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Make ESS Screens Display Only through Personalization

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Very often countries come up with a requirement that they want to make their ESS screens display only.

Recently I was asked to change the Address and Banks ESS screen in Personal Information to Display Only mode. There  are more than one ways of doing it. I am going to describe here the quick solution which I achieved through Personalization.

You should be Portal Administrator to do the below activities.

The solution below is for making the Bank Screen to Display Only Mode. Normally we have 4 road map steps —



3-Review and Save,


We will change it to two Road map steps as below



Steps to Perform:

1) Identify the country specific ESS role of the country for which you have to make the changes and open it in the PCD.

2) Open the Personal Information Page within the role and copy the PCD location of this page. Lets assume that the PCD location which you copy is

<PCD Path Of Page>.

3) The Personal Information Page needs to be launched using Navigation Target outside the Portal Framework in a new browser window.

4) Form and launch the URL as explained below:

https://<hostname>:<port>/irj/portal?NavigationTarget=ROLES://<PCD Path Of Page>&NavMode=3&sap-config-mode=true


hostname: is the server host name

port: is the server port

NavigationTarget: is URL Parameter to launch a Page outside the portal framework

PCD Path Of Page: is the path to the Personal Information Page copied in step 2.

NavMode: is URL Parameter for Navigation Mode

sap-config-mode: is the URL parameter which will allow admin level personalization when set to true.

5) Now click on the Bank Information link in the Personal Information page launched

6) The Bank ESS application Overview Page is launched. Place your cursor on the Edit button in the Overview screen and do a Ctrl + Right Click. This will launch Personalize Screen. Change the text for this button to Display.

7) Place your cursor on the RoadMap UI element and do a Ctrl + Right Click. This will launch Personalize Screen.

In this Screen Change the Description of Edit Step to View and set Visibility for steps Review and Save, and Confirmation to No.

As a result you will now have two steps in the Road Map – Overview and View.

8) Click the Display button. The control will move to the second screen which we have renamed to View. This is actually the Edit screen. Place your cursor on any of the input field in the screen and do a Ctrl + Right Click. This will launch Personalize Screen. Set the Disabled field to No for the UI Controls which you wish to make Display Only.

9) In a similar fashion other UI elements can be controlled through personalization.

By default End User personalization for iview is also enabled which can be disabled in the Personalization option by the Administrator. See the small check box at the bottom right of the screen above.

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