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Adding new tab @ Delivery Header for Tcode VL02N (/ VL01 / VL03)

Step:1          Creating Sub-screen

Overview – For adding new tab, First we nee do create a screen with required fields.


->Create a Function Group (say F)

->Declare Global data

->Create a Sub-screen (say S) for function group .

->Select Input/Output fields in Sub-screen (Fields to be displayed in new Tab)

-> These Input/Output fields should refer to Global data in function group

-> Activate FG & S.


The Badi LE_SHP_TAB_CUST_HEAD handles the enhancements for Delivery Transaction

Implements following methods

Method Name Description
ACTIVATE_TAB_PAGE Activate the Additional Tab Pages
TRANSFER_DATA_TO_SUBSCREEN Data Transfer: Delivery Data to Subscreen
TRANSFER_DATA_FROM_SUBSCREEN Data Transfer: Data from Subscreen Back to Delivery
PASS_FCODE_TO_SUBSCREEN Transfer Current Function Code to Subscreen

Step:2               Activating New tab

Overview: You have to include sub-screen in the delivery transaction by implementing ACTIVATE_TAB_PAGE method. So that the system displays the sub-screen as new tab in the delivery transaction.


->Go to Tcode SE18

-> Select Radio button Badi and enter the Badi name LE_SHP_TAB_CUST_HEAD .

-> Display

->In the Interface tab you can see all 4 methods and descriptions

-> Now we need to create new class / interface for our object

-> Select Implementaion -> Create

-> Enter the Implementation Name (it is nothing but the Function Group name)


-> One implementation object will be created with the FG name

-> Enter the short description

-> And Save and Activate

->Double click on ACTIVATE_TAB_PAGE method

->Edit the method implementation

-> Mandatory fields to pass to the method are

          EF_CAPTION = Caption for the Tab.

          EF_PROGRAM = Program name (SAPLXXX here xxx is the FG name)

          EF_DYNPRO =  Sub-screen number

-> Save and activate the method.

-> After you activating the implementation and Badi, the system displays the new tab in the delivery transaction

-> Check the Tcode VL02N whether the new tab is added or not………!

Step:3               Supplying Data from Delivery Processing

Overview: Supplying data from delivery processing to the Sub-screen


->The global data in the FG must be filled with data from delivery before the screen is called

->For this you have to create a Function module in the FG

->The import parameters of this Function module should get values from delivery data

->In the source code assign these parameters to the global data in the FG.

->so that in the subscreen fields values will be available do display before it is called.

->And we call this function module in the  TRANSFER_DATA_TO_SUBSCREEN method implementation.

->This method ensures that the delivery data is available before the BPO of the sub-screen.

>In the Badi implementation Double click on TRANSFER_DATA_TO_SUBSCREEN

->Edit the method implementation

-> Call the Function module

-> Export the delivery data to the function module

-> The current delivery data is available in itab IS_LIKP.

-> Save and activate the method.

Step:4                Transfer Data to Delivery Processing from Sub-screen

Overview: This step is required if you want change delivery data on subscreen and want to return the changes to delivery processing

               and as well as corresponding DB table.


->The delivery data should be saved or updated in the global data of the FG.

->To do this, create another function module in FG.

->The export parameters of this Function module must be filled with FG’s global data.

->And we call this functin module in the TRANSFER_DATA_FROM_SUBSCREEN method implementation

>In the Badi implementation Double click on TRANSFER_DATA_FROM_SUBSCREEN

->Edit the method implementation

-> Call the Function module

-> Just import the delivery fields

-> In order to update / save data in delivery use itab CS_LIKP.

-> Save and activate the method.



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      Good work

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      Former Member

      How does one connect the new TAB to the Menu Bar Goto -> Header -> new tab  ?

      The GUI Status is WO and an entry may be made in the menu, but what Function Code to connect to new TAB ??

      Thanks in Advance.