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Exciting Enhacements to ESS Personal Information Profile in Enhancement pack 6

Personal Information scenario is one of the widely used application in ESS since it allows easy maintenance of employee data. With enhancement pack 5 a new personal information scenario based on WD ABAP was offered which already had a great flexibility and configuration possibliites.

However many customers were asking for features for which many of consultants and developers did some additional implementations and sometimes workarounds 🙁

With enahncement pack 6 some features are available out of the box. See screenshots and descriptions below.

Al new set of parameters and features are documented:

Hope you find the features below exciting and this avoids some customizing/enhancement work on customer side to suit various customer specific scenarios.

Do let us know if you find these featues useful or scenarios that still needs further enhancements.

Read Only Profile:

This has been a long standing demand to offer a read-only version of Personal profile for certain use cases at customers.

By setting application parameters READ_ONLY_PROFILE_WITH_DETAILS = X the whole profile can be launched in display mode (no locking of employee).

It is also possible to just provide Overview screens with no details using parameter READ_ONLY_PERSONAL_PROFILE = X

Note: It is also possible to define parts of profile as Read Only. This can be configured using customizing view V_T7XSSPERSUBTY or BAdI HRXSS_PER_SUBTYPE.

Subtype specific UIBB:

Some customers wanted to have a different UIBB and different set of fields to be displayed on Overview screens for every subtype. This was not possible in Enhancement pack 5. With enhancement pack 6 you can define via configuration which subtypes should be displayed or which subtypes should be excluded from a particular UIBB. To do this open the UIBB configuration and provide the “Include or Exclude” subtype parameters of the feeder class CL_HRESS_PER_OVERVIEW.

You can see the example screenshot with “Emergeny Address” as a seperate UIBB with different set of fields.

Note: In enhancement pack 5 it is still possible to hide/show subtype specific fields using customizing of V_T588MFPROPC but it is not possible to create completely a different UIBB configuration per subtype.

Performance notes: In general do not make different UIBB for subtypes since it has implication on runtime and memory.

UI Integration with HCM Processes and Forms:

Some customers do not allow employees to edit data directly and they need workflow based forms to complete the data changes. In those scenarios it is possible to use HCM processes and Forms to request data change. With enhacement pack 6 there is a UI integration available by which a button is added on the UI that lauches the configured processes.

Use the application parameter WORKFLOW_MODE=X and PROCESS_GROUP=<Name of HCM P&F process group>

Customers can decide which of the Infotype/Subtypes are editable directly in Personal profile and for which others a workflow mode is required. This can be configured using customizing view V_T7XSSPERSUBTY or BAdI HRXSS_PER_SUBTYPE.

Note: You must be using HCM P&F and configured workflow based processes to make the whole scenario complete.

Multiple Overview Screens using same configuration:

It may be possible that you may use different variants of the Personal profile in different contexts in ESS. Example: You may have a general profile that shows a list of infotypes and another variant that is specific to benefits to show additional infotypes. It is now possible that you create multiple Overview (MAIN) pages in OVP component configuration (HRESS_CC_PER_OVP) and using application parameter PROFILE_VARIANT_ID you can pass different Overview pages to be launched by application parameters. This avoids copying the main OVP configuration (HRESS_CC_PER_OVP) multiple times.

EHP6 Personal Profile.png

EHP6 Personal Profile.png
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  • Nice tease! haha I have seen it "in action" and it is nice....seems/feels more like an "up to date" UI (ie. can drag and drop sections around to rearrange as you like, show/hide sections, etc.)

    Wondering how/if this will fit into SAP's push into HTML5 though. Will this be "old" before it even gets a chance to see the light for long? haha

  • This functionality was very useful:

    But I a small issue with it first today...

    READ_ONLY_PROFILE_WITH_DETAILS didn't stop the BOL from issuing a lock on the personnel number. 🙁

    but then I found a SAP Note 🙂

    Note 1769653 - Read only parameter of persinfo is set,still pernr is locked

    Once I had fixed this, then I created a simple freestyle UIBB and put this in the INITIAL_SCREEN of my ESS pers profile config.

    The UIBB checks if the employee's payroll is currently processing and if so sets the parameter. (This was the customer requirement.)

    So I now have a very easy way in which I can combine custom code and the ability to switch the ESS profile application from being editable or read only. Very cool!

    (I will attempt to throw a short blog together to explain.)

    Thanks for making this functionality available 🙂 .



  • Hi All,

    Can some one pls. tell me about the enhancements in EHP6 from a Developers prespective ??

    Hope, it must be having a lot for developers too.

    Thanking You All.

  • Hello Sagar,

    I tried setting parameter READ_ONLY_PROFILE_WITH_DETAILS = X. Which makes all your services under personal info as read only.

    I just want to make Bank detail service as readonly.



    • Please check clearly stated in blog

      Note: It is also possible to define parts of profile as Read Only. This can be configured using customizing view V_T7XSSPERSUBTY or BAdI HRXSS_PER_SUBTYPE.

      Make sure the EHP6 Business function is activated to see the fields in view

  • Hi Sagar,

    My Client is on EHP6 on NWBC.

    However after maintaining

    This parameter READ_ONLY_PERSONAL_PROFILE = X in

    PFCG -> Go to your role -> Go to menu tab -> Select application -> Press details button

    See screenshot -> Enter the parameter and value.

    I can still edit my profile.



  • Hi Sagar,

    We are enhancing our portal with new functionalities provided by EHP6.

    Regarding the Subtype specific UIBB your print screen suits our needs like a glove 🙂 but we were not able to make it work still. Do you have any post or tutorial about how to use this functionality?



  • Hi Sagar,

    For the bank details - inoftype 0009, we want to hide a standard percentage field only for subtype '1' i.e. other banks.

    I am using a EHP6 service.

    Do I need to implement any BADi? I tried using V_T588MFPROPC, but it didn't work. 🙁



    • check the table entries V_T588MFPROPS is that percentage field exist or not for version 40. if it's exist then fine.

      If it's not exist then you have to add with version and field in V_T588MFPROPC.

      No need of implementing BADI, directly you can specify the subtype and mention the filed name and set the visible or invisible options in V_T588MFPROPC

  • thanks Sagar for the blog. I know we can exclude one subtype or include one subtype(Example Emergency Address). Is there a way to exclude multiple subtypes. For example I want to create Overview page with specific sub types from dependents. (or exclude specific dependents).

  • Hi Sagar,

    Where exactly is the parameter UI Integration with HCM Processes and Forms:


    Do I need to create a copy of the standard application? We want to trigger a form and process for our client so that there is an update only post approval.

  • Hi Sagar,

    I want to use UI Integration with HCM Processes and Forms with Personal profile. I have set Parameter WORKFLOW_MODE=X  and able to view Addition button on top of personal profile screen.I created custom FPM form and process and Create Custom Process group. When I am passing PROCESS_GROUP= custom process group . its not displaying any process and form on screen.

    Can you please let me know if I am misisng something.