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Configuration-Canteen Deduction (0014)-Indian Payroll-SAP HR

Configuration-Canteen Deduction (0014)-Indian Payroll

This document illustrates the processing one deduction wage type pertaining the Canteen Charges incurred for an employee.

Requirement: The employer provides the lunch for the employees. The 50% the charges bared by the employer and 50% of the amount has to be deducted from the employee salary at the end of the payroll period.

Condition: The amount has to be deducted only on days when employee attended his duties. Relatively the Public Holidays, Weekly Offs, Paid Absences, Un-Paid Absences should be excluded from the monthly payroldays.

Solution at Glance: A) One deduction Wage Type in 0014 wage type group.

                                   B) This scenario can be met by a PCR for the Wage Type.

Step1: Copy the Wage Type by using T. Code PU30 or OH11 from model wage type’MB10’

Step2: Maintain the Wage Type in ‘V_T512Z in ‘0014’Group.Enter the Wage Type give the Start Date and End Date. Mention the deductions several times.

Step3: Maintain the Wage Type ‘VV_52D7_B_0014_AL0’. Enter the Wage Type Group ‘0014’.Then enter the wage type code.

Step4: Maintain the Wage Type in V_T512T

Step5: Check the Wage Type in V_512W_T

Step5: Maintain the Wage Type Characteristics.

Double Click on the Wage Type: Will take to the maintenance screen

Maintain the below specification,

Amount: Tick the Wage Type to Add to Total

Input Combination: Amount:           +

                                      Number Unit:  –

Start Date: 01.01.1900 End Date: 31.12.9999

Number: Unit: Nil

Indirect Valuation: Nil

Step6: Maintain the Permissibility of Wage Types

Step 7: Maintain the permissibility of Wage Types according to your requirement

Table: V_511_B

Step8: Processing Classes and Cumulation Classes


Processing Classes:

3   Cumulation and storage of time       0 Pass on unchanged

6   Enter wage type from old payroll      0 Wagetpe will not be transferred

10 Mark wage types for monthly fac   0 No reduction

20  Cumulation and storage at end o    3  RT storage and cumulation

30  Cumulation updates                            T Cumulation performed according

31 Allocate monthly lump sums to c   0 WT does not lead to cost center

72 Nominal cumulations                        4 Prorate, ***. into ESI/PTX basis

CN Cumulation Wage Type                   

1 Total gross amount

10 Net payments/deductions

Step 9: PCR for Canteen Deduction:

Enter the ‘PE02’ in command field to write the PCR. Enter the name of the PCR.Mention the Programming Class ‘C’ (If it is a Payroll PCR or T if it is a Time Management PCR).Give the name of the PCR as “Canteen Deduction” and save it.

Step10: PCR Description:

Choose the Condition OUTWPPLANT or OUTWPPERSB or OUTWPPERSB depending upon your requirement.

Here ‘ABCD4000’ and ‘WXYZ’ are the personal areas.

Operations:Total No of Working Days:30

                      Substract:No of Weekly Offs:4(Sundays)

                      Sustract No Of Paid Absence:2(Sick Leave)

                      Sustract No Of UnPaid Absence:2(LOP)

                      Total Number Of Days Employee Attended*Per day Amount

Step11Schema Modification:

  1. 1) Copied IN00 schema to IM00
  2. 2) Copied INAL to ZML

Step12: Inserting the PCR in to ZMAL:

  1. 1) Insert the PCR above ‘X023’ PCR. The PCR is called with function ‘PIT’.AS the PCR is called independent of  ESG Grouping hence NOAB is placed Parameter ‘3’.

Step13:Maintain the Paid and Unpaid-absnces in 2001 infotype.

Total No of Working Days:30

Substract:No of Weekly Offs:4(Sundays)

Sustract No Of Paid Absence:2(Sick Leave)

Sustract No Of UnPaid Absence:2(LOP)

Step14:Go to PA30 maitain the Perday Cost of Canteen in 0014(Reccuring Payments & Deductions)

The rate is maitained as ‘Rs.30’

Step16: Go PE51 T.Code Enter the Wage Type in Windows, Single Fields and Cumulation ID’s

Step-17: Process the Payroll using T.Code”PC00_M40_CALC “ amount wil be calculated as “Rs.660”


Govardhan Reddy

SAP HCM Consultant


Disclaimer: This document does not contain the copyrighted content or material own by others. The coding or technical names used in the configuration screen shots are purely set as just examples and doesn’t belongs to the real time systems or material own by others. Any resemblance with the real time system or material own by others is s just a coincidence. The numbering, wording, coding are provided in screen shots are to give better understandings to the forum users. I am fully abided by the rules and regulations of the forum. The prime motive is to serve the forum users better.

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      hello Govardhan



      Nice explanation and clear understanding about canteen deduction ...

      keep posting such type of Blog ..


      Thanks & Best Regards 


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      Former Member

      Hello Govardhan,




      i m new for indian payroll can you please send me if you have any soft copy materials related to indian payroll.




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      Hello govardhan,


      The document is nice.

      But, I am confusing with the PCR. In that, where  i need to assign the PCR in schema.

      Please help me.





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      Former Member

      Dear Vijay,


      Please insert the PCR in to the copied schema of INAL. Use the function ACTIO to read the PCR.


      Govardhan Reddy

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      Rajesh Kumar Burra

      Thank you Govardhan