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SAP PI : EDI EDI-XML Conversion Test Tool

The PI B2BADDON comes with Test Tools which can be used to test the conversion of data from EDI to EDI- XML and also from EDI-XML to EDI. This is really helpful in checking the validity of EDI & EDI-XML documents and transactions. This helps in identifying the exact error details of the EDI / EDI- XML data.

This is Test tool option is available for the below EDI standards


Ansi X.12




To access this option, go to the EDI Maintenance GUI using the below URL



The EDI to EDI- XML and EDI-XML to EDI conversion tool option for Ansi X.12 can be accessed as shown below


Let’s go through the Ansi X.12 EDI to EDI-XML conversion test option. This can be accessed by clicking the ‘Ansi X.12 to XML’ conversion option


Import the EDI file as shown below. Ansi X.12 850 EDI document is used in this example


The conversion options and interface details can also be provided to perform the test.


Click ‘Covert’ button to perform the conversion from ‘EDI’ to ‘EDI-XML’. The ‘EDI-XML’ converted data can be seen as shown below in the output area. In case of any errors, the details of the error will be displayed in the output area.


To convert from ‘EDI-XML’ to ‘EDI’ use the below option ‘XML to Ansi X.12’. Ansi X.12 850 EDI-XML document is used in this example



Import the ‘EDI-XML’ data and press the ‘Convert’ button to perform the conversion from ‘EDI-XML’ to ‘EDI’. The converted document can be seen in the output area. In case of any errors during the conversion, the details of the error will be displayed in the output area.


Similar EDI <> EDI-XML conversion test option is available for the other EDI formats – Edifact, Odette, Tradacoms and VDA under the corresponding menus.

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  • Hi Arun,

    This looks simple when compared to BIC MD for conversion. You have mentioned only EDIFACT, ANSI, ODETTE, TRADACOMS, VDA. How to handle EDI INHOUSE files?

    • I guess Arun missed to mention about the Plain converter. It helps in developing custom conversion in complex cases.

      @Arun - Please update the blog with Plain converter functionality.


      Sunil Chandra

      • Hi Sunil,

        Actually you have to request Mr.Arun for updating this blog.

        @Arun - I had one more query. You have mention only Test Tool but not name of the Tool. What we have to do for accessing this Tool before going for mentioned URL?

  • Hi Amarnath,

    I am not sure what do you mean by the name of the Tool.The technical name for the application is converter~maintain~maintenance-app. And this is available with B2B add-on.



  • hi


    When i am converting an edifact file into its corresponding EDI-XML. It is throwing an exception " java.util.regex.patternsyntaxexception dangling meta character '*' near index 0".

    Can you please tell me what could be the possible reason for it?



    • I resolved this issue . I found that the SAP team had not installed the "B2B_EDI_TABLES-v 1.0.b2b" files. As these are mandatory files for convertor module. When we installed the above .b2b files then the Adapter was able to parse the EDI file into EDI-XML file.

      After importing these files the convertor and control tables in B2B cockpit get initialized.

      To check Whether the convertor tables are initialized or not ? Follow the following steps.

      Goto the below link:


      After that goto

      EDI Content Manager->EDIFACT->B2B_EDI_CTRL_CMP (table)

      if this table is populated it means that .B2B files are installed.

      The screenshot for it is given below:



      Once you initialised this table then your adapter will be capable of converting EDIFACT to EDI-XML .



  • With the testing tool it works fine but when i get actual edit file processed in PI.I have an issue when it converts from EDI->XML it is not preserving the spaces in text data. for example i have some text like: "will be delivered on" will be converted as single word like "willbedeliveredon" . Any suggestions please.