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SAP BW Installation/Configuration on/for HANA

Last Changed: 9th of February 2021

All broken Links to the SAP First Guidance Documents are fixed by now. Sorry for any inconveniences.

For the detailed steps of the Installation/Migration we created the “SAP First Guidance Collection to answer questions, issues and shows workarounds, in addition to the standard guides and SAP notes.These Guidance documents has no claim of completeness and it is the most complete starting point for a successful BW implementation.

The SAP BW(/4) Basis customizing tasks which can be found here:
Customizing SAP BW 7.x and BW/4

and in the online Help – Performing Wizard-Based Basic Configuration for BW ABAP
SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 7.4 – End to End Use Case Data Warehousing

Implement Digitally Signed SAP Notes

Blog – BI-JAVA, BEx Web and EP: the real connection …
Question – Create an ODP – SAP Source System – BW 7.4 on Hana SP09
Blog – Delta Extraction and Real Time Streaming ODP-CDS to BW

– SAP First Guidance – SAP BW on HANA – Edition 2017
(also contains Information about SAP HANA Versions and Revisions)
 SAP First Guidance – complete functional scope (CFS) for SAP BW 7.50 SPx
– SAP First Guidance – complete functional scope (CFS) for SAP BW/4HANA

These SAP First Guidance Document put´s is emphasize to the complete functional scope (CFS) to ensure the full functionality right from the start of the Implementation of SAP BW 7.50 SP04 and higher. It is now possible to install also the ABAP CI of the BW system on the HANA appliance

It is possible to install the ABAP and BI-JAVA CI as well on the HANA Appliance!

Note 1953429 – SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP on one Server
You have now also a new option to install the HANA client as described here
Note 1943235 – SAP HANA client installation

Blog: HANA 1.0 vs. 2.0 (contains important Information about the combined usage of Mixed Scenarios together with SAP BW)

Important! – apply the manual steps of the Notes before applying BC 7.57 SP15 or higher!
Note 2450481 – Issue with column and characteristic sorting
Note 2458246 – WD Column Width Changed after upgrade

BlogSAP Note Analyzer for BW-PCA and Housekeeping

SAP Wiki – Automated Initial Setup of ABAP-Based Systems
SAP Help – ABAP Post-Copy Automation Installation Guide
Content Notes – 
Note 1614266 – System Copy: Post-Copy Automation (PCA) / SAP Landscape Management (LaMa)
Note 1707321 – BW System Copy: Post Copy Automation (BW-PCA)

Note 2819473 – System Copy: Task Content TCI 4.0 including TC13
Note 2738426 – Automated Configuration of new Support Backbone Communication
Note 2636449 – System Copy: Task Content TCI 3.0 including TC12
Note 2681701 – System Copy: Task Content (12.1 Improvements)
Note 2631622 – Initial Setup: Automated Configuration (10. Improvements) TCI 2.0
Note 2748223 – Initial Setup: Automated Configuration (11. Improvements)
Note 2456192 – System Copy: Task Content (11. Improvements)

Note 2000003 – FAQ: SAP HANA
Note 2186744 – FAQ: SAP HANA Parameters
Note 2000000 – FAQ: SAP HANA Performance Optimization

Note 2056106 – InfoObject 0IOBJNM not active after installation of NW 7.40 SR2 or BW 7.40 SP08
Note 2140419 – P14; BATCH: Max. 293 WPs, no BTC jobs started
Note 2173569 – Error when opening an RFC connection
Note 2046334 – Distribution of TMS configuration ends with an error
Note 2149920 – Error EA444 when Create Source System Connection
Note 2166107 – Piece list for objects ‘SHI3’ or ‘SHI6’ is incomplete
Note 2251716 – Database Triggers on tables in BW-on-HANA
Note 2146098 – RSAR671 or CALL_FUNCTION_NOT_REMOTE dump when Checking or Creating Source System inT-Code RSA1
Note 2150536 – BEx Web 7.x: New Java based User Interface for Broadcaster
Note 2769672 – Changing delivery class of tables AT30 and AT31 from “S” to “E”

Note 2149786 – Customizing help settings in transaction SR13


Roland Kramer, SAP Platform Architect for Intelligent Data & Analytics

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