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Jump from Webi to ipad

Hi All,


I am very new to Mobile BI Space,But the capabilitites of the same are so exciting that I couldnt help but record my learnings as a document. This is basically a beginner level write up for transition from webi to ipad.

SAP BusinessObjects Mobile

SAP BusinessObjects Mobile allows you to remotely access your business intelligence (BI) reports, metrics, and right-time data with a single click of your wireless device. With SAP BusinessObjects Mobile, you can leverage the same BI content you work with everyday on your desktop – optimized for your mobile device. So your users can intuitively access, navigate, and analyze these familiar reports without a need for additional training.

This document explains 2 products from SAP Mobile Solutions which can be leveraged based on the requirement:

SAP BusinessObjects Mobile(Ref as BOM in this document)

SAP Business Object Explorer(Ref as BOEx in this document)

BOM can be used to migrate the existing reports which the user is dealing with.It is simple to design and has a fast deployment rate.

BOEx on the other hand is a self service, simple and fast mobile solution.It can access and explore large sets of data in real time.

Below expalined is the overall architecture of BI Mobile solution:

     Any Data                                             BOE Stack                              Web App Server                      Mobile Client



NON-BW                                                           TCP                                           HTTPS

                  ======>   BOE SERVER              ======>   MOBILE BI SERVICE  ======>   BOM


                  ======>   EXPLORER SERVER   ======>   MOBILE SERVER        ======>    BOEx


But as you see in the above architecture we need saparate Web application servers to be installed above our BOE stack.

Setup for BOM

You need to install WEB APP application for BI mobile.

Installing WEB APP application is really easy because only thing you need to do is deploying WAR files in the Tomcat web application folder.

Here are steps that you should do.

     1. Stop tomcat service
     2. Find WAR file from BO installed folder
     3. Copy it to WebApps folder of tomcat

     4.Verify configuration as below screen shot


     5. Restart tomcat service 

     6. Verify mobile app server is running using below URL.If everything was setup properly, you will get ‘Success’ message as below screenshot.


Setup for BOEx

‘Explorer’ needs additional service in the server.

Therefore, you should install additional ‘Explorer’ server on top of SAP BOE platform.Unlike the mobile WEB APP server, Explorer server can be installed on Unix O/S.

Connecting your Ipad for transition of Webi Report

To connect the server from your Ipad, you need to provide connection information. 

Click Settings ==> Connections button at the bottom of the screen in the BI mobile application in the Ipad.

Name: Connection name

Server URL: Server URL with port number.

CMS Name: CMS server name.

Authentication: Select proper authentication method. Default value is Enterprise

Default: If the value is ON, current connection setting will be used as a default connection.

User Name and password: Business Object Enterprise UserId and password.

After you connect server, you will see all available reports whichever is saved in the Mobile Category of Webi.

If the report has green ‘download’ button, it means it is ready for downloading. Gray button means you already downloaded it.

Transition of Webi report into Ipad

Open your Webi report and save an existing report into Mobile Category.

You can always create a category if you dont have one.

Refresh the Mobile client to see the saved report in Ipad.

Then download the report for viewing.

As you can see in the below screen shots, Webi report will be converted exactly same in your ipad.



Note: The content is just a consolidation of key takeways from my study in this area and can provide only a basic understanding of the same.

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