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What’s New in HANA Studio SPS04

Hello All,

As we are getting new versions of HANA,its required to know what are the changes are coming-in in the latest versions.

Here I have listed,the new & changed features in HANA Studio SPS04 version.You can get these details from SAP HANA Modeling Guide available in SMP as well.

Loading data from flat files (new)

You use this functionality to upload data from flat files, available at a client file system to SAP HANA database. The supported file types are .csv, .xls, and .xlsx.

This approach is very handy to upload your content into HANA Database.For more details,refer

Exporting objects using SAP Support Mode (new)

You use this functionality to export an object, along with other associated objects and data for SAP support purposes. This option should only be used when requested by SAP support.This would be helpful to debug from SAP side, in case of any issues reported for particular Views.

Input parameters (new)

Used to provide input for the parameters within stored procedures, which are evaluated when the procedure is executed. You use input parameters as placeholders during currency conversion and in formulas like calculated measures, and calculated attributes.

Import/export server and client (changed)

• Exporting objects using Delivery Units (earlier known as Server Export):

Function to export all packages that make up a delivery unit and the relevant objects contained therein, to the client or to the SAP HANA server filesystem.

• Exporting objects using Developer Mode (earlier known as Client Export):

Function to export individual objects to a directory on your client computer. This mode of export should only be used in exceptional cases, since this does not cover all aspects of an object, for example, translatable texts are not copied.

• Importing objects using Delivery Unit (earlier known as Server Import):

Function to import objects (grouped into a delivery unit) from the server or client location available in the form of .tgz file.

• Importing objects using Developer Mode (earlier known as Client Import):

Function to import objects from a client location to your SAP HANA modeling environment.

Variables (changed)

Variables can be assigned specifically to an attribute, which is used for filtering via the where clause. At runtime, you can provide different values to the variable to view corresponding set of attribute data. You can apply variables on attributes of analytic and calculation views.

Hierarchy enhancements (changed)

Now you can create a hierarchy between the attributes of a calculation view in addition to attribute views. The Hierarchy node is available in the Output pane of the Attribute and Calculation view.

Activating Objects (changed)

You activate objects available in your workspace to expose the objects for reporting and analysis.

Based on your requirement, you can perform the following actions on objects:

• Activate

• Redeploy

• Cascade Activate

• Revert to Active

Auto Documentation (changed)

Now the report also captures the cross references, data foundation joins, and logical view joins.

Calculation view (changed)

• Aggregation node: used to summarize data of a group of rows by calculating values in a column

• Multidimensional reporting: if this property is disabled you can create a calculation view without any measure, and the view is not available for reporting purposes

• Union node datatype: you can choose to add unmapped columns that just have constant mapping and a data type

• Column view now available as data source

• Filter expression: you can edit a filter applied on aggregation and projection view attributes using filter expressions from the output pane that offers more conditions to be used in the filter including AND, OR, and NOT

Autocomplete function in SQL Editor (changed)

The autocomplete function (Ctrl+Space) in the SQl Editor shows a list of available functions.

Hope this helps.



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      Former Member

      Was looking for a concise document with just the changes in SPS04, very helpful. Thanks!

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      Former Member

      Release Date SP4?

      Author's profile photo Muralikrishnan Ethiraj
      Muralikrishnan Ethiraj
      Blog Post Author


      SPS04 is already released and available in SMP.The latest Revision is 29.