component.


            How we get Adobe functionalities?, while I upgraded to SP03 (from default SP02) also the MoPz didn’t pick it up for Adobe components.


            Why SAP removed Adobe component from the default installation?, is it not required for PO or if it is required by manual deployment ?


            Also the PO installation (Process Integration and Orchestration Package) from SAPInst menu also bit confusing, it says “Optional standalone Units”, any reason for this as well?


            Best Regards


  • /
  • Hi William-


    This is a great blog. We are trying to install Neatweaver 7.4 on Unix database. Please share if you have any information regarding the same.





    • Hi Hari


      I have performed couple of installation of 7.4 PO, it is simple and easy and similar to other SAP Products installation with few exception (you don't need to select components like we do in previous SAP Netweaver products).


      Get the latest SAPInst tool, i..e Software Provisioning Manager from Market place along with P.O software. Assume, Unix/file systems are built as per sap standard.


      1) Set parameter CPIC_MAX_CONV value 2000 (or as per your requirements)

      2) Run SAPInst. for checking pre-requisite., if all pre-requisites are met (for unix file sets, paging etc) then you can run SAPInst. for installing 7.4 PO and follow the instructions as per installation menu.


      Refer SAPInst screen shot in William's initial one.



      Best Regards


  • Hi William,

    Currently we are having dual stack PI 7.31 system and we are planning to add de-centralized adapter engine to this for some specific scenarios.

    We have a plan to migrate to PO next year.

    As PO have license based on core, so de-centralized Adapter engine will also come under PO license or they will be under Netweaver license as they are separate installation with separate database ?



  • Hi william, thank you for you'r post, it's been really helpful as i'm planing an upgrade from PI 7.01 to PI 7.31 but i'm curious about one point, you said that PI 7.31 comes as a part of Netweaver, i'm starting as a basis, and this would explain why i can't find an especific guide for this upgrade.


    So the question is, assuming the the instance is ABAP only, i would have to update the instance as a Netweaver?


    do i have to apply any addons?


    is there more documentation about this process?


    I would appreciate any help


    Thank you.

    • /
      • Hi William,


        I want to install the PO on windows platform with Sybase ASE database.


        I have see under SAP EHP1 FOR SAP NETWEAVER 7.3 -> Microsoft Windows -> SAP ASE, there are lot of download files  as shown below.




        1. What are the files , I have to download .


        2. There is no installation steps document under installation guides.


        I have seen master guide under  SAP NetWeaver 7.3 Including Enhancement Package 1

        But in that mentioned installation with Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 SP06 .

        Please guide me the media files to download ,sequence of installation and any documentation of step by step procedure of installation.

        Thanks & Regards,


  • Hi William,

    We are already running PI 7.1 (Dual Stack) and now want to migrate to PO 7.4 JAVA only. Since we already have the license for PI (ccBPM), will that hold good for PO also or we need to buy separate license to install PO.




  • Hi william,


    We installed PO 7.4 by following this block. We completed post installation steps. But we ended with error while launching ESR and Integration directory.

    the error is


    The JnlpServlet could not be initialized

    URI has an authority component

    Please contact your system administrator.


    We raised incident to SAP also we are not getting any response from SAP team.



    Patan Thavaheer.error.JPG

  • Hi all,

    We are currently in the planning phase of a SAP PO Test System.

    PO  system with oracle database on virtualized Linux System.

    Do let me know if we can use database as  Oracle Exadata for PO system? Somewhere I heard that PO system doesn’t support Exadata?


    Many thanks in advance.



    Sitlesh Patle

  • We have an Advanced Adapter Engine Extended installation of Netweaver 7.4,

    and we would like to enable the process integration and orchestration package

    in the functional units configuration. Upon selecting "enable automatically",

    we get an error saying that "Process Server is not installed"


    Is there a way we can install the process server component to activate this package, or do we have to do a complete new install of Process  Orchestration?


    We have configuration in this system that we would like to keep, so if there's

    a way to do so, that would be best.


    Best regards